April 4th to April 10th Radio Classics Channel Shows

Hey guys,

Most of you seem to have adjusted well to the new site and are having no trouble finding the schedules each week located at http://www.gregbellmedia.com/ShowSchedules.html but I will continue to also put them within the new posting for awhile for additional convenience:
RC April 4th, 2010 – April 10th, 2010 – PDF Version
RC April 4th, 2010 – April 10th, 2010 – Excel Version

Okay here is what’s up on Radio Classics – we’ll celebrate the beginning of Major League Baseball with Gary Cooper in Lux’s “Pride of the Yankees”; The Master’s Tournament with Bobby Jones on the Bob Hope Show as well as Jack Benny hitting the links; Easter themed comedies and also celebrating the following birthdays, Bette Davis, John Brown, Spencer Tracy, Frances Langford and Harry Morgan (still with us and 95 on the 10th!).

30 thoughts on “April 4th to April 10th Radio Classics Channel Shows”

  1. Hey Greg,

    The Suspense show this week entitled “100 in the Dark” should never see the light of day again. I am a fan of that series but even I was disappointed in the skimpy and shallow plot. It is as if someone had an idea for a 5 minute skit and then stretched it to 1/2 hour by retelling the same basic premise.

    When that didn’t eat up enough air time, they then had a woman slowly count all the way to 100! I thought for sure they weren’t going to go all the way through with it but they did!! Even the ending was lame.

    Anyone else have a favorite series deliver s real stinker?

    1. Thanks for the heads up Britt.
      That episode looks to be in this show’s first season. (1942)

      Now I want to at least hear her count down and chuckle.
      (not ALL of it of course…just enough)

      For a show that ran 20 years no one can expect all of them to be good… hehe!

  2. Man, I just heard a great “The Third Man” that I have not heard before. Just want to thank you Greg for mixing these shows up thru the week. If you kept them the same time every day I would have missed it. It is such a sensibly Idea to do it this way. As you stated so often, it gives everyone a chance to hear everything at a convenient time. Also, I don’t need to see the program name, date originally played, you tell us that at the beginning and at the end of the program. This is Radio, not TV and you do the job so well. I know I say this all the time, but thanks for the GREAT job you do for us, YOUR FANS. Keep up the good Job. Christmas in July is only 3 months away.


  3. I listen to 118 every night,all night long,strating at 10:00 PM West Coast Time.I would like to hear more of Charlie McCarthy.Jack Webb is great (anything he does ).I see your getting ready to do 90th Birthday on Harry Morgan.I grew up in Northern California and he owns and is living in Alexander Valley north of Healdsburg.He has a Vineyard and the last I heard he had retired there.Raymond Burr and his Boyfriend had a Vineyard out Dry Creek Rd west of Healdsburg.I was a personal friend with Jess Jackson of Kendall-Jackson and he bought grape`s from everyone in the Valley`s.I live in Reno and don`t get over there very much,so I have no idea if Morgan is still around or even Jess.I do know Burr died a few years ago.That`s all I have for now.

  4. I too am a bit tired of some of the comedies. Baby Snooks? Give me a break.
    That show is HORRIBLE!

    I really do not care if any of them are in a ‘Top 10’ from yesteryear.

    That makes no difference because look at today’s TV shows.
    Are the Top 10 all ‘Good’? Not by a long shot.

    Since you cannot please everyone then why not have certain times of day for certain types of shows.
    I rather have a set time for ‘Gunsmoke’ or ‘Jack Benny’.

    I have had a Sat-Radio since early 2006. Mine is Sirius.
    So Greg Bell is new to me. Nice guy. Knows his stuff.
    Still I need my RADIO to have more INFORMATION.

    For Example:
    We — USED to have the title of the show AND then the Episode name on our Sat-Radio screens. (Sirius)
    I really miss that.
    I know ‘The Jack Benny Show’ is Jack Benny and I do not need to see his name AGAIN.
    I want to see the episode name and at least the year it was first run if not the whole date.

    We also — USE to have shows at the same time everyday.
    This is very helpful so we can depend and know when we can listen to what we want to listen too.

    The Schedule is fine but very hard to read and dangerous while driving.

    So, who can we call or write to in regards to making changes to our radios screens?

    That would be very helpful.

    BTW: I was part of the Arbitron Ratings last year.
    I put in OTR from Sirius (channel 118) everyday for many hours.
    I had to use ‘Other’ and write it all in but, it was worth it.
    I hope that helped this little station in the long run.

    1. I forgot one thing….

      We — USED to have this channel on the Internet Sirius.

      WHY is that gone? I like to listen to it at work and at home On-Line.

      They have the Book channel On-Line so why not the OTR anymore?

      I paid for two Lifetime Subscriptions to Sirius AND by doing that it ‘Locked In’ the Internet for me…For Ever.
      That was around $800.00 for two radios.

      Then they take the OTR off the internet right after that.
      I assume it had something to do with the merger but, it is not right.

      They could knock out Rosie or Martha Stewart as far as I am concerned if it is a Bandwidth issue…

      1. I’m with you, Stephen, about Baby Snooks. I really hate that show. I also hate “The Bickersons.” I’ve head that show described as “the other side of marriage.” If that’s the case, then I’ll remain single.
        I think I started a firestorm last week when I responded I preferred drama over comedies, though I put Jack Benny, Burns & Allen, Bob Hope and Our Miss Brooks in a class by themselves. I see why people like Fibber McGee & Molly (I especially appreciate Mr. Whimple and his larger-than-life-sized wife, “Sweety Face”) but a little of them goes a long way. One listener said those of us who prefer the drama are “angry, resentful people.” That’s not me; I just know what I like. I’ve told Greg he’s playing too much comedy and yet I see he’s having a Marian Jordan (“Molly”) special next week. Oh, well. I know what I like, I print out and highlight those shows and either listen to something else or watch TV when shows I don’t like are on. No biggie. I think it was my Dad who suggested splitting the channel – one for comedies and oen for drama. I’m not sure that’s possible – and they’d have to clone Greg (now THERE’s an idea).
        I have XM so I listen to OTR on Ch. 164. I can do without Rosie ODonnell – I can’t stand that woman. Martha’s OK; I just never remember to lisen. But that’s the beauty of XM and Sirius — there’s something for almost everyone! And to those who say I don’t like comedy – not true. I love the Blue Collar Comedy troupe. I also like EWTN and Catholic Radio. I’m only sharing what I like – not proselytizing! I love the classical music stations as well as the music of the 1960s and 1970s … and the love music stations. My radio, however, is “stuck” on Ch. 164. Did you hear the Charles Laughton “Suspense” episode – the one where he steals $10 and ends up killing two people? Definitely a weird episode. I LOVE Suspense and The Whistler. What actors/actresses to you like, Stephen? Oh – there’s a 2-hour Superman Marathon on next week AND a Johnny Dollar marathon, too. Those are REALLY good! And did you read the books Greg recommended? Raised on Radio by Gerald Nadler, and the Radio Encyclopedia? VERY VERY GOOD. Please keep in touch. We’re on the same … wavelength! 🙂

    2. Hi, Stephen! I’m glad you don’t like Baby Snooks either – I hate, loathe and despise that show. It’s the radio version of those TV commercials that show talking or bouncing, dancing babies. I find those ads incredibly creepy. Also dislike The Bickersons intensely. But believe it or not, a LOT of folks love those shows. As for me – give me Suspense, The Whistler, Gunsmoke, Have Gun Will Travel, Frontier Gentleman, Lux Radio Theatre and Our Miss Brooks. Also enjoy Inner Sanctum and The Shadow, especially with ORSON and AGNES.

  5. I didn’t know today was Spencer Tracy’s birthday – I always liked him tremendously. I loved him in “Boys Town” and even his final film, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?,” especially the long scene where he’s telling his daughter about how he feels about her mother … (Spencer is up there with Bette Davis and Gregory Peck, whose birthday he shares. ST = 4/5/1900; BD = 4/5/2008, and GP = 4/5/1916. All are in Heaven now (I hope) giving tremendous performances.
    I love ST in the Lux Radio Theatre production of “Arrowsmith.” I like it so much I may order it or at least tape it. I’m wondering – is there a Ronald Colman production of “Arrowsmith”? You said Spencer had taken Ronald Colman’s place. Anyway, thank you, Greg, for airing this. I really enjoy the radio literary/anthology series. You’ve also done something very important by airing these particular shows: You’ve encouraged me to purchase the books (even though I no longr work at Barnes/Noble)…I may actually even READ them one of these days. So I thank you very much for that. It’s a very, very good thing you’ve done for me and for others who probably are also encouraged to purchase the book in order to readh the “rest of the story.”
    More later. I’m getting anxious for next week’s schedule… (My mother didn’t call me “Previous” for nothing…) 🙂

  6. This week’s “Gunsmoke” is one of the best you’ve ever aired, Greg! It illustrates my point perfectly about westerns – the ones you air have depth and dimension. Doc had a story behind him, he wasn’t just a guy who rode in one day, hung up a shingle and started practicing medicine. And even the law man who had an arrest warrant for Doc had some compassion. It was a terrific episode and, again, I thank you for airing it. Oh, and I’m looking forward to “Lights Out: Scoop.” That’s one of the scariest editions ever aired and it’s one of my favorite. I have it on CD but it’s always a touch more special when it’s on radio. Gang, if you haven’t heard this “Lights Out,” then by all means, do so. It’s REALLY good!

  7. Help! First off, we are hugh fans. We travel alot and Radio Classics are a fabulous way to make the miles go faster. In fact they often add a few minutes to our trips because we just can’t get out of the car before the final scene is played out. But that leads to my plea for help. On Sat.March 20 at some time around 8:00PM we were engrossed in an episode of “The Chase” when we lost our signal. A taxi driver found an emerald bracelet in the back seat of his cab, tried to return it to his last fare, who denied ever being in his presence and things got complicated from there. But we missed the conclusion. It’s driving me crazy and I have scoured the schedule ever since in search of a rebroadcast. Any chance of a repeat performance? I would anxiously sit in my car, in my garage (door open of course) and listen with bated breath.

    1. I won’t be a spoiler but you’re right to want to hear the ending – it was a good one.
      This brings me to a question: WHY do we lose signals? I finally found out, in my case, if I leave the antenna absolutely flat and facing west, I get perfect reception. But I still have a slight problem. I’ll be listening and then it goes off for a second or two, replaced by a local Haitian station or the local college radio station. The interruption doesn’t last long but it is annoying. What problems have y’all had with reception and what did you do to solve the problem?

  8. Greg,

    As a first time poster, I just wanted to put in my 2 cents in the comedy vs. drama debate.

    Growing up as an adolescent in the mid to late 70’s, each night I went to bed listening to the CBS Radio Mystery Theatre. I was hooked on the show, enough that my parents threatened to confiscate the radio, for fear I wasn’t getting enough sleep (which I probably wasn’t). It gave me an early appreciation for the drama programs, and for years, drama was my preference, and my interest accordingly spanned the gamut of OTR drama genres.

    However, in recent times, I’m less drawn to the dramas. It’s probably a combination of reasons – perhaps I’ve come to recognize the story “formulas” and they start to sound similar. Or maybe it’s because I’ve got plenty of drama in my own life, and I need the chuckle. Whatever the reasons, I gravitate more to the comedies these days, and would love to hear even more of them than you currently program.

    But I certainly understand you have to please an audience whose interests are all over the spectrum, and I hear you when you implore us to try other stations if the current program isn’t to our particular liking. For me, however, XM 164 is the only reason I’m an XM subscriber. Candidly, I haven’t even tried another station in over a year. Since I started listening in ’06, I haven’t disliked any program you’ve aired enough to change the station!

    So I guess it’s a relative thing: I still like the dramas, I just tend to like the comedies more…

    Many thanks for working so hard to accommodate our varied preferences!

    1. Your msg was a delight to read! I’m a drama person myself (as you’ve probably surmised … in fact, I think I’ve made at least one enemy) but your logic about comedy is well taken.
      I’m with you on CBSRMT! My mother first told me about it back in the 1970s; I can almost see it now – standing in my kitchen, doing the dishes and listening to the show. By the way, if you put “CBS Radio Mystery Theater” in Google or Bing, you’ll see plenty of websites and I think some even let you listen online. Don’t know about downloading, IPod or MP3 because that’s absolutely above me but I’ll bet you could do it. Himan Brown, the show’s producer/director, will be 100 this year. Do you know he did “Inner Sanctum” too? He allows us to have that show but not CBSRMT. Go Figure!
      It was Mom who got me “hooked” on radio drama and Dad who purchased XM Radio in 2008. The poor man has lost HIS radio – he now has to “ask my permission” to listen to HIS radio! Seriously, he doesn’t seem to mind though his tastes on XM run toward music of the 1940s, show tunes, jazz and classical/pops music. When I have the XM on, it’s “stuck” on 164. I just leave the radio on all night long and sometimes I hear it; most times I don’t. Greg will tell you from my previous Emails of the times I’ve awakened at 1 or 2 AM and he’s had on “Lights Out” or “X Minus One.” I’d listen and then my eyes would be out on stalks because I’d be so scared. I’m 56 years old yet being “scared” in the wee small hours of the morning is delightful — once my heart stops beating at 200 mph!
      The comedies I DO like are Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Burns & Allen, Our Miss Brooks and Phil Harris. My favorite dramas are X Minus One, The Whistler, Suspense, Lux Radio Theater (and any anthology series), Lights Out, Gunsmoke, Frontier Gentleman and Dimension X. My afvorite stars are William Conrad, John Dehner, Agnes Moorehead and Orson Welles. What and who do you like, Gregcv8 (by the way, were you in the Navy? When I see the letters cv, followed by a number, I’m usually reminded of a “flat-top” – an aircraft carrier. As you may have detected from my question, I was in the Navy. My Facebook page picture is my “boot camp” picture)? 🙂

      1. Re the CV, no Navy connection, just middle and surname initials. I’m quite aligned with your drama preferences and stars. I might add Mysterious Traveler, The Six Shooter, Sam Spade, Fort Laramie, Tales of the Texas Rangers, Dark Fantasy, Johnny Dollar, Quiet Please, Have Gun Will Travel, Bold Venture, and Mr. & Mrs. North to the drama list. Gunsmoke stars Howard McNear and Parley Baer would be a couple of other favorite actors, given their versatility and prolific output.

        I’m a fan of each of the comedies you listed; Jack Benny will always be my favorite, though Phil Harris is close to the top of the list, too. I’m also partial to the following in the comedy category, in no particular order: Fred Allen, Great Gildersleeve, Fibber McGee & Molly, Henry Morgan, Stan Freberg, Vic & Sade, Lum & Abner, Aldrich Family, Ozzie & Harriet, Martin & Lewis, Eddie Cantor, Father Knows Best, Alan Young, Red Skelton, Jack Carson, A Date With Judy, Bob & Ray, Rudy Vallee (w/John Barrymore), Bickersons, Blondie, The Couple Next Door, Milton Berle and Jack Paar (their pre-television radio shows), and Smile Time (an early Steve Allen radio show).

        Other shows I like that either feature comedy or I find amusing: Command Performance, GI Journal, The Big Show, Dinah Shore, Kraft Music Hall, You Bet Your Life, Damon Runyon Theater and Pat Novak for Hire.

        Thankfully, Greg plays nearly all of these shows regularly. There are only 4 or 5 I don’t recall ever hearing on XM (e.g. The Big Show, Smile Time, GI Journal, Jack Paar), and I’m sure there are good reasons as to why – rights issues, broadcast quality, et al.

  9. I’m in fear and trembling — I’m having a Brooks attack. We haven’t heard Our Miss Brooks lately and I’m beginning to shake, rattle and roll! Seriously, I won’t worry if you don’t air her for a while – Eve Arden’s birthday is April 30 so I hope you’ll have a 2-hour OMB Festival for her as you did last year. Eve also played in at least one episode of “Suspense” so if you could find that episode, other folks might get a kick out of hearing it. I MISS CONNIE BROOKS, though! 🙂

  10. I am having trouble printing next week’s schedule (the Excel format). The page is blank. Is anyone else having trouble? I had to print the pdf version.

    1. Not sure (I don’t print the schedule), but try setting the print area:

      Open the schedule
      Ctrl A (select all)
      Go to File | Set print | Set print area

      Then print.

      I hope this is what’s causing the problem.


  11. Hi, Greg! I feel terrible for criticizing you but, as I said, I had to speak the truth. What I do love and for which I’m grateful to you is the westerns. Before I ever listened to OTR, I didn’t care for westerns — I considered them little more than “horse operas” or “sand and shooting stories.” But listening to “Frontier Gentleman,” “Gunsmoke,” “Have Gun Will Travel,” and “The Six Shooter” made me see westerns as far from simple 2-dimensional cardboard cowboys. These shows are complex, tell marvelous stories and have terrific performances. Now I even watch some westerns on Encore’s Western Channel.
    Thank you, also, for playing “Song of the Heart” with Van Heflin. He’s always been a real favorite of mine. You mentioned his movies but you left out one of his best performances – he played Madame Bovary’s cuckolded husband in the 1949 rendition of “Madame Bovary.” (MB is one of my favorite books – I love the story, the movies and I wonder if there’s a radio rendition of this terribly sad story). I know you can’t possibly know all the roles of every actor or actress but Van Heflin was really great in Madame Bovary. (the late GREAT Jennifer Jones played Emma and Louis Jourdan played her lover, Rodolphe Boulanger).

  12. You know the saying “different strokes for different folks”. No one can totally ever agree on preferences. I like drama, someone likes comedy. Good enough. That is why it is great that this classics channel has variety so all can enjoy.

    Michael from N.E.
    I am responding to your entry in the previous blog about the purchase of anXMP3.
    I wondered if you did buy one and I do believe that it does contain the homekit. If it is the same device that I am thinking of, they do sell them at Best Buy.

    1. I have found many ratings good and bad on the unit. I just wondered if anyone was using one or owned one or knows somebody who does have one…

      This group is the group I ‘talk’ to every week so I thought I’d ask…

      Greg, hold the OTR/Greg Bell convention anywhere you want to. The last set of data I collected showed we have an ‘east of the mississippi’ bias in listeners who shared their geographic locations….

      1. Say Greg, my Idea is taking flight. I think it would be a great way to meet your Fans. You can take a poll on what episodes to play and discuss. I know getting an OTR personality would be tough, but that would also make a great Q&A for the group, but personally, I think everyone would want to meet and question you.

        There are many stations and hosts on XM/Sirus, but My Friend, you are in my top 3. When I am driving and have OTR on and you give your intro to an episode, it’s like having a friend riding shotgun.

        Like I said, I will go anywhere for this. This would be a fun vacation weekend and I think great publicity for XM/Sirus radio. I realize you would be giving up a weekend to meet some of your crazed fans, but I also think you would enjoy it.

        I would be happy to pitch in and help with the grunt work like setting up spaces were we would gather to listen and discus some radio episodes. I have experience in that field.

        Come on people, lets let Greg know how much fun this would be.


  13. Ditto to all said above about Miss Bette Davis, Lou Gehrig and Gary Cooper.

    On the enduring subject of Comedy vs. Drama as heard on the Channel……..
    Here is a look at what People BACK THEN preferred, as revealed in the
    authoritative “Hooper Ratings”. Hooper measured the national audience
    for network radio shows in the 1930s and 1940s.

    Here are the 10 most popular shows they found in February 1946:

    1. Fibber McGee and Molly
    2. Bob Hope
    3. The Lux Theater
    4. Edgar Bergen/Charlie McCarthy
    5. Jack Benny
    6. Red Skelton
    7. Screen Guild Players
    8. Fred Allen
    9. Mr. District Attorney
    10. Walter Winchell

    Six of the top 10 are Comedy, three are Drama and one is news
    and commentary (Walter Winchell). Comedies made up 5 of the
    top 6 national slots.

    * Let’s also take a look 2 years further ahead to January 1948:

    1. Lux Radio Theater
    2. Fibber McGee and Molly
    3. Amos & Andy
    4. Edgar Bergen/Charlie McCarthy
    5. Red Skelton
    6. Bob Hope
    7. Jack Benny
    8. Fred Allen
    9. Truth or Consequences
    10. The Life of Riley

    Comedies hold 8 of the top 10 positions now, with 1 drama
    (the top-rated ‘Lux Theater’) and one game show (Truth or

    CONCLUSION: The reason Greg has a lot of Comedy in his
    archives is that ‘Comedy was King’ back in the day. If comedy
    gets a larger audience, then more comedy will be produced.

    And given that our Parents and Grandparents’ lived through a
    horrific Depression and then a World War, is it any surprise
    they wanted a chance to Laugh?

    I can’t blame them. They got plenty of Drama in their real lives.

    1. Hi, JiminSanDiego!

      Have I started or continued something by mentioning my preference for dramas over comedies? At any rate, I love the facts you presented — they were very interesting. And you’re right – our parents and grandparents did live through 2 hells – the Depression and WWII so of course comedy would be “king.” I’m only speaking from my own experiences.
      Are you the same JiminSanDiego who was kind enough to send me (through this blog) the obit on John Dehner? That was so nice of you — I still have it in my OTR Notebook (where I place schedules and anything pertaining to OTR). I really love JD and William Conrad and, of course, Orson Welles.

    2. Just wanted to put my two cents in. I love comedies and I wanted to thank Greg for being such a good host as he puts together a variety of genres every week. I mostly listen at night and sometimes the stories can give me nightmares so when I don’t like something I change the channel to Sonic theater or another station. There are tons of stations through these satellite systems. The people who complain there are too many comedies are simply rude, self centered, and too lazy to turn the channel or turn off the radio when they don’t enjoy it. It seams to me they are full of rage and are in need of some laughs in their lives. Both my husband and I are disabled and find laughter relieves stress and boosts our immune system. While we definitely have not lived through a war we have enough drama in our lives and need the outlet comedy brings.

      1. If I ever gave you the idea I’m angry, full of rage, etc., then I apologize because nothing is further from the truth. My objection to too many comedies is that either they are loud, raucous and grating and also, once you’ve laughed at the joke, it’s not funny anymore. Of course, there are exceptions — Burns & Allen, Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Phil Harris w/ Elliott Lewis and Fred Allen and Lucille Ball (though, for some reason, I’m not crazy about “My Favorite Husband). Fibber Mcgee and Molly are good too but I can go a while without hearing them. I don’t object to comedies per se – you’re right – we all need a good laugh. I just prefer drama, mystery, sci-fi and terror. Besides, I’m not too lazy to turn the channel – I just don’t wish to. My radio is “stuck” on XM 164.
        You’re right – many of us do have too much drama in our lives and the comedy is a good respite. It’s not comedy per se – even Shakespeare wrote great comedy. It’s the kind of comedy. I prefer Our Miss Brooks to Abbott & Costello, for example. That’s all. Please forgive me if you were offended by my criticism of the comedies. I do tend to “tell it like it is.”

    3. Greg said this week that ‘Johnny Dollar’ is his most popular or one of his most popular shows with today’s listeners

  14. Greg – I’m always so grateful when you remember Bette Davis’ birthday. She’s always been one of my favorite actresses. And thank you for playing “Pride of the Yankees.” That movie helped make Lou Gehrig my all-time favorite Yankee. I LOVE the Iron Horse.
    On a slightly critical side – I know you said recently that 2/3 of your listeners prefer drama and 1/3 loves the comedies. Well, dear Greg, you’re playing way too much comedy for my liking. Oh it’s funny and I could listen to most of it (except for Abbott & Costello, Baby Snooks and the Bickersons) but I really prefer the mysteries, horror and sci-fi. I feel badly telling you this but I like to let you know the truth. Besides, I admit I now appreciate Phil Harris and Fred Allen whereas before, I couldn’t stand either one of them. The shows I mentioned earlier probably will never appeal to me; theyre too loud, too raucous and too creepy (I don’t care for adults playing children or babies). The Allen Young Show and the Wonder Show are OK but I won’t lose any sleep if I miss them. You’re right about “Uncle Miltie” – he’s better on TV. But I do love Jack Benny, Bob Hope & Burns & Allen. They’re above all the rest.
    Keep up the great work – even if I “slap you down” once in a millennium, I’m still probably your #1 fan.

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