May 23rd to May 29th Radio Classics Channel Shows

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Here’s what’s on tap, birthday week tributes to the super-famous and the famous just on this channel as we honor the following folks among others; John Wayne, Bob Hope, Vincent Price, Dashiell Hammett, Tony Barrett, Jock McGregor, Stacy Keach, Sr & The Dionne Quintuplets.

We have new to the channel episodes from The Story of Dr. Kildare, Nick Carter, Master Detective, Sam Spade, Suspense, Milton Berle, Alan Young, The Mysterious Traveler, Blackstone-The Magic Detective and many more.

Other links; the audio books I narrated are located here;

The Silver Bear by Derek Haas

Columbus: A Silver Bear Thriller by Derek Haas

And the modern audio drama;

(Unconditional by Michael Gilvary)

26 thoughts on “May 23rd to May 29th Radio Classics Channel Shows”

  1. Today, Memorial Day I listened with “rapt attention” to “So Proudly We Hail,” and
    the Norman Corwin piece on (can I spell it?) Czechoslovakia. How wonderful to be
    able to listen to such timely, historical presentations on this holiday! Thank you
    for reminding us of what Memorial Day is really all about.

  2. One of the greatest things about radio was that, during WWII, it helped folks get the news and it also distracted them from the hellacious atmosphere under which they were undoubtedly living. Dad says his mom used to love to listen to the radio soaps while making dinner for a family of 10 children. Anyway, can you imagine what it must have been like to live day after day with the fear that a member of the armed forces would come to your home to tell you your son had been killed or was MIA? My grandmothers – both of them – lived with that fear. My paternal grandmother had 4 sons in the Marines and 2 in the Navy during WWII. Her husband, my grandfather, also was serving but the big-wigs wouldn’t let him go overseas because 6 of his 7 sons were serving in the Pacific and also, he was an expert marksman and he was needed to train recruits. My maternal grandfather was a career Naval officer — a doctor in the Medical Corps. He served in BOTH theaters during WWII. He was in Pearl Harbor but got stationed to Iceland 6 months before the attack (I still wonder who he p—ed off – I mean, to go from Hawaii to Iceland?!). I don’t know if any of my uncles or my grandfathers ever got to see Bob Hope and I don’t know if they had radios on board ships but in any event, those who visited the troops – then and now – are my special heroes. A good Memorial Day to all and a special thanks to those who gave their all.

  3. Greg,
    This is my first time leaving a comment on your site. I absolutely love the Classics, and your snippets of information are truly great.

    I love all the westerns and police dramas, especially Dragnet, Gunsmoke and the Six-Shooter. Your mind’s eye can literally place you in the old west and the gritty streets of L.A.

    The comedies and variety shows I can do without, possibly because to really enjoy a Jack Benny or Bob Hope you had to be able to see them as their act was more of a visual medium complete with facial expressions and the like. I realize these shows have fans, but I turn to the 70’s and 80’s when these shows and others like them come on.

    Johnny Dollar, Suspense, The Whistler, Richard Diamond, et all..are the best!! Please keep up the good work and keep those little history lessons and interviews coming!

  4. I agree with shadowchaser concerning the shows. I’m also a fan of just about anything Jack Webb did. I still remember listening to Gunsmoke and Have Gun Will Travel ‘back in the day’. I spend a great deal of my time during the day listening to radio classics and expecially like when Greg talks a bit about the actors when the show finishes.
    My one wish it that radio classics would play some of the historical radio produced. I recently listened to some episodes of “Mr. President” hosted by Edward Arnold. What a tremendous piece of American History that would play well today.

  5. Loving the Two 2 hour blocks you have of Bob Hope, and it always great to hear The Andrew Sisters on your channel. Great Job as always Greg.

    I have a feeling I am going to buy 2 audio books very soon. We get the G-Rated persona on XM/SIRUS. I want to hear the R-Rated Greg LOL.

    1. R-Rated is right! Scared my kids a few times when they were listening too close to the home studio. Derek’s a great writer though.


    2. Bob Hope is darn GOOD!
      Some of it is ‘Dated’ but, it is Classic Bob Hope.
      No different then his TV show in delivery….

      I always try to teach my children to check out the older comedians of yesteryear.
      They are older young adults now but, they are coming around and learning to appreciate what was cool in the olden days.
      Our daughter (19yrs old) is really into WWII history so she will sit down with me and watch old WWII movies.
      It is just that I can’t get her or my wife and son to appreciate OTR at all.
      They all roll their eyes when I put it on.

      I’ll bet there are some here that have the same problem with their families with respect to OTR shows.
      Once in a while I will have something on that they will actually listen too.

      What would be sweet if we had an 1/2 hour or even an hour of just vintage commercials on our Sat-Radios.

      1. I had the same problem with my sister. She and I were driving to a family reunion. Now I’ve been an OTR listener even before I had the great good fortune of having satellite radio (I temporarily don’t have it because of trouble getting a home kit and installing it so I’ve been DEPRIVED for nearly 2 months now). Anywa, Robin and I were going to upstate New York for a family reunion. That’s a 6- to 8-hour drive so I had my tapes (my car is from 1997). I put in “Lights Out: Revolt of the Worms.” She said she thought it was “silly.” ROTW is one of my favorite episodes and one of LO’s scariest so you can imagine my disappointment when I realized – rather quickly – Robin would not enjoy OTR. That was her first – and last – OTR venture. Too bad – the girl doesn’t know what she’s missing. I’m still printing out the skeds even though I can’t listen. I may get the Geek Squad or someone local to put this thing in. It shouldn’t be complicated but by god it is.
        Hey, I like the idea of half an hour or so of vintage commercials! Some of those ads were so cool – and at least they were clean!

  6. I listened to Ray Bradbury X-Minus 1 episode today and I was reminded that in the 1940 and 50s writers thought future space explorers would have all the charm and dignity of tramp steamer deckhands: rough, uncouth louts. Sixty years later we are sending PhDs into space.

    1. Don: Make sure you listen to Ray Bradbury’s “Zero Hour” — it’s one of the best stories ever presented on radio. The first time I heard it, it scared the stuffing out of me. All well and good – you’d think that, upon subsequent hearings, that would not be the case. WRONG! It STILL scares me — and I still love it. RB, who will be 90 years old Aug. 22, has some great stuff on radio, in print and even on TV. There’s even an RB website ( I love “The Martian Chronicles” and I may be the only person on the planet who actually liked the 1980 version of “TMC” starring Rock Hudson, Gayle Hunnicut, Bernadette Peters, Christopher Connelly, Darren McGavin, Joyce Van Patten, etc. I think it was an excellent production.

  7. I really enjoy the Johnny Dollar marathons, keep them coming! I also enjoy the westerns. Gunsmoke and The Six Shooter being two of my favorites. I can’t miss Dragnet or Richard Diamond. I’m not sure why, but I am lukewarm on the comedies, with the exception of Fibber McGee and Molly. Hilarious! I am a truck driver, so I spend alot of time listening to this channel. Thanks for your time and effort Greg, making this channel what it is.

  8. Johnny Dollar marathons are the cool’st. I listen to them at twice most weeks!!

    I love Classic radio. These show are very, very entertaining and relaxing. Makes me wish those times would return for us. They show not so much a simpler time but a time with more character.

    Please keep up the good work..

  9. Greg, I feel like I know you personally, I spend so much time listening to you and the great programs you bring to us. Congratulations on your latest accomplishments with the audio books. You have a very good voice for this venture. Does anyone out there like Dennis Day, both his voice and his persona as represented on Jack Benny? I just adore him! He is the best singer. What a voice. It is hard to imagine what his home life was like as a Navy man and the father of ten children. I wish I could let his children and grandchildren know how much I honor him and his memory….and how grateful I am
    to be able to hear him sing every week because of your scheduling, Greg. Thank you so much. I wonder if his children are “McNultys” or “Days???” As I write this, coincidentally, I am listening to Dennis sing, “When Irish Eyes are Smiling.”
    It is so beautiful!

    1. betty jo, I also like Dennis Day very much. He was very funny, did wonderful impersonations, especially Ronald Colman, “Ah, Benita”, and he had a terrific singing voice. His absence from the Benny show during the war created a vaccuum. The Dennis Day Show is also very good and soemtimes surprises me with risque (for the era) jokes.

  10. I also love the channel! Johnny Dollar has to be my favorite show, with the other detective shows being up there for me. Most of the comedies I like. Strangely enough, it’s the one hour shows that I turn to the other channel on, eg. Lux Theater, and shows like that. They just seem to be missing something for me, maybe I’m too familiar with the movie versions of the different shows they do.

  11. Greg, I’m a 60 year old man who loves this channel. Bogarts Joint is wrong about his dislikes. They are some of the best comedies ever. Benny was way ahead of his time. But that doesn’t mean the others are bad or boring. Fanny Brice as Skooks is great. This lady was in her 50’s and still doing this on radio. Radio’s golden age was chock full of great shows. So please keep the channel going as you have for the last 6 years that I’ve been a subscriber. Johnny Dollar Marathons are my favorite. I also like the detctives and the cops. I just truly love this channel.

    1. If anyone is still following this thread, this rant really cracked me up. “abhchelms” wrote: Bogart’s Joint is wrong about his dislikes… prattle, prattle prattle.”

      Dear Individual,
      Could you explain how my “likes” or “dislikes” could be “wrong?” Perhaps not in line with your views, but as I wrote at the bottom of my post, it was “my two cents worth.” Nothing more or less, but your reaction was funny, as if I am demanding Greg discontinue running these shows (well, Baby Snooks, yeah, I would dump it) BUT, as with any medium, you have the ability to change your selection or do something else. Good God man, how can someone’s opinion be “wrong?” You might suggest uninformed, misguided or arrogant, but as the old saying kind of goes, “opinions are like (a certain part of the anatomy not mentionable here), we all have them, and they all stink.”

      Please have a nice day – just my opinion, or am I wrong again?

  12. I concur with all of the sentiments posted above, especially “countrycamper” with your likes of crime, mystery, horror and sci-fi. I especially enjoy the “Johnny Dollar” marathons and “Broadway Is My Beat” has some of the best writing to be found! The only western I like is “Gunsmoke.”

    My dislikes, in order, are Baby Snookums (blech!) I need to scrub the syrup off my radio if I accidentally hear a moment of it. I find Bing Crosby nauseating, because it’s all about “Bing” and I never liked “crooners.” Fred Allen is boring, Burns and Allen – same thing. Compared to Jack Benny, they are tedious but perhaps because Benny was so talented and the gags were always fresh, even when repeated they were funny. They must have had a lot of fun doing those shows, it comes off that way when someone goofs a line or does an ad-lib, VERY funny stuff!

    Yep, in those days it took talent and hard work to make it with live shows and brilliant writing for the crime dramas and mysteries. As usual, my hat is off to you Greg for doing all you do for us.

    That’s just my two cents, but I didn’t grow up with these shows.

    Warm regards everyone,


    1. Dave/Joint…
      I am with you on Snookums. That show it terrible!
      I can’t change the channel fast enough when I hear her voice.
      It is no different then TV shows (Movies) of the past and present.
      Not all are ‘good’.

      I did enjoy the John Wayne this early am (4:30 -5:30am) on the way to work then another decent Gunsmoke to follow up.
      What I always liked about Gunsmoke was its detail to the sound effects.
      Their guns were real I believe and not the like many of the other shows where the guns sounded like toy cap guns.
      I could truly visualize Dodge City and the surrounding area when listening to Gunsmoke.

      1. Greg once said the “Gunsmoke” guns were real and the sound techs wandered far and wide to get that sound — only to find the best place for “shooting” was Bill Conrad’s back yard!
        Yes, Baby Snooks is terrible. It’s stupid, annoying and grating on the nerves. Yet Greg says a lot of people really like it. But I’m like you – when I hear it, I almost unplug the radio so as not to hear it.
        I also dislike “The Bickersons.” All those 2 do is argue and if that’s what marriage is about (and I’m sure it isn’t) then I’ll have none of it.

    2. BJ: I didn’t grow up with these shows either but I love them, too. I agree with most of what you said. I dislike Baby Snooks intensely; I think there’s something creepy about adults portraying babies. There are even commercials with talking babies and they make me feel so creepy inside.
      Bing had an outstandig voice but I can’t help remember how badly he treated his first wife, Dixie, and I always equate him with the worst side of being Irish, namely, drinking – I can say that because I’m part Irish (English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh — and I don’t drink) – and maudlin, sappy sentimentality. Fred Allen is like oysters — an acquired taste. I like him more than I did initially but if Greg doesn’t put him on, I won’t lose any sleep. I disagree about Burns & Allen. I think they, like Jack Benny and Bob Hope, are very talented and funny. Miraculously, none of their material is outdated. I also LOVE “Our Miss Brooks” because of Eve Arden’s sardonic humor. She’s PERFECT as the love-starred, pragmatic English teacher Connie Brooks.
      I really love the westerns. Before I started listening (and thanks to Greg for his wonderful selections), I didn’t care about sandy soap operas. But now, I’m hooked on “Frontier Gentleman,” “Gunsmoke” and Have Gun Will Travel.” FG and HGWT both star one of my favorite radio actors, “Mr.” John Dehner. He was SO cool. I also love William Conrad of “Gunsmoke. Ironically, CBS initially offered the radio part to John Dehner but he turned it down because he didn’t want to be typecast. However, he was a guest-star on many episodes – one of the best “Gunsmoke” episodes with JD is “The Cabin.” And one of the best “Frontier Gentleman” episodes is “Winchester Quarantine.”
      Finally – Make SURE to listen to “Earth Abides.” It’s on every year around this time and it probably is the best story (next to “Zero Hour”) on radio. Earth Abides stars … you guessed it, John Dehner. And also, Peggy Webber.

  13. When I discovered Radio Classics on my Siruis Radio, I thought I died and went to heaven. I love your voice and listening to you when you give background on the radio actors and the shows, it makes me enjoy the shows even more. I enjoy the crime, mystery, horror, sci fi, the best. I look forward to receiving the advance notice of the schedule.

  14. i love this channel, it’s all i listen to now. the only problem is i take my wife to work

    at 10:30 am and pick her up at 6:30pm. it seems at that time it is the same shows
    oh well

  15. The radio classic channel is my favorite. I’ve got on the # 1 slot on my receiver.
    You do a great jog Greg. Keep up the good work.

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