June 6th to June 12th Radio Classics Channel Shows

As usual, if you haven’t grabbed the new schedule click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

Here’s what’s happening! A new to the channel, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon (The LaMarr Matter); Our annual D-Day special as presented on Orson Welles Radio Almanac; Art Linkletter on The Alan Young Show; birthday week specials for Judy Garland, Dean Martin and Gerald Mohr.

New to the channel episodes of The Chase, Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade, Bergen & McCarthy, Suspense, Abbott & Costello, The Weird Circle and more.

25 thoughts on “June 6th to June 12th Radio Classics Channel Shows”

  1. Oh Man, that Suspense episode “Good and faithful Servant” had me laughing. Who better to play a roll that begins by being locked in a vault over night than Jack Benny!

    I can hear the casting phone call now:
    “Mr. Benny, we have a part on a Suspense episode that we thought you would be interested in”

    “No. No, I’m really much too busy”

    “But you get to spend the night locked in a vault”

    “When do we rehearse?”

  2. MissGBMoo:

    Here is what has worked for me to hear XM when traveling on business.

    I picked up a longer antenna cord (available from Radio Shack
    or similar stores). It is about 25 feet long.

    THEN I put the antenna itself on a Patio outside my hotel room,
    or next to the window, and point it towards the SOUTHERN
    sky. Turn on the radio, and then shift the anetnna around to
    various positions until you get the best signal. It is just like
    fiddling with the old “Rabbit Ears” TV antennas !

    Even when staying in areas with NO local repeaters, I have been
    able to get clear reception from the satellites alone.

    Be persistent. Never give Up. You can do this thing !

    1. Point it south is right! I drive an 18 wheeler. I have a terrible time with reception whenever I am heading due-north. The trailer tends to block the signal. even with a mirror mounted antenna. Makes me crazy.

  3. Greg (or anyone)
    How did the ratings work in the golden age of radio? Obviously everyone on the board loves Johnny Dollar but was he popular back in the day? I know that a lot was probably based on sponsors but how listened to were some of these shows during their first run?

  4. For all you John Dehner fans (and you KNOW who you are … ): It started yesterday but “The Virginian” has a storyline that features John as Morgan Star, who The Judge (Judge Garth, played so nicely by Lee J. Cobb) appoints to oversee Shiloh when he goes off to the capital of Wyoming to become governor. John is truly GREAT in this role — and he had beautiful, cornflower blue eyes. If you get Encore’s Western Channel, you’ll get to see this. It’s on at 4:30 PM M-F. It’s well worth watching.

  5. Well, gang, looks like I still won’t get to listen to my radio. Auto Audio did the magic things but the antenna still doesn’t allow for clear reception in my bedroom and now there seems to be something else wrong with the receiver but I think Dear Old Dad can fix it. I’m NOT happy – I really miss my shows. I’m still printing out the skeds in the hopes the Patron Saint of Radio (besides Greg, that is) will help me with my difficulties. I may have to have the guy come to the house – either Auto Audio or a member of the Geek Squad. I mean, we’re paying for this, we should be able to get it and it should NOT be declared ILLEGAL. That’s nothing but a bunch of garbage. I wonder who’s A– I can kick to get some attention in this matter? 🙂 (Yes, I know I’m bad!)

  6. I can’t get enough of the classic radio shows. This is the only reason I subscribe to XM! Seems like my taste varies from time to time for which genre I like best, so I just keep listening. As someone else mentioned before me, I even like to listen to shows I heard earlier in the week because it seems like I always hear something I missed the first time.

    1. Isn’t it the truth! I have skeds going back to 2008 and I still listen to shows I KNOW I’ve heard before just for the pleasure of hearing them again and to catch something I may have missed before.
      You know what else I like, Earl? I love Greg’s “tidbits of information” before and after each show. The man is a walking radio, I swear! He knows so much and it’s great he shares it with us.

  7. Good news….another YTJD next week to start the week right….a double shot in the same block too…

  8. Johnny Dollar Marathon (The LaMarr Matter)

    Did I hear right? Cab fare from the library in Chicago IL to the LaMarr home in South bend IN. $5.98 ? Thats a 90 mile trip!

    1. Jimmy,

      You should grab a cab today and see if you can talk ’em into a 6 dollar fare for that same trip.


    1. This really is ashame! It was “CBS Radio Mystery Theatre” that introduced me to the pleasure of old-time radio. My mother had been listening to it and one day, she told me about it. I started listening to it while doing the dishes and I was HOOKED. In 1989, the show aired on another station for 3 hours on Saturday nights and 2 hours on Sunday nights. I taped every episode and was able to get 2 shows on one tape becuase I’d pause when the commercials came on. I always liked EG Marshall as host – there were others but he was the best.
      Now I’m going to be catty but this does not mean I’m giving disrespect for the dead. Now that Himan is airing on the great radio station in the sky … IS THERE ANY CHANCE WE’LL GET TO HEAR CBSRMT on Sirius XM???????

      1. Rebroadcasts of CBSRMT will probably have to wait out the (undoubtedly lengthy) process of probating Hi’s will. Unless he created some sort of corporate entity that actually has ownership – then it will only be worse… 🙁

  9. Hello all! VERY long time lover of XM 164, new to the blog. Yes, Judy is just another name for Dorthy. I just can NOT get enough of The Chase, Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade, The Saint and my very favorite, Your’s Truly, Johnny Dollar.

  10. Greg,

    You will have to tell us about the work you do to ‘cleanup’ some of these shows.

    Case in point: Dragnet, City Hall Bombing

    I have a copy of this in MP3 format. It has loud pops, a stuck needle, and several other annoying issues that your version did not have this week.

    Do you work on these or do they come to you remastered? What type of media are they remastered from?

    I know you mentioned having to ‘cleanup’ the ending of a show a few weeks ago because it was a mess….

    Could you share a little? Thanks,

    1. I have a program called Magix Music Maker (Delux, v11) that will remove a lot of those cracks and pops. It allows you to filter pretty much anything out of a recording.

  11. Definitely.
    New to the channel are exciting words. Suspense stories are my favorite but I am surprised at how many I have heard and remember hearing from the channel. I have started to get attached to detective stories in order to listen to something new.

    I anticipate hearing next week’s new stories.

  12. Judy Garland will always be Dorothy. A remenberence of a time when life was much simpler.

  13. I love the words ‘New to the Channel’

    No matter the picture I still see Judy in the blue checkered dress from Wizard of Oz….

    1. While Judy as Dorothy in “TWOZ” is still her signature role, I also loved her in “A Star is Born” (especially when she sings “The Man that Got Away”), “Meet Me In St. Louis” (when she sings “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” to Margaret O’Brien. I believe “The Trolly Song” also came from that movie. And you haven’t really seen a different side of Judy unless you see her remarkable performance in “Judgment at Nuremburg.” She plays a Christian woman who had befriended her landlord when she was 16 and the defense lawyer tried to make their relationship smarmy when it wasn’t. Her performance in that movie, in that role, was truly magnficent, complete with a soft German accent. If you haven’t seen it, Michael, by all means, please do so.

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