May 30th to June 5th RadioClassics Channel Shows

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Here’s what’s we got on Sirius 118 XM 164 – A two-hour Memorial Day block featuring two new to the channel patriotic episodes from Norman Corwin (100 and still going strong) followed by Lux Radio Theatre’s version of the film, “So Proudly We Hail” with Paulette Goddard, Claudette Colbert and Veronica Lake.

A Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 5 part Marathon (The Crystal Lake Matter); Howard Duff as Sam Spade in Suspense’s hour long version of “The Kandy Tooth” the never filmed sequel to The Maltese Falcon; An encore of last year’s two hour Dragnet anniversary special.

Birthday week tributes to Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Fred Allen, William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy) and Walter Tetley (Leroy on The Great Gildersleeve, Julius on Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show.)

Other links; the audio books I narrated are located here;

The Silver Bear by Derek Haas

Columbus: A Silver Bear Thriller by Derek Haas

And the modern audio drama;

(Unconditional by Michael Gilvary)

12 thoughts on “May 30th to June 5th RadioClassics Channel Shows”

  1. We put our XM receiver in the FM mode so it will transmit to the other ordinary radios in the house. That way we can move from kitchen to office to dining room and not miss any of the action, the mysteries, or the jokes.

  2. Hi, Gang! In the never-ending drama of MISSGBMOO and the XM/Sirius Radio Caper… In our last episode, we learned MissGBMOO’s father tried in vain to fix the replacement for their XM Roady receiver which burned out under mysterious circumstances.
    Today — I went to Auto Audio and a wonderful pair of fellows named Tim and Don (Tim especially) spent more than an hour trying to the my problem (I brought every gizmo and piece of equipment that came with XM OnyX). He sold me an antenna for $20 and labor was $35 (he could have charged more but I made him laugh so hard his hat nearly came off!) The good news is, I’m listening to “Johnny Dollar in the Case of the Crystal Lake Matter.” The bad news? I still can’t listen beyond the office so the nights of me leaving the radio on are gone (for now). Stay tuned as we hear MISSGBMOO say “DRAT!”
    I still feel thunder letters going out to the FCC, to the chmn of XM/Sirius, etc. I feel we were ripped off .. we were not told of the “new” rules. My new friend Tim said that, technically, what we’ve done (him in repairing, Dad and me in using) is ILLEGAL. Well, Oh, s–t — I’m not killing anyone, I’m not selling time and I’m not putting on X-rated commercials. I’m only enjoying something that gives me a great deal of pleasure. And my father wants to keep me happy!

    1. Ok Michael. I think I understand now. There are two places for responses. One at the bottom saying submit comment which is what I always used and the reply button on the right of a written response.
      I did not think that made a difference but I guess it does. I was happy also to finally get the schedule, can’t plan my upcoming week without it. A Monday holiday delays many things but I am sure Greg tried as hard as he could to get it ready. I wish I had as much patience as I did years ago.

  3. It would since I replied to your post. This one is a generla comment using the field at the bottom of the page under LEAVe A REPLY….now I am on top until someone else posts

  4. Your comment posted under my first one. I thought also that the latest one would go on top, but sorry you are not there.

  5. I was just wondering why the comments are not in date order. How are they posted? Sometimes it is hard to follow the blog.

    1. Latest one in goes to the top.

      If you reply to a current post it is filed under that post.

      If you reply to a reply…and so on and so on….

      That was a shampoo commercial wasn’t it….and they tell 2 friends and so on

    1. last year i made the trip to maryland for the nostaglia conference to see you.
    i saw it advertized on your site & was hoping to see you there? but either you you didn’t show up or i missed you some how. i was there the whole 3 days. the primary reason i went was because you said you were going.although it was a great conference, but it was a long trip.
    2. are you going to any conferences this year? i always go to the FOTR in Newark.
    3. what i’m enjoying on your station recently are the hour long westerns with john wayne like Red River. the tales of the texas rangers, of course gunsmoke & dragnet
    goes without saying.
    4. not so much, sci-fi, it has to be ray bradbury or asimov, because some of the sci-fi have silly premises, that you can right thru it.

    1. Duffy,

      I tried weeks before that event to set something up so I could be there and meet folks, but it couldn’t be worked out. Which is why I didn’t promote an appearance on the radio. I “crashed” it anyway spending a few hours attending (introduced myself to James Best – as his Dukes of Hazzard co-star John Schneider is a friend of mine.) I think I was there on Friday. Some listeners did recognize me and said hi. I would love to attend more event, but not sure if I can. If I ever can officially be at one, I will be sure to promote it on the website and on the air.


    2. I do hope you’ll be around, Duffy, for “Earth Abides.” I love that one — I’ve heard it for the past 2 or 3 years and it gets better each time, mostly because of the performances of “Mr.” John Dehner, Peggy Webber and even William Conrad.
      Hey, gang – here’s a neat thing to do. Find and purchase the books (if they’re available, of course, and if the show had been based on a book, of course) on which many shows are based. I have (and finally found) a copy of “Earth Abides.” The other day, I also got in a “double-decker” – “Donovan’s Brain” and either the prequel or the sequel — I’m not at home as I write this and, frankly, I’ve forgotten which. I love books on which radio, TV shows or movies are based.
      Which reminds me, Duffy – make sure to pick up anything Ray Bradbury wrote — I even think he finished a new book last year. And there’s a wonderful biography of him — my sister gave it to me a few Christmases ago. I love “The Martian Chronicles” but I didn’t quite “get” “Fahrenheit 451.” My favorite RB book isn’t science fiction per se, however. It’s his gentle tales of wimsy — “Long AFter Midnight,” a series of short stories that are sweet (some of them) and imaginative (all of them).
      I don’t know if the westerns had ever been based on books and it might be neat if Greg could find some old time radio shows based on the works of Zane Grey and Louis L’Amour.
      Let me know what y’all think of books that become radio, TV shows or movies.

  7. That is a very good selection for the Memorial Day holiday. Hope everyone can celebrate and enjoy the first summer holiday.

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