July 4th to July 10th 2010 Radio Classics Schedule

As usual, if you haven’t grabbed the new schedule click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules NOTE: You can go directly to that link as early as Monday to get the schedule earlier. It is usually added there on Monday or Tuesday.

Here’s what’s on tap; a patriotic Super 4th Man of Steel Marathon; Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar and “The Fathom Five Matter”;  two-hour Escape special marking the series anniversary and featuring “Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge”; birthday week tributes to Gloria Stuart, George W. Trendle, Glenn Langan, Graham McNamee & Milton Berle.


15 thoughts on “July 4th to July 10th 2010 Radio Classics Schedule”

  1. I don’t know who Bart Taylor is but if Greg asked him to do the relief work while he and the family take some time off, then it’s OK with me.
    We shall miss you, Greg, but you need to take time off with your family. There’s NOTHING more important than “Mrs. Greg” and the “Greglettes.” I hope y’all have a terrific time.

    1. Bart is the second most common voice on the channel (not counting the original stars of course.) He is my top production guy and also is heard on many other channels at Sirius XM including Willie’s Place, the golf and baseball channels. 8 years ago, it was just Bart and me in a production room mapping out RadioClassics starting from scratch.

      He is also always one of my foursome on the golf course.

      See ya on the 18th


  2. Hi Miss G,
    I read your comment regarding July 5th b-days. Just think, those lucky dogs get Xmas presents twice a year. You must be Catholic to have as much patience as you do with your XM radio illnesses. Good luck to you.

    I am really enjoying the Dr. Kildare stories. I did not think that they would become a favorite of mine, but they have captured my attention a great deal. I hope that you can dig up more episodes. Are there any other classic radio programs featuring medical situations?

    1. You must bring me luck, Lana! I’m LISTENING TO BIll Stern’s SPorts Report! I adjusted the little antenna – lay it flat and put the wire behind a giant plastic thumbtack and … it’s working! Now I have to see if it will work in my bedroom. It won’t come in on the tiny radio on my bed table so I’ll just have to use the big radio across the room from my overloaded bed (it looks like Oscar Madison’s bed). But that’s better than nothing. I want to enjoy Christmas in July and I’m waiting with BAITED BREATH for “Earth Abides.” Greg said he has an interview with Peggy Webber, who will reveal some “secrets” about one of my 3 radio heartthrobs, “Mr.” John Dehner (my other 2 are William Conrad and Orson Welles).

  3. Hi, Gang! Please take a sneak peek at next week’s sked … CHRISTMAS IN JULY! I love that. Now I’ll work twice as hard to get my radio fixed. i have to call XM tonight because all the otehr stations come in beautifully; only the station that matters still skips ever other second. I think there’s something wrong with the satellite.
    Anyway, it was 1000 degrees in the shade and I sweat like a pig (yeah, I know, pigs don’t sweat but …. ) even indoors with air conditioning and I tried not to complain. As a good (well, that’s a relative term) old-fashioned Catholic girl, I offered up my sweat. And every time I was tempted to complain, I remembered our troops who put up with this kind of heat every single day in Iraq and Afghanistan. But it was so nice to come home (mentally, it’s still Monday…) and find the July 11 sked with CIJ!!! I know lotw of folks don’t care for it but remember how ‘cool’ it will make you feel (if you live in climbs where you get snow and cold weather in December).
    So thank you, Greg, for your work. You’re amazing – now you’re doing books on tape (CD?) and interviews with great radio people. I think you alone will keep Old Time (Classic) Radio Alive and Well! THANK YOU AGAIN. 🙂 🙂 😉

  4. As always, thank you for the YTJD marathon, it was a good one this week. I don’t know why I enjoy Johnny Dollar so much, it just has a great, contemporary feel to it, and I love the music on the series — plus, Bob Bailey is great as the character. Keep ’em coming!

    1. last week’s tribute to dorothy killgallan was especially enjoyed. that duninger, the mentalist was strange but interesting.
    2. this week looking forward to 2 episodes of behind the mike.
    3. did’nt Mcnutley’s wife sound a little like lucy? good show never heard of it before.

  6. Uncle Miltie was King of TV when we got our first set in the early 1950s. He especially like to wear a dress, a wig and a big hat. Lots of laughs. The radio show reminds me of what he did on TV. But, he didn’t survive as audience tastes changed. He did a good job in the movie “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad Mad World” where he played the henpecked son-in-law and battled Terry-Thomas.

  7. Happy 100th Birthday Gloria Stuart, another lovely woman. I thought that I recognized her in the second picture from the movie TITANIC. I was right.

    Happy 4th of July to all of you. We will be celebrating my son’s birthday on the 4th even though he was born on July 5th. He was almost a firecracker baby.

    1. Gloria Stuart is what made “Titanic” watchable. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Miss Stuart. Here’s a wee bit o’ trivia for you. In the movie “My Favorite Year,” Peter O’Toole’s character and his protege, Benjie, go to a restaurant for dinner. A gentleman comes up to him and says his wife is a big fan of his and would he please stop at their table to say hello. Peter O’Toole (as Alan Swan) comes over and asks “the fair Anne” to dance with him. “The fair Anne” was … Gloria Stuart.
      Your son was a Post Firecracker baby. And is the 4th person I know of born on the 5th of July! So that seems to be a popular day.

  8. 2nd your Motion, Nascargirl ! XMAS in July is Tops,
    and a Greg Bell innovation.

    Thanks to Greg for “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”,
    Ambrose Bierce’s masterpiece. It could be the best
    American short story ever written.

  9. Are you going to have “Christmas in July” this year? If so when? I love Christmas and look forward to your “Christmas in July” scheduling every year!! Thanks for doing such a great job!! Tammy

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