June 13th to June 19th, 2010 RadioClassics Channel Schedule

As usual, if you haven’t grabbed the new schedule click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

On Sunday (6/13)  there is a special two hour Inner Sanctum Mysteries tribute to series creator Himan Brown who passed way on June 4th at age 99.

New to the channel episodes from Frontier Gentleman (with John Dehner); Escape (with Harry Bartell), Dr. Kildare (Lew Ayres & Lionel Barrymore), The Big Story, Gangbusters, Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy, Nick Carter, etc.

I have a great hour long Suspense episode – The House By The River starring John McIntire as we mark the anniversary of the debut of that series. Also being celebrated-  Bob Bailey’s birthday with 90 minutes plus of Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar; A Man of Steel Marathon to mark Superman star Clayton “Bud” Collyer’s birthday and a couple Red Skelton Shows to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of bandleader and composer, David Rose.


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  1. I listen to Old time radio all the time and think it is time to change the “Hey Abbott’ lead in for the show. I love you show.

  2. Hi all,
    A couple of things here.
    First, if you listen to the Avalon Time from ;39 where Skelton debuts, and then listen to shows from ’45, he sounds extremely different. I wouldn’t think that six years time would account for such a massive change in the way he sounds–or maybe it’s just me who picks up on it… Thoughts/comments on this? Did anyone else notice?
    Second, I have about 60,000 shows in my OTR collection… Thing is: I don’t have any Skelton before early ’45… Does anyone know where I might get any of his earlier stuff? Maybe there’s some on Radio Spirits, I haven’t looked yet–I’m pretty sure FGRA doesn’t have any Skelton. Help would be appreciated.
    One more thing real quick. Skelton was in the military during WWII as I’m sure yall know. He had a nervous breakdown–I’m not sure when–and went into a hospital for three months, I think it was. Anyone have more details on this? Did he have PTSD–I think in the forties, they called it battle fatigue–WWI, shell shock.
    All dads: happy Father’s Day.
    More than enough from me for one day. I’ve written a novel.
    Take care, all,

    1. Shanda:

      Like millions of others, Red Skelton was changed by World War II.
      According to John Dunning’s authoritative “Encyclopedia of Old Time
      Radio” Skelton went into the Army in March 1944 and was shipped to
      Italy. Dunning adds, “In Italy he suffered a nervous breakdown. He was hospitalized for three months and discharged in September 1945.”

      You are perceptive to have picked up on the fact he had changed.
      But he fully recovered and went on to 25 more years of success
      in radio, and then on his weekly TV program where the public
      finally “saw” Clem Kaddiddlehopper and Freddy the Freeloader.

  3. Jack Benny and Lux dropped a real bomb with that Baldpate show! The audience didn’t think it was very funny either. Compared to this, “A Horn Blows At Midnight” was a great performance. Actually, I do like that movie.

    1. I never saw “The Horn Blows at Midnight” (the movie) but I loved the radio production and I’m always pleased as punch when Greg airs it. I haven’t listened to “Baldpate” – don’t know how good or bad it is (but from what I’ve read, I haven’t missed much).

  4. The Johnny Dollar marathon this week( Plantagenet Matter) was one of the best I’ve heard–thanks! BTW, your Dad picked some great shows for Father’s Day–my Dad would have really enjoyed them. I’ll be tuning in…

  5. Hi Greg,
    I have been restoring old radio’s while listening to your XM channel 164 for a number of years. Johnny Dollar is my favorite. Keep them coming. I missed them as a kid when I was young. It is really great to listen to old the radio programs at this point in my life.

    Thanks for your station,
    Bob Horace

  6. How nice to see that fantastic pic of one of my radio heartthrobs, John Dehner. What a pleasant surprise. I’m still unable to listen – we have the new receiver. We have a new antenna. But now the new receiver isn’t working right. is this God’s way of punishing me? If so, I don’t know for what and I sure do miss MY station. It isn’t for lack of trying, believe me. Between Dad, who is as stubborn as the day is long (I say this fondly even if it is irritating) and won’t call the Geek Squad to help us, and me, the most technically challenged person on this planet, we may never get our XM Sirius fixed. I think we may have to put the antenna outside the house. It’ll look like a transmitter for signals from Jupiter! But I don’t CARE! I WANT MY RADIO BACK!
    I’m looking forward to 2 things: I can’t wait to hear EARTH ABIDES again and I can’t wait to see what programs Greg will air to honor his Dad. I still have a list of thd ones he played for his dad last year.

    1. You gotta get back with us! Even if ya need to sit on the front stoop with your radio facing south or hang out at the auto audio section of Best Buy!

      My father picked the following this year;

      Frontier Gentleman – Belljoy’s Prisoner – 6/8/58
      (John Dehner plays both J.B. Kendall and Sheriff Belljoy)
      The Six Shooter – Thicker Than Water – 3/14/54
      (Gambler father and his estranged son (only repeat from last year.)
      An American Gallery – Westward, The Painter – 1961?
      (The story of Western painter and sculptor Frederic Remington as played by Richard Widmark.)
      Suspense – 2/11/62 – The Man Who Went Back to Save Lincoln
      (you know, since Dad and I are from the Land of Lincoln.)

      It debuts on Father’s Day at 2pm ET

    2. You have a very interesting problem. I have an XM Radio boombox and I get signal anywhere in my home, including closets (as long as the antenna is pointing south). Sounds like an antenna problem. Check the antenna in plug on the receiver base, there is a small prong in the middle of the jack, if that is missing then that could be your problem. If not then Dad’s gonna have to eat his pride and give Tech Support a call. I believe your Dad is a lot like me…use the instruction manual when all else fails!

    3. @MISSGBMOO: I’ve had similar antenna problems but found that moving it even the tiniest bit can bring the channel in clearly. Now that I’ve marked the “spot,” I find myself hitting the mute button on my 42″ plasma so I can listen to Radio Classics! Not only does it get me off the couch but I get so much more done around the house–ha–don’t give up!!!

    4. I’m replying to myself – that’s not a good sign, is it? Seriously, there is good news – Dad fixed the radio. It’s not 100 percent yet but at least I can get the station on my radio in MY BEDROOM. Which means I probably can go back to listening through the night. the only glitch now is the station comes in and out but it’s not bad and I can probably adjust the little antenna. I’ll let you know when it’s 100 percent. I was hoping I’d get something soon – especially starting tomorrow because Greg is honoring his dad with his dad’s pick of favorite shows. I love it that Greg does that. I also really appreciate the John Dehner pic (I KNOW I mentioned that before), the Our Miss Brooks episodes and the tribute to Himan Brown. Greg, you really are the GREATEST!
      Right now, I’m listneing to the “new” “Inner Sanctum” (guaranteed 2 bodies per episode). He’s just murdered his wife and yet it didn’t sound like a gunshot at all. Just a ‘click.’ What kind of gunshot is that? I want a BANG! A BLAST! A BOOM! This one sounds like a wet capgun! Oh well – maybe Himan was having an off day. Happy father’s Day, Greg – I nearly forgot, YOU’RE a dad, too … you probably have the 2nd cutest 2 daughters on Earth. (My dad had the 1st two – Practice … that’s my sister, Robin, and Perfect … that’s ME!

  7. Hi Greg! Again, new to the blog, LOVE XM 164! Where does your show originate from? Where is its “home”?

    1. XM Radio is based in Washington DC, Sirius is based in New York City. I work in DC.


  8. Greg, I’ve got a couple questions for you. Two weeks ago you played the only Perry Mason in your library, however I don’t think you mentioned the name of the narrator for the episode. It really sounded like Johnny Carson to me. Could it be? My other question is about Jerry Hausner that appears in different radio shows from time to time; is he the same Jerry Hausner that played Ricky’s agent on I Love Lucy? My husband and I really enjoy your work.

  9. Inner Sanctum, another favorite of mine since I am a suspense/mystery lover. I am looking forward to the 2 hour tribute.

    1. I like Suspense better than Inner Sanctum. Hey, Lana, did you know there are Inner Sanctum books? I have one and I’ll bet if you go to http://www.alibris.com and type in “Inner Sanctum,” you’ll find some IS gems.
      I LOVED Himan Brown. I have a picture of him. I did a telephone interview of him — I used to cover radio for the Asbury Park Press (before they discovered I couldn’t write — after 10 years1). He was a nice enough man but I’m still mad at him because he wouldn’t give Greg the OK to air the best suspense show of all — CBS Radio Mystery Theatre — on XM/Sirius. I think you can hear it through the cmputer. I’m NOT trying to encourage you to stop listening to our beloved Greg but you cant’ listen to CBSRMYT on XM yet. Gotta go. More later. Happy Father’s Day to your father.

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