June 27th to July 3rd 2010 Radio Classics Schedule

As usual, if you haven’t grabbed the new schedule click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules NOTE: You can go directly to that link as early as Monday to get the schedule earlier. It is usually added there on Monday or Tuesday.

Werewolves, Mentalists, Saboteurs; Clowns and Strangers On A Train. Just a typical week on RadioClassics. Here are some of the highlights – new episodes from Escape, Jack Benny, Nick Carter, Phil Harris & Alice Faye, The Falcon, Suspense, Our Miss Brooks, Dr. Kildare and Dunninger: The Master Mentalist to name just a few.

We are bringing back Lux Radio Theatre’s hour-long version of Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller, “Strangers On A Train”; marking the 70th anniversary of the debut of The Quiz Kids; celebrating birthdays of Olivia de Havilland, Dorothy Kilgallen, Farley Granger and Ed Gardner.

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  1. I don’t remember if it was this week or last, but I got a great laugh when a program began and the sponsor was prunes! Constipation, or irregularity, apparently was a serious problem in the OTR days…take a look at old magazine ads and discover a world of irregularity, body odor and bad breath.

  2. Thanks Greg, for the quick fix. I prefer the excel version of the schedules. It was very odd to see the excel schedule with Easter programs on it, and then discover it was dated April.

    Good line-up for next week. I am enjoying the Kildare episodes. I wonder if there were other medical related shows way back when…

  3. MissGBMoo…

    DELIGHTED you are once again able to hear Channel 164 Loud
    and Clear. It is not a real Art Linkletter-style “House Party”
    without your active presence.

    The commercials on these channels are a big reason we still
    have Old Time radio around, post-Merger. Dozens of other
    channels simply disappeared.

    Because (1) “Our” channels generate income, and (2) the
    Unbelievable work ethic of Greg Bell that (3) we are still in

    Please compare the few commecials we hear on 164 with
    the mind-numbing ads (5 or 6 in a row) on the traditional
    commercial radio outlets.

    Happy Summer to all the Regulars here from Sunny
    San Diego, California.

    1. Hey JimInSanDiego!…What radio stations are you listening to? We’d love to hear only 5 or 6 commercials during a break! Here in East KY, our radio stations should announce “All commercials all the time, with no musical interruptions!” One of the big ad’s in this area has a person asking how much it costs to listen to your station, an obvious slap toward XM. My response is that I’ll just bet the ones involved with this ad go home after work, click on the T.V. and watch cable or satellite. For those who may not be aware, especially in the Appalachians, is that television, like local radio, is free! I have XM because I don’t want to listen to Kenny Chesney all the time, with no musical interruptions! (I’m not a Chesney hater, just a person can handle only so much after a while!)

  4. The entertainers of yester-year simply had more class. Sure, they had their personal problems going on, but they did not act outrageous as the entertainers these days do.

    Maybe that is why fans like myself enjoy this channel so much. They truely were heros to us, not Michael Jackson etc…

  5. All the current ads for various products do get annoying, but there are occasional older “vintage” ads that are really fun to listen too. Any chance of hearing more of them Greg? They are like a view into the past when combined with the programing. In any case, I will be listening in spite of the annoying ads!

  6. Well, Lana, while I totally agree with your assessment of a large swath of the entertainment scene’s participants, there are an equal, if not greater, number of very, very classless men out there displaying thier disgusting selves as well.

  7. I still find it strange that we have commercials since we pay for the subscription. Since the merger, I think they found ways to insert commercials on many more channels. Then you have TV commercials for car sales announcing commercial free sirrus/Xm. That is false advertisement.

    A lot of classy ladies coming up next week. Wish some of the young female entertainers of today would use these classy ladies for role models. Instead we see Lady Gaga exposing what she can get away with all over the place.

    I am not being prudish, I just think it shows their immaturity because they feel they cannot seek fame any other way.

    Anyone agree?????

    1. I agree with you 100 percent on both issues – the commercial-less commercial radio stations and the way women act and treat themselves these days. I could go on for 30 years about the wherefores and whys of this but I don’t want to put people to sleep. Suffice it to say it really doesn’t matter what Lady GaGa does – or any other person for that matter. All that matters is what you think of yourself – as my Dad once said, “YOU know the truth (of whatever the issue is) – that’s all that matters.” I’ve never forgotten that. The only thing that worries me about our adulation of people like Ms. GaGa, Michael Jackson ((was he a man or a woman? I couldn’t tell – he wore more lipstick than II ever have) is what our children will learn about themselves and the society in which they’re living. If they have good parents, they’ll be OK. Otherwise …
      The other “lie” we were told RE: XM/Sirius isn’t actually a lie but rather something we’re not told unless we have to replace our receivers: TECHNICALLY, it’s now illegal to listen to it in the home (broadcast stations complained loudly and vociferously about satellite radio interfering with broadcast transmission. The people who developed XM Sirius should have used a different band width so this wouldn’t happen. Now the listener is being punished and it’s not right). In order to listen at home now, you have to do all kinds of antenna buying and adjusting. They don’t tell you this when you renew because they know you won’t renew. I’m STILL having trouble getting my radio back, ever since our receiver burned out. So it pays to “let the buyer beware.” I’m NOT giving up – we’ve renewed for 2 years but I miss listening to MY station.

      1. One more thing on the commercials. I haven’t heard them on OUR station but a broadcast station to which I now listen plays commercials for “male enhancement” products used to treat ED and PE. I’m not a prude either but I feel strongly that these ads should not air on radio OR television. These are personal, private issues between the sufferer, his wife and his doctor. I do NOT want to hear these ads. Oh, I’m sure I could fill out a complaint form and send it to the FCC but they’ll cry “FREE SPEECH.” People say “turn it off” when those ads come and, believe me, I do. But it’s the principal of the thing – it’s just not right. I don’t like ads for feminine sanitary products or feminine “monthly ills” either – just to be fair. But the ads for ED and PE are particularly offensive. One of those ED/PE ads is playing right now and, trust me, there is NO doubt what is being sold. I mean “size does matter” tells me all I need to know …

      2. I did not know it was “illegal” to listen to satellite radio at home. I decided about a year ago that I was sick of the junk on tv, so I got rid of my tv, got on XM, and now very gratefully listen to XM on my home stereo system instead of watching tv. Best decision I ever made. I don’t mind the commercials too much, I gotten very good at timing when to come back to Radio Classics! Maybe, if commercial radio wasn’t so awful, they wouldn’t have to worry about losing listeners — it’s nothing but terrible music, and equally terrible talk shows — yuck!

    2. Duffy’s corner
      1. i hate all the blogbitchers, who constantly whine & pick about everything under the sun and help create a negitive world.
      2. i love matthew’s response of chucking the tv and going full-time satelite.that is so cool.
      3. i’m old enough to realize the nonsense on tv & comerical radio caters to the lowest…
      4. this little oasis of old time radio is a blessing & if comericals are needed to keep it going, that’s fine with me
      5. i’ve got choices right now & i love the choices i’ve made!

      1. Matt – I don’t think anyone will come in the middle of the night to arrest you or me for listening to XM in our homes; the gentleman who sold me the antenna I had to purchase to go with the new receiver told me about the legal status of XM Sirius. I think they put the cart before the horse — they allowed XM Sirius to operate THEN they found out there was a problem between the satellite band and the broadband (or whatever) used by broadcast stations. The powers that be don’t mind if you use XM Sirius in your car – you’re driving all over the place – how could they possibly “get” you? The home is a stationary thing so this could cause problems in transmission and reception. I plan to write to the FCC to find out exactly what we can and cannot do and proceed from there. I’m STILL having trouble with my reception; I can get all the other stations but the station I want – Ch. 164 – comes in an dout – you get a second “in” and another secnd out. It’s impossible to listen to it. I may have to call XM Sirius again (and wait till they transfer me to someone in the Caribbean with an accent thicker than molasses to help me … that’s OK – they usually are very helpful). Duffy is right – instead of merely complaining, I’m trying to solve this problem but it’s complicated and tricky and it’s taking me FOREVER.

    3. I wish the commercials would go away too but at least they are at the end of the show and even Cable TV has commercials too. I turn my radio on about 1 hour before I start to listen and then rewind. When a show ends I fast forward to the next show and skipp the commercials.

  8. Thanks, TBT…I’ve been doing both the exact same way (since the 70s!), but I kinda liked the old-time filler tunes between programs on 118 before the merge — and we do pay a subscription fee after all. But, thankfully, the plug bug hasn’t hit the three classical stations yet!

  9. So, as a long time pre-merger listener, I’ve been meaning to ask: why the ever-repeatingly annoying 1-800 commercials? If that’s the price for an increased library, I guess that’s somewhat understandable, but there seemed to be a pretty good variety of selections before the advent of these adverts…thanks!

    1. You are right, there are a lot of 1-800 commercials. They help pay the bills to keep this great channel on the air. Just do what a whole lot of other people do, ignore them, or change to another station. I have not watched a commercial on TV or listened to one on the radio for years. Being a little hard of hearing also helps.

    2. I was fortunate enough to receive a Sirius Stiletto Radio that allows me to record shows. Once I get the new schedule, I program in the shows I want and then listen to them when it’s convenient. What’s really great about this, is that I’m able to pause, rewind and the best part, fast forward through all the commercials.

    3. What’s worse, virtually all of the ads are aimed at a US market, so those of us who live north of the border have to suffer through these things which have no relevance whatsoever.

      1. Those commericals have no relevance south of Canada either! But, the only product I have purchased after hearing a commercial on XM is a food additive that reduces pet hair loss. Great stuff and helps our dog!

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