March 21st to March 27th, 2010 Shows

“New” Johnny Dollar; A Western On Suspense!; Birthday Specials For Joan Crawford, Ed Begley Sr, Paula Winslowe, etc.

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Highlights for the week of March 21st to 27th, 2010 include The Amy Bradshaw Matter – Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon; Richard Widmark in Suspense and the true western story, “The Hunting of Bill Lee.”

Joan Crawford in The Damned Don’t Cry as presented on The Screen Director’s Playhouse; Paula Winslowe (Peg On The Life of Riley) and Ed Begley Sr in supporting roles on The Fat Man, Richard Diamond, Private Detective and Philip Marlowe.

Paula Winslowe (Wife Peg In The Life of Riley)
Joan Crawford - The Screen Director's Playhouse (The Damned Don't Cry)
Ed Begley Sr. (Lt. Walt Levinson on Richard Diamond, Sgt. O'Hara on The Fat Man)
Richard Widmark

18 thoughts on “March 21st to March 27th, 2010 Shows”

  1. I can’t agree with daddyjack…Vic and Sade is probably the finest 15 minute radio program ever created. Absolute satire of family life. Well written, perfectly performed and unlike anything else. Is there another character like Uncle Fletcher anywhere? Paul Rhymer had a perfect ear for common speech and the scripts are a joy to read.

    As Skybrothers say: In hoc spittle dum cluck yeep. Ad agricola spinach est fobo raymond beerman itch. Ickle yamp libertas cum cornucopia feesh.

  2. Surprisingly, I have really enjoyed It’s Higgins, Sir. The premise of inheriting a situtation is well-worn, but I think the shows were well written and performed. Too bad it didn’t go beyond being a summer replacement.

  3. Hey Greg, Really like the new site. Really clean and easy to use. Just one comment. Vic and Sade. I don’t get it. Not funny or even interesting.

  4. Kudos on the site redesign Greg! Looks clean with a good layout. Took me a little bit to figure out how to comment, but now I’ve got it.

    Love this weeks schedule. Great Johnny Dollar! The Amy Bradshaw Matter is a great storyline. Could our poor Johnny be in love?

    The Mr and Mrs North episodes are quite timely. I just finished reading an old Mr and Mrs North book, A Pinch of Poison (which was fabulous by the way).

    Best Wishes to All!

  5. I was lucky enough to see Jerry Lewis in person, several years ago, in Reno when he did a show in place of sick friend John Davidson. It was entirely off the cuff and very funny.

  6. Hey Greg!

    Wasn’t aware that they moved the capital of Manitoba (Winnipeg) to Saskatchewan!? Glad to see you’re on top of things for the rest of us ;o)

    1. Margo, so happy to see that someone other than my wife and daughters is there to correct me when I miss-speak. I am pretty good with my Provinces and major cities, but, yes sometimes miss-speak. Thank you for pointing it out, I will fix it and mea culpa to my Canadian listeners. . Greg.

  7. Hi, Gang! Glad to hear “The Damned Don’t Cry” and “Return of the Native” on the upcoming week. Also, love any Johnny Dollar Marathons.

  8. Great new website. I picked up the new ” Mystery Science theater 3000 vol 18. In it has voice actor Paul free’s ” Beatniks.” It’s a strange little movie which there are no beatniks to be seen.

    1. Sadly, it does not appears so, the only Fess Parker radio credit I can locate is a July 10th, 1955 episode of Guest Star which he came on and sang the Davy Crockett song. While I don’t have the episode here is Fess singing the tune

      Course at my age, I remember him more as Daniel Boone.

      Farewell Fess!

  9. Thanks “T” for the hints of navigating thru this new site. It is a relief to know that other people are learning it too. I would hate to think that I was too old for modern technology. Thanks “G”, for your comment about still learning. It made me feel better.

  10. I like the new site. a little different but it’s much better! 🙂 thanks Greg!

    Btw, I loved the BBC Sherlock Holmes from 1969 last week. I knew it was more recent as soon as I started listening. The production values just increase so much over time…
    Happy Wednesday all!


  11. Nice new site, Greg! And it will be great to have some protection from the spamming. I’m still learning to navigate around, too, but I’m sure it will all make sense soon. Looking forward to another great week, as always.

  12. Here is how I get to the most current blog article/post to post a comment:

    1. Be logged in
    2. Choose “Blog” tab (if you are not already there)
    3. Scroll down to “Greg Bell’s Blog” area
    4. The current article/post is the first one on the list (click it)


  13. Happy St. Pat’s Day to all of you.

    Glad to see more Richard Diamond ahead for next week. I am still trying to navigate this new site. I especially have a little trouble getting to the place to post a comment to the current posting. Can anyone help me cut to the chase a little quicker?

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