June 20th to June 26th 2010 Radio Classics Schedule

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Father’s Day kicks off the week, so as it an annual tradition; my father once again gets his own two hour special to select his favorites. This year he offers up episodes of Frontier Gentleman, The Six Shooter, An American Gallery (a biography of artist Frederic Remington as voiced by Richard Widmark) and Suspense (The Man Who Went Back To Save Lincoln.)

We also have Father’s Day comedies from Jack Benny, Red Skelton, The Life of Riley and Father Knows Best

Another annual tradition, the birthday of Phil Harris brings back to back “new to the channel” episodes of The Phil Harris & Alice Faye Program was well as an encore of “Death On My Hands” – the 1951 Suspense episode with Phil & Alice playing it straight.

Other birthday celebrations; Errol Flynn on Lux Radio Theatre, Paul Frees in Escape, The Green Lama, and The Black Book; Mary Livingstone on The Jack Benny Program; Jack Moyles on Rocky Jordan & Jack Dempsey on Dunninger, The Master Mentalist.

Other “new to the channel” offerings from The Line-Up, The Sealed Book, Bergen & McCarthy, Vic & Sade, Our Miss Brooks and The Third Man.


Dan Bell (Cowboy Music Performer)

13 thoughts on “June 20th to June 26th 2010 Radio Classics Schedule”

  1. Dan Bell — cowboy music performer … and more importantly, Greg Bell’s DAD! ūüôā

  2. Thank you, dear Greg, for calling Joan Benny Jack’s daughter instead of his adopted daughter. I bring this up because in his/her book “Sunday Nights at 7,” Joan says how upset she was when she saw something like (I’m paraphrasing) this in the NY Times obit on Jack: “Jack Benny is survived by his wife, Mary Livingston, and his adopted daughter…” She was upset because adding the word “adopted” somehow made it seem like she wasn’t REALLY their daughter. Jack and Mary got Joan when she was an infant so, as far as anyone is concerned, she was their daughter, no matter how she got to them. I realize, having been in the business, the paper was striving for accuracy and technically, they’re right – Joan was adopted. But, as I said, the inference was there – an inference of 2nd class citizenship that neither she nor her parents deserved.

  3. Great selection of programs, my Dad loved Jack Benny. Wish my Dad was still here,miss him.

    1. I’m sorry you lost your father and I understand how you feel completely — I lost my mom in 1991 and I still miss her terribly. Sometimes, it seems like yesterday since she died; other times, it’s almost as if she went away longer than 19 years ago.

  4. When I listen to Life of Riley I think of my father. He and William Bendix looked so much alike they could have been twins. Of course, one was born in New York and the other in Alabama, but other than that….

  5. I’m starting to like “The Saint,” it’s taking me time though, to get the image of Vincent “Mr. Horror Movie” Price out of my head. Hard to believe of a young, debonair Price, who teenagers swoon over.

  6. 164 has been breaking up with the robot voice coming in on the fades since yesterday for me. I listened to the world cup with no problem, earlier. Frustrating.

    Happy Father’s Day everyone!

    1. about big fan’s Q on Johnny Dollar june 10th & greg reply. when i went to OTR program listings database. they just hit me with a $20 CD price & no data.
    2. not a particular Dollar fan, myself & the old folks in my old time radio classes don’t recall him. i wonder what his popularity really was?
    3. consider this about your program shedules, greg, i find it hard taking in the data for a whole week. my trick is usually look at at shows from 12 noon to mid-nite, sun mon & tues that section should include all new blocks for the week [18]
    4. my sugestion if you can number those 18 blocks 1-18. then easy find repeats

      1. I found no pictures of Jay Novello except on a CD cover from radio spirits. Hard man to track down….Almost the same thing with jack Moyles…where do you find them?

  8. Do you have any more episodes of Dr. Kildare, The Big Story, and The Thin Man. I enjoyed the last ones that were aired.

    Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers.

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