May 16th to May 22nd Radio Classic Channel Shows

If you haven’t grabbed the new schedule click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

As I posted last week –  if you haven’t caught it on the main website, I am very busy with other things that might interest you.

My First Audio Books

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of narrating screenwriter Derek Haas’ first two novels. They are told in first person, and the lead character is a professional killer, so be forewarned the language is profane, the situations intense, and it is very violent. It may not be your “cup of tea” and that is fine, but if you are interested in checking them out, you can hear a sample of them at the following links;

The Silver Bear by Derek Haas

Columbus: A Silver Bear Thriller by Derek Haas

New Audio Dramas

Independent of my work on Radio Classics and When Radio Was, I have been working with some folks who love radio dramas to produce some brand new audio shows, To listen to an exclusive sneak preview of our demo for what we hope will be the first in a series of cutting-edge, new audio shows, click here.

Okay on Radio Classics

A new to the channel – Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon – The Molly K Matter from October 1955; Birthday Week Tributes For Jimmy Stewart, Robert Montgomery, Dennis Day, Herbert Marshall, Arthur Conan Doyle and the creator of “The Music Man” – Meredith Willson.

There are also some great episodes from The Chase, X Minus One, Gunsmoke, Escape, etc.


37 thoughts on “May 16th to May 22nd Radio Classic Channel Shows”

  1. Greg just wanted to let you know that I think the Yours Truly Johnny Dollar Marathon’s are my favorite. Definitely mark the schedule times, also enjoy anything with William Conrad, and James Steward as the Six Shooter. Keeps em coming.

    P.S. started with 1 Radio 2 years, ago since then my wife and daughter both have one as well as one in the house. Guess you could say where hook.

  2. Stephen Brett,

    I have the new XMp3i. I have the home dock in my living room and I have headphones and different stereo equipment in the house where I can plug the headphone output to the aux inputs.

    I don’t listen live in the house unless it is an important ball game. I can record up to 100 hours so I mostly listen to what I record. In fact, since I started recording I only listen live in the car when I am not going far enough to listen to a recorded segment.

    My wife doesn’t listen often so the headphones work for me.

    1. Sounds like a real nice system there Michael…

      Mine only ‘records’ 44 minutes.
      It is only good for backing up and catching something you might have missed…

    1. I’m STILL w/o my radio but I’m still looking at sked and when time permits and I’m not so tired, I’ll go to to get synopsis of the shows I like. What I do is print out the sked. On the back of the printout, I write down the shows – say, Dragnet (w/ date). then I go to radiogoldindex and look up the show and the date to get the synopsis. That way, I know what I’m going to hear and can plan accordingly. I also mark the sheet with special notes on the front such as “ORSON’S BIRTHDAY,” “JOHN DEHNER”s BIRTHDAY,” “WILLIAM CONRAD”s BIRTHDAY” or “EARTH ABIDES” or an “OUR MISS BROOKS MARATHON,” etc., airs this week. I have skeds going back to 2008 and will continue to compile them even if I can’t listen anymore. I am so hungry for my XM164 I even miss the shows I hate (such as “Baby Snooks” and “The Bickersons”)

  3. Happy Birthday Robin. Glad to share my birthday with you. Hope your’s is enjoyable. How much is a lifetime subscription for XM, and does it include all channels??? I pay every three months for my subscription.

    Miss G. Even though I don’t experience your trouble, I sympathisize with you. I hope you find a resolution.

    1. Thanks Lana!

      When we purchased our lifetime subscriptions from Sirius (May 2008) we paid $400 for each of our 2 radios. Originally we’d gone with a $200 fee that covered two years, then loved them so much we bought lifetime. We thought that lifetime really meant a lifetime, but have since discovered it really means the lifetime of 3 receivers. I think that only the original stations that we were getting at the time are covered, plus internet access. I’m not sure what “lifetime” means now, but I believe it only lasts as long as the one receiver lasts. Anybody who knows for sure – feel free to correct me!

      1. My daughter has the account with my radio. The way it works with XM is the fee/contract is linked to the radio ID. We did not do a lifetime thing on XM.

        When I bought a new radio XM refunded the uunused portion of the old radio’s 2-yr contract.

      2. I have a LIFETIME CONTRACT,when the radio broke,I purchased a new one and the LIFE TIME CONTRACT was transferred to it with out any problem.

      3. Yes, Navy they will do that too.
        I was just quoting what I was told by them.
        A $75.00 charge to switch a radio on the Lifetime plan…And up to 3 times per radio Lifetime subscription.

        I have had them switch a radio for me too….for no charge.
        It was a broken one so maybe that is it…

    2. My deal with Sirius for the Life Time is up to 3 Radio changes per subscription.
      I believe it is still a $75.00 change per change.
      When they offered the ‘deal’ it was $400.00/radio ($100.00 off/radio).
      At that time it also included the Internet for life too.
      THAT was the kicker for me.

      To get a internet connection now it is something like $3.00/month per connection.
      I now have two internet connections since I jumped on that back then.
      One of them I use at work but, as I have stated before they dropped the OTR on the net for whatever reason.

      Still it is a good deal to not have to worry about paying a bill anymore.
      I am not sure if they even offer any kind of Life Time subscription now.

      I think they did this before the merger to raise capital…

      1. Does anyone know if the XM Radio Aux Audio Input Adapters would help with my problem? (Not being able to connect my new XM OnyX so that I can listen to it all through the house as I used to). I’m trying like crazy to solve this problem – even Greg had some suggestions – but it’s very difficult for someone who is so technically challenged. I also wonder if I could purchase these things from Best Buy? My little radio on my dresser has a headphone jack. Don’t know if it has a line level output (I don’t know what that is). Also wonder if newer AM/FM/Stereo/CD players have the AUX feature or the headphone jack. Where are the technology “angels” when I need them? Besides, on this blog, of course!

  4. Hi, Gang! Below is the Email I got from RE: new home radio kits. As I said, I’m so mad I could sPit. It seems totally unfair and frustrating. Let me know what you all think (Greg, did you know about this) and what, if anything, can be done about it.

    The XM representative is correct in this case. Unfortunately FM transmitter support with the Home kits was removed but also the FM transmitters were weakened in any future units after around 2006.

    Basically the FCC determined that Sirius and XM violated the power levels allowed by unlicensed FM band transmitters. I believe this was the result of a challenge by the terrestrial broadcasters (the NAB or similar) to the FCC for the ability of Sirius and XM radios to ‘walk’ over the licensed stations. Some radios also violated the acceptable frequencies. For instance, 87.7 and 87.9 are part of the North American TV band, and they were allowed for the FM transmitters in these radios. Sirius and XM later ‘refurbished’ their existing models, which resulted in compliant (arguably weaker than required by law) devices.

    The car cradle unfortunately would probably not help you in this case because the car cradles are Powerconnect oriented and use the ground system in the vehicle to operate as a FM transmitter (since the FM antenna shares the same ground with the body of the vehicle).

    The only real solution would be something like the Whole House FM transmitter, or locating one of the older radios on eBay. Admittedly the whole house transmitter isn’t inexpensive, by it will work with basically anything that has a headphone style Audio Out jack, including XM and Sirius radios. We don’t have any new kits available at the moment but we do sell the Open Box model at a discount. They’re designing a new model that will be out soon, but it’s supposed to be about 40$ more than the older model and will do basically the same thing. –

    1. Now it makes sense….This I remember. What the complaint was originally dealt with the built in XM-FM transmitters being picked up (bleed through) by other vehicles and apartments because of their strength.

      The way to make it work is to have an XM indoor/outdoor antenna and a docking station that has an audio out jack. Take the audio out jack from the dock or radio and get a stereo ‘Y’ unit and plug it into the stereo aux input.

      You can also get an inhouse repeater that will let you move the radio around the house.

      1. I appreciate all your and Greg’s (and everyone else’s) help. I’m not sure Dear Old Dad will be thrilled at having to buy yet more equipment (and you can bet your sweet bippie the FCC will hear from me. This is unconscionable to have to be an engineer or a Ph.D in order to do something so simple as listen to a radio). Dad is mechanically savvy; he’ll understand this. But it’s flying over my head like a flying saucer!
        I think I’ll need something for all the radios in my house – we have a radio in every (and I do mean every) room in the house. That’s what I want. Am I asking to omuch? Up until a month ago, I was happy – I could turn on any radio and get my XM fix. Now I have to either buy $2,000 in equipment or stay in Dad’s office in order to listen. But we’ll do anything within legality to get our XM back. It’s the first time in my 56 years I’ve actually had a real hobby and this has become one of my passions. Anyway, I digress. I’m just PO’d.
        Oh, yes – what do I do since all my radios don’t have an AUX input? Only Dad’s radio in his office has that. Oh, !@*@)O@)O! — 🙂 You are wonderful.

    2. Michael…
      You can just purchase a Boom Box that works with your Stand Alone receiver.
      Use that at home.

      The trick is to set up the antenna somehow.
      I think the antenna for the boom box I have (Sirius) is about 20 feet.

      To me that is a lot easier and also you can use it anywhere.
      I use it when we go up north where all the terrestrial radios stations are either Country or Pop and maybe a Classic Rock thrown in.

      It is nice to be able to listen to whatever you want.
      I also use my Boom Box at work.
      I have been forced too since they do not have everything I want on the internet.
      It still is not perfect. I get to many drop outs at certain times of the day.
      Something to do with the satellites I think.
      I do not have enough antenna cord length to reach the roof of the building I work in.

  5. Well, gang, it looks like what the XM tech told me is true. I got an Email from which told me, in a long, convoluted, complicated Email, that new sets won’t be useable in home radios. I can’t believe we bought the equipment to replace our old XM Roady, only to not be able to use it. tss radio said it was coming out with a new design soon but meantime, Ic an’t listen unless I stay in my father’s office. Gone – for a while- are the days when I turned on the radio and there were my favorite shows or my favorite announcer. I’m so mad I could sPit! I feel XM ripped us off by not telling us and that the FCC caved to the broadcasting association and AM and FM radio stations. And what’s frustrating is I don’t know what to DO about it. Oh, I can write to the FCC but if you’ve ever dealt with a govt. agency, you know what I mean about feeling like it’s just a waste of time. I’ll still print out the skeds but it won’t be nearly as much fun without getting to listen to the shows.

  6. OK, I haven’t posted in a while, but all the birthday talk got me! My birthday is also May 21st. Coming up on #49, and don’t mind it at all, considering the alternative.

    My husband gave me a Sirius radio, together with a boombox to bring it in the house (and camper), for my birthday 4 years ago. We enjoyed it so much that I gave him the same set up 6 months later for our anniversary – we both have lifetime subscriptions and docking stations in every vehicle. Mine is almost always on 118. His varies a little, including Classic Vinyl & Bluegrass, but we do leave it on 118 all night.

    I admit, I do miss seeing the name of the episode like we used to, and I didn’t care for the rotating schedule at first. However, when I realized that we get a larger selection of shows during each week, I decided I like that better. I also refer to when I want more info. And it shouldn’t need to be said (but I will!), Greg’s commentary leaves the old format in the dust! I only wish he could give out more tidbits of information, or play more of the vintage ads – maybe in place of the present-day commercials that we thought we would avoid with satelite radio? Anyway, I won’t be without my Radio Classics.

    I’m also an avid reader, and would love to read whatever Greg wants to write about old time radio!!

  7. Thank you Miss G for the birthday wish. My birth day is May 21, and my mother’s is May 28. As Greg would say “she is still with us” at the age of 87. I don’t think she would mind that I gave her age. Most people are proud to still be around once they reach the age of 80 or so. Your birthday is easy to remember. True it was a bad day for America, but it made the history books. I hope you have a good b-day as well.

    VINBO – I am wondering what format you are referring to as well. Are you talking about the programs on the station or are you talking about the website??

    1. Sorry for the delay. I’m referring to the station programs. Do the math people. This current format gives you less overall variety, 12 hrs. X 3 days= 36 hrs. VS 8 hrs. X 5 days = 40 hrs. I think the 8×3 day gives people listening in different time zones a chance to hear a lot of variety or something they want to hear. I’ ve plenty more but I’m not a fan of long post. So to quote Fibber ” I’ll hit it with a hammer and give it to you in chunks.

    1. What exactly are you not liking?

      I am a Sirius subscriber myself and I am not liking a few things too.

      1) No title of the episodes. Just the name of the program and the main character.
      I want it to go back to how it used to be on Sirius.
      We always had the Episode Title on our radios.
      It is silly to see the name of the show and the main character ALL the time.
      We KNOW who it is…I rather know the Title of the episode.
      I do not always hear Greg at the beginning of a show…

      2) I cannot get it anymore on my internet connection with Sirius.
      We use to get it under the Entertainment category.
      They have the ‘Book Channel’ (#117) but, no OTR anymore.
      Quite annoying since I use my PC a lot for my Sat-Radio instead of my car radios.
      I am NOT buying a home system. I have invested a lot of money to acquire 2 Sat-Radio Life-Time Subscriptions.
      I have used my Boom Box but it is a hassle and I cannot use it in my basement rec room where my PCs are.

      1. Greg’s copy of the schedule gives you titles and dates. And once the week is actually here, you can get titles and dates- I’ve done it. You go to the schedule, get the name of the show you like (just put the cursor on it and hit enter) and click. There you’ll see the name and date. Go to to show you what the episode is about. I do that every week. It takes time but I love OTR so much I’m willing to do it.

      2. That is not good enough.
        Ever tried reading that schedule at 70mph? Or as you are driving through a city with Lights and Stop Signs?
        It is dangerous and silly to even try.
        We are not asking that much to put things back to the way we had it on SIRIUS.
        I did not subscribe to XM. I never cared for XM.
        We also use to get our shows at the same time everyday as well.

        It is not as if I do not appreciate what Greg is doing or has done but, we Sirius Subscribers deserve to be LISTENED to.
        It makes me angry to be ignored since I have been a loyal customer with 2 radios for close to 6 years.

        We Sirius Subscribers listened to Gunsmoke everyday at 2pm.
        (It usually was about 4-6 weeks per change….I heard Dimension X at 2pm for a while too)
        We had the Title of the episode during that time.
        So we could follow along and realize if we were hearing the same episode again.

        I do not think I am asking all that much. It cannot be all that hard to set the titles up so they show on the Sat-Radio screens.
        Like I said that would last for about 4-6 weeks then it would change.
        I listened to Superman every morning at 6am.
        They were 2-15 minute episodes per day.
        Now I never know what is going to be on unless I scan that schedule which is hard to read.
        It still does not show what the episode titles are.

        I still do not know WHY they knocked it off the internet.
        I have yet to hear an answer from Sirius over that.
        They have Martha Stewart on the web…
        Why allow a felon online?
        Bump her.
        They also have more then enough Right Wing channels online and on the Radio too.
        Knock those down and use the band width for the OTR channel.
        Hell, they could bump Howard of the web too…He has 2 channels on the Radio.
        Why do we need those two on the web as well?

    2. I have been with XM sice ’04. We never had the titles but the XMRadio schedule does. I guess I have never missed what I never had. Greg does supply original air dates.

      We also never has XM164 available on the web. Again, same boat on that.

      I do like the rotating schedule. It would be my luck to have the Jack Benny/Baby Snooks hour during my drive everyday if it didn’t rotate. I do like Jack on occassion but not everyday in the same time period.

      I now have a radio that records and saves up to 100 hours of XM content and can record 5 channels at once so I have more flexibility now. I also have found episode logs on the web. This with the air dates greg does supply work for me.

      1. I think XM Radio Ch. 164 has never been on the web – too bad; maybe I’d be able to listen to it instead of going through the junk I’ve gone through for the last 3 weeks. (take a look at the Email I got from Does anyone know the name of the “high-ups” at Sirius XM? I want to write to them to express my strong objection to what has happened to us. We were never told and we bought the new XM OnyX in good faith. Now we’ve been — “had.” I don’t like it when companies boff me. They got my $$$ but I can’t listen to my radio and I’m furious.

      2. You HAVE to push them and then Follow Up.
        Do not let them off the hook.
        Realize you are dealing with the lowest denominator of people on the phone.

        I had my Sportster 3 radio break. The screen went out.
        (It is a Sirius model)
        My other radio is a built in on our 2007 Camry.
        I called up Sirius and told them I needed a new one since it was still under warranty.
        I also let them know they could send me another Sportster 3 model.
        But, NOOOO! They had to send me the new Sportsters 4 model.
        At that time I had a Boom Box for the Sportster 3 model.
        Sirius said no problem they would send me a different (newer) boom box.
        This took almost 2 months until they got that right.
        They kept sending me the older model boom box back to me instead of the one that works for the Sportster 4.
        One time I could tell they sent MY old boom box.

        I was patient and tried to work with them….
        I had to get nasty with them until they finally sent me the correct boom box.
        This ALL could have been resolved if they listened to me and just sent me the Sportster 3 radio that I asked for.
        It was during the model change and I knew they still had them in stock.
        I still saw them being sold in brick & mortar stores then.

        Now my Sportster 4 is starting to mess up.
        Many of the LED buttons are going out.
        I guess I should try to find another Sportster 4 radio for back up because I am way past my warranty now.

        Here is a tip. Never leave your radio in the car.
        The Sun and the Cold will ruin it.
        Also I do not run my antenna through out my car any more and attach it to my roof or trunk.
        It works just fine INSIDE the car in my front windshield.
        The Ice and Cold will kill those antennas really fast.
        Not to mention the car wash.

  8. Thanks Michael for the birthday wish. I am hoping to check out Greg’s audio book samples if I have some free time this weekend. How much do is cost to hear them in their entirety?

    1. I just listened to the samples/ The samples were free.

      I am reading the first book now….

    2. Happy Birthday, Lana! I won’t ask you how old you are – that would be tacky and besides, I’m old enough that I do NOT want people to know. However, I’d love the date. Mine is Sept. 11. As I said to Dad – except for years that end in 0 and 5, I don’t really celebrate my birthday anymore. I used to but when the Radical Islamic terrorists attacked, killing 3,000+ people on Sept. 11, I thought it would be very trite to celebrate when so many people died and so many families grieve.

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