March 28th to April 3rd, 2010 Shows

RC March 28th, 2010 – April 3rd, 2010 – PDF Version

RC March 28th, 2010 – April 3rd, 2010 – Excel Version

Jack Webb’s 90th Birthday Anniversary means a two-hour Dragnet special plus a second two hours with Webb as Jeff Regan, Pat Novak and more. Also featured are specials for writers, Lucille Fletcher and Joel Murcott as well as actors, Les Damon & Earle Ross.

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The big event this week is marking the April 2nd, 1920 birthday of Jack Webb with two specials. One of them, the two hours of Dragnet also features excerpts of my interview with frequent cast member Peggy Webber (Ma Friday, etc) as well as portions of my visit with Michael Hayde, author of My Name’s Friday: The Unauthorized but True Story of Dragnet and the films of Jack Webb.

We’ll also play two of Lucille Fletcher’s best known radio scripts; The Hitchhiker with Orson Welles and Sorry, Wrong Number with Agnes Moorehead.

Jack Webb as Sgt. Joe Friday in Dragnet

Fatima Cigarettes Dragnet Sponsor Ad
Peggy Webber (Ma Friday) & "Your Host" from December 2009
Lucille Fletcher with Husband Bernard Herrmann

39 thoughts on “March 28th to April 3rd, 2010 Shows”

  1. Hey, Gang! Let’s prepare ourselves now for what may be the inevitable … GREG going on vacation. He certainly deserves it and I know he had fun last year. He also had a great substitute — the Scottish comedian whose name slips my mind. But there is only one Greg!
    Let me leave on a positive note. As I said to WJMONY, only 5 more months until EARTH ABIDES is on once again. I taped it so I may listen anytime but there’s just something so special about hearing it on radio. And I LOVE John Dehner.

    1. Rosemary,

      Maybe I won’t take a vacation this year, how about that?! Then again you and Bill may have to be prepared for an extra month wait on Earth Abides. It is not set in stone, but I am considering moving it and playing it for Peggy Webber’s birthday in mid September. She has some great comments about working on it with John Dehner. We shall see.


      1. HMMM “Set in stone” is a very interesting term when you use it with “Earth Abides”. Makes me think when Ish would carve the New Year into the Boulder with the chisle and Hammer. I know, I am a wacko over this story. LOL

      2. If you put EA in September instead of August, that’s OK – September is my birth month. But more importantly, I’d LOVE to hear what Peggy Webber has to say about the late GREAT John Dehner. So if you decide to do that, it’s A-OK with me.
        As for your vacation – even if it kills me, you really ought to take one. It’s nice for you to spend time with your family and think of how grateful we’ll be when you return. Besides, you could take more neat pix this year as you did last year. So I encourage you to go.
        Finally, I’m anxious about what you’re going to play for your Dad for Father’s Day. I think that’s such a neat custom. Any chance of you doing something similar for your mother? I know my mom loved “CBS Radio Mystery Theater.” And I think it’ll take a miracle for Himan Brown to let you air it. Too bad. Same with The Lone Ranger — any luck in that area?

  2. Hi, Gang! I have places to go and people to see but my reward, after doing all my errands and seeing folks about JOBS is coming home to my OLD TIME (CLASSIC) Radio. Thank you, Greg, for the Jack Webb specials (I know I thanked you before but I enjoy them so much I’m repeating myself) and “Donovan’s Brain.” I’d love to read the book. Did I tell you – I got a copy of “Earth Abides” from my former employer, Barnes & Noble? Now I think I’ll see if DB is available in book form. Oh, and I want to read the book about Jack Webb – authorized or not. Sounds delicious. And I can’t wait to hear what Peggy Webber has to say. I should look so good if and when I reach 85!
    Gotta go. Sherlock Holmes is on. Nighty night everybody. Miss Daisy Mae-Rose and I are about to hit the bedsack and listen to OTR. Pleasant … dreams?! And Good Night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.

    1. I also bought the book “Earth Abides”. What a great story. I would never have read that book if it weren’t for Old Time Radio.

      1. Same here, WJMONY! I believe that eitehr Alibris books or Barnes & Noble has a double decker Carl Sionmak book about Donovan’s Brain. I think one’ s a “prequel” and, of course, I’ve forgotten the title! You’re right – EA is a great story and, like you, I would not have read it either had it not been for OTR. Only 5 months till EA is on again. I hope Greg airs it every day that week.

      2. The title of the double-decker book, available from Alibris, is “Donovan’s Brain/Hauser’s Memory.” I misplaced my copy of Earth Abides; I know it’s in my room – I just can’t find it and besides, I’ve been busy trying to get a job. No easy task for someone who was born in 1953! I’d LOVE to do old-time radio around where I live but our stations are primarily for really young people. I don’t even understand the stuff they call music (Oh, do I sound like my parents…)

  3. Love the Dragnet Shows. I listen Monday – Friday from 6pm EDT to 1-2am EDT the new show rotation seems to be to be working pretty good, I hear less repeats during the week than before. Greg I just want to tell you have made me a OTR junkie. Your channel is the only reason I subscribe to XM. Keep up the good work!

    1. I’ll say OTR is the PRIME reason we have XM. Poor Dear Old Dad has lost HIS radio – I have it on OTR and I think it’s glued to the station. My SNAFU with the antenna has lessened greatly. Now, instead of a million gaps of pauses of silence, I only get an occasional “blip” – when the station is overtaken by a local Haitian radio station. It lasts for only a couple of seconds but it’s definitely noticeable.

  4. Greg, did you ever think of hosting a OTR weekend where your fans can come and talk about that great period of time, listen to some of our favorite shows and discuss them, and maybe you could get some of the actors who did these programs and they could share their thoughts. I (and I am sure others) would love to go to something like that. You could host a dinner, which we would pay for of course. I think many would come. Please think about it.


    1. Bill – I like this idea! I’d love to talk about my favorite radio shows, my history of listening to old time radio (even in the late 1970s and 1980s, when I Iistened to CBS Radio Mystery theater — Greg, any luck yet in convincing nearly 100-year-old Himan Brown into letting you have the show so we can hear it?), etc. We could even have a round-table, in which some listeners who prefer drama to comedy can talk with those who prefer comedy over drama. You could even have a guest host for a segment…don’t worry, Greg – no one could ever take your place but … just an idea.

    2. Bill,

      Sounds like one of the OTR conventions that are already held in many locations. I do like that idea though, not sure about the logistics, but a good idea nonetheless.

      One issue would be where to hold it, since I am heard all over North America. I am guessing you’d like it to be in the NYC area, right?


      1. On That you are wrong. I would love a little weekend vacation to get away with other people who share this passion. And your correct is does sound like a OTR convention, but with this one YOU would be the main attraction. I know it would take some time to set up, but maybe XM/Serius would sponcer it. Again just and Idea.


      2. I disagree with “Mr. Bill” _ New York City is a great place for a Greg Bell and All Things Old TIme Radio convention. But he does have a good idea of a “get-away.” But you’d have to have it where reception is excellent. We could do our own version of “Behind the Mike.” Oh my mind is working overtime tonight…

  5. I love this new site Greg. You are really coming up in the world. Looking forward to Dragnet this week and Jack Webb’s birthdaycelebration.

  6. Does anyone own a XMp3…? The one that records and functions like an IPod?

    What is it like? Do you need the home kit to record?

  7. Love the Johnny Dollar this week! Can’t tell you how wonderful it was to enjoy a bit of insomnia to Johnny Dollar.

    Adore the Lucille Fletcher programs as well. She was a fabulous mistress of suspense.

    Very cool to have a Jack Webb special. He had such a great style and Dragnet is a classic if there ever was one. On a side note, I happen to be reading a wonderful old 1953 pulp novel, “The Naked Angel”, but another Jack Webb. Funny how those things happen.

  8. I really like the new site….the real plus is seeing the comments without having to click on comments….and the fact that the site is always up…well wnough said about stability…

    Wasn’t Jack Webb sponsored by Chestfield too?

      1. Fatima was their first primary sponsor (“Fatima – best of all long cigarettes”) and remained so until at lest 1951; Chesterfield followed sometime in the 1950s, not sure when.

  9. Pat Novak’s got some wonderful moments – the noir is thick and dark as good coffee in that show, and it’s interesting to see Webb move from that kind of stylized presentation to the aggressively realist work of Dragnet. The popular impression of Webb is as the perfectly deadpan Joe Friday — we’re just after the facts, ma’am — but it’s nice to remember that he came from what might almost be considered another genre.

  10. Greg,

    I came across a “Christopher London” episode with Glen Ford. The quality was good and I enjoyed Glen’s ability. I’m wondering if you can include this series in your play list.


  11. Love the channel, has to be the best thing on Sirius. I’d love to hear a few episodes of The Saint. Vincent Price has such an amazing voice. The stories were great with a nice mix of humour and quick one liners that you have to listen close to catch some great lines.

  12. Next week looks like a GREAT schedule. Looking forward to the interview with Peggy Webber. Also Bring on Dragnet.

  13. Hi Greg,

    Went in to see what was on tonight (not having printed the schedule this week) and couldn’t find the link to this week’s shows. Am I missing something?

    1. Hi, MargoLane! So nice to hear from you again – how have you been? I’m MISSGBMOO – we’ve “connected” before. The dog in the picture is NOT me – rather, that’s My Girl – Miss Daisy Mae-Rose. Isn’t she the CUTEST?
      She’s an almost 14-year-old greyhound; my dad and I rescued her nearly 11 years ago. She HAS OUR HEARTS and she knows it, believe me.
      Anyway, this week coming (March 28-April 3) promises to be a great one. Nice to see a 2 hour “Dragnet,” happy to know there will be interviews with Peggy Webber. Also thrilled to hear of a Louise Fletcher birthday special. I always loved “The Hitchhiker” – as I said, because of the story and because of ORSON. My 3 favorite radio actors are William Conrad, John Dehner and Orson Welles. I also do love Jack Webb.

      1. Hello again! Miss Daisy Mae-Rose is the cutest, that’s for sure. As a dog lover myself, I know the joy of the rescued pup. We have a little black cocker spaniel mix named Theodore. Out of all the purebreds we’ve owned, he’s the smartest and he knows it! And he really is a Mama’s boy too ;o)

        This week’s schedule looks OUTSTANDING. Loads of Orson, Johnny D., and one of my favorite Lights Out episodes, Come To The Bank. It’s one of the creepier, make-you-think, episodes. Don’t listen to it alone in the dark ;o) And Donovan’s Brain!!! What did we do to deserve this week’s schedule. A big round of applause for Greg!!!

        And Happy Easter everyone!

  14. Thank you, Greg, for the tributes to Jack Webb on what would have been his 90th birthday. I LOVE Dragnet and I also enjoyed Pat Novak, especially the episode you’re playing this week, and Jeff Regan. The one Dragnet episode I always have a really hard time listening to is “A Rifle for Christmas.” That really is a sad one. But, on the bright side, I always love hearing the Baby Jesus story, especially when Sgt. Friday says “Are they, Father?” to the priest who tells him many of his parishioners are poor.
    Thank you also for the Louise Fletcher remembrance. Poor Agnes really got boffed when it came to the movie rendition of SWN. She should have played Mrs. Stevenson in the movie but instead they got Barbara Stanwyck. Miss Stanwyck was terrific, no question, but the role belonged to Agnes.
    I also loved “The Hitchhiker” and that’s both because of the story and because of … ORSON! Need I say more?

  15. We lost Robert Culp who, for people of my generation, was the personification of cool in “I Spy”. In one of his bios there is a line:

    “In 1951, after attending the University of Washington in Seattle, Culp and his first wife moved to New York. For the next six years, he worked in radio…”

    I wonder if any of his radio work is available


    1. Tim,

      He was indeed so cool!

      I have not been able to find any radio shows though with him.

      I remember him best from some 70s shows including The Name of the Game; playing a murderer on Columbo; and The Greatest American Hero.


      1. I was watching “The Virginian” tonight and who was the guest? Robert Culp! He played a former veterinarian with a drinking problem who helps a horse that was injured and is about to be killed because it killed a rider who had been tormenting him. Mr. Culp was great (and the story had a happy ending … especially since they didn’t shoot the horse).

    2. I remember Mr. Culp more for his appearances on “Columbo.” He was so delightfully evil and criminal and Columbo always caught him. Too bad Mr. Culp didn’t do radio – he had a delightful voice.

    1. Sorry, guess the page is not ready yet. I have inserted the schedules into the posting above, hope that works for now.


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