July 11th to July 17th 2010 Radio Classics Schedule

As usual, if you haven’t grabbed the new schedule click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules NOTE: You can go directly to that link as early as Monday to get the schedule earlier. It is usually added there on Monday or Tuesday.

It’s Christmas In July an annual tradition where we take great holiday drama and comedy episodes and then feature them for an entire week as a way to cool off the summer a little bit. Every series broadcast from the 11th to the 17th of July will be from Christmastime. But don’t be deceived, that aren’t all full of holiday cheer, some are quite dark and even violent. Then again most will hopefully put a smile on your face.

This year, Bart Taylor has kindly agreed to fill-in for me as I depart for a family vacation.

Meanwhile; annual highlights on Radio Classics include versions of both ” It’s A Wonderful Life” and “Miracle on 34th Street” as well as Ronald Colman as Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol.” Speaking of that Dickens’ holiday classic story, we also will play various versions of it including ones from The Six Shooter, Duffy’s Tavern and Richard Diamond, Private Detective.


40 thoughts on “July 11th to July 17th 2010 Radio Classics Schedule”

  1. Thank goodness for Sirius having been a member for 10 years. I cant remember the last time I listened to commercial am/fm radio. As far as Gregs Christmas Programs, get over it…..its only 1 week and it came at the right time, here in the NE the weather has been brutal – a little Christmas did alot of good.

  2. I’m a fairly new listener and not a big fan of Christmas in July; the first few days were okay but today I actually ::::gasp:::: changed the channel. However, I am not the only person who enjoys the channel and realized many others like the Christmas specials aired this week. Furthermore, I think Greg does a great job and believe he seeks to please as many people as possible–a daunting task. I do miss listening though and will eagerly await the schedule change on Sunday morning! Hope you’re having a great vacation Greg…

  3. Will, I have no problem with anyone voicing their opinion, I did it myself with my dislike of Christmas in July, but my problem is with people that think Greg has “an agenda” or is “tone deaf” or programs only to his liking. It’s a personal attack and I feel it has no business here. But this is the internet and people can easily hide behind the keyboard and say things they would never say in real life.

    1. Please, no more Christmas in July!! A couple days might be ok, but a whole week is a killer!

    2. I agree wholeheartedly Matt..Think of the 50-51 weeks that Greg programs non Christmas..You dont see this kind of criticism of him..The “being person al” is uncalled ffor..

  4. When I first heard CHRISTMAS IN JULY a few years ago,I thought WHAT A STUPID IDEA. But after awhile it grew on me. I really enjoyed the CHRISTMAS GOATS,had me laughing while stuck in traffic,sure eased my anger.
    I do agree that last years idea of having some NON Christmas related shows played should have been done again.

  5. Matt, this is America and just because we voice our opinion about a product we pay for does not mean we don’t appreaciate the work Greg does. Also the comment I posted about commercials was directed to XM.

  6. Tell Greg that these days you are lucky to make 50 percent happy. I love the christmas in July. Just because you hear the same shows sometimes, how many reruns do you watch on tv. Just remember Greg you normally in this world you only hear from people who are complaining. Good job!!!! Keep up the good format, I love the comedies, they remind me that funny does not have to be trashy or mean!!!

    1. Folks..Its only 7 days..One week..I for one absolutely love Christmas In July..While there is certainly a right to complain, I think It takes away from the fun and memories that OTR gives..I also love the comedies..Hate the negativity that always seems to come from this week..Not necessary in may opinion..

  7. enough enough – Christmas in July is horrible. Once a year at Christmas time is more than enough.

  8. This is an amazing week of posts. I am at a loss to understand all of the negativity.

    Many of us have been posting for a long time and have voiced our opinions on many subjects. I do harken back to the days where we discussed shows, actors, technology (new: to restore these shows and old: things people used to make these shows), and the staying power of themes of these great shows.

    We never agreed we liked everything that was played and some postings even took offense to the ‘overtones’ and messages of some of the shows. Remember the Batman episodes and the terms Robin used for the villians?

    A few weeks ago the subject of the whole week was the commercials. Some people would even say Greg was being held accountable for the commercials. Write to XM not Greg on this issue….XM has bills to pay. Be thankful that Greg had the power to move the commercials to the end of the episodes. Remember when the commercails were in the middle of the episodes?

    I do not know Greg. I have never met Greg. I appreciate the work he does, the passion he has for this media, and his willingness to do all of the research and share it with us.

    I have given my opinions but I have never expected the station to change for me. I read the posts everyday and sometimes I chime in and sometimes I don’t.

    All I know is I love this station and I supplement it with Book Radio and Jim French Productions on XM163 when the programming does not suit my tastes for a day or week. I am in my car for 600+ miles every week and I listen everyday. Yes, I record the shows I want and listen to the recordings as the week progresses so I do not listen live much anymore.

    As for Greg’s attention to these posts and emails I have always found him very prompt at responding to the emails. I think he stays out of the comments forum because his comments are found during the week on the air.

    The man owes me nothing and he gives me the world.

  9. I agree, I dislike the Christmas program tremendously. It has it’s place, in December not July. Two years ago there was a compromise in which some of the shows were Christmas themed and some were not and I don’t understand why this was abandoned for this year and last.

    With that said, all you people taking shots at Greg need to go away, far away. Greg works hard to give us what we want. You can tell from the comments here that he often programs in regards to many of our likes (I.E. Johnny Dollar marathons).

    Enjoy the vaca Greg, you deserve 20 weeks off in a row, but we’d miss you too much. And we can agree to disagree on the Christmas humbug in July.,

  10. No wonder Lamont Cranston likes to “disappear” from time to time,
    just to get away from the serial condescension.

    It took the “we hate Christmas” critics a couple of weeks to get
    organized this time. Are they the same ones who recently
    complained about too much comedy programming, and who
    begrudge Greg taking his WELL-EARNED Summer vacation?

    Without Greg’s incredible work ethic, and never-say-die ethos,
    this channel and the future of Old Time radio might have been
    finished a year ago…plenty of knowledgeable people predicted
    just that…but Greg Bell would not let it happen.

    Be grateful to Greg. He deserves to enjoy this job and to find
    some appreciation and respect here.

    1. Jim-I think you’ve misunderstood. We do appreciate Greg and his work and begrudge no vacations and actually find the guest hosts refreshing. But the real star at XM164 is OTR and because of that we get concerned about programming decisions that may effect the staying power of this format.

      And yes, old time comedy, unlike old time drama, does get stale and jokes and schtick the second (and third and fifth!) time around lacks its punch and if many of us are tuning it out and going to the other OTR resources that exist, that is not a wise plan. All we’re asking, in any event, is that there be a great reduction in the comedy relative to the rest of the programming. And Christmas twice a year, given that Christmas now is marketed to us in our general culture, the day after Halloween with those same carols etc. is just too much–so we’re right to speak up because it comes form a place of care about this very American art form of Old Radio.

      And the fact is we do pay for XM so it seems to me we do get to voice our real frustrations. And Greg does seem unresponsive or let me amend that–does seem only defensive. And believe me, there is no coordination between us–that’s very funny. It’s all spontaneous and what brings us out is the boring treacle of Christmas in July. We want, and hope and wish that the station will always do well.

      1. I agree. I wouldn’t mind the Christmas in July if it was shows I had not heard the year before. Did each show only make 1 Chritmas show. JimInSanDiego complains about so many posts. Just let us have a opinion too.

    2. For the record, I am second to no one in my appreciation for, admiration of, and respect for Greg. I am glad he can get away with his family during the summer. He works hard putting on the schedule.

      I think Bart Taylor has a wonderfully rich baritone voice.

      I love the comedies…maybe excepting Burns and Allen.

      As a consumer of 164 I think Christmas in July covers too many days.

      My position is simple, clear and without rancor.

  11. MargoLane–Just fyi–left a comment for you down the thread only to notice after posting that you were taking off for the week.

    I have a standing vote in to Greg to please stop doing Christmas in July. Choked it down the first year, but year after year, is clearly too much. In addition, “artistically” these are often the weakest shows since the writers felt constrained to manage the Christmas assignment. They’re so predictable and it’s a shame to have two whole weeks devoted to the least best OTR shows.

    Better for Greg to run two weeks a year of The Best Of, rather than this. There are lots of solutions if he would program with more creativity.

  12. I don’t mind Christmas in July; it’s so unusual! I don’t even mind that Greg programs the same episodes each CIJ.
    They’re playing the Frank Sinatra one and they just mentioned the hospital at Great Lakes Naval Station. Well, my grandfather, Navy Capt. John L. Frazer, MC (Medical Corps), was the commanding officer of this splendid hospital. I was stationed at Great Lakes for my annual 2-weeks Navy active duty in the early 1990s and I asked about “Granddaddy.” Turns out his picture was in 3 different places – including the captain’s conference room. The secretary showed me that picture and yes, I cried. She understood. Funny story: All the captains and admirals were in blues or dress whites for these gallery pix – except Granddaddy. He was in khaki. It’s like he was saying, “Look, I’ll have this picture taken but I’m working and I’ll be damned if I’m going to change; I need to get back to the boys.” He was that kinda guy. One night, he was Officer of the Deck in the hospital (not sure where) and a sailor went bonkers, jumped out of his top rack and landed squarely on Grand, dislocating his shoulder. Having had shoulder problems, I know how much that hurts. But instead of getting upset, he looked around and the first thing he said was “That poor b—ard!”
    I digress and I hope you don’t mind that I shared these stories of my grandfather. Just hearing the phrase “Great Lakes Naval Hospital” on this CIJ episode brings back all those memories of my grandfather. What a fine man he was. Thanks, Greg! 🙂

    1. Jack Benny did his US Navy basic training at Great Lakes
      in WWI. And so did my Father prepping for WWII. Lots
      of great traditions there…. congratulations on your family’s
      service to our country. Delighted you are able to hear
      XM 164 again.

  13. As with anything else in this world…you can’t please everyone all the time.

    It’s one week in July and one in December. I won’t cast a vote either way but I will say we have choices.

    For those of us that can record we can listen to other things. I was on vacation for 10 days and did not listen to any OTR but recorded my usual fair and actually used up all of my recording space so I am fine.

    I do wonder if some of the shows that had longer runs have multiple Christmas shows.

    If you harken back to 2004 and earlier Greg does have a much larger library available now.

    I just wish we could get the Masked Man and Sargent Preston back.

    1. Also remember the poll I did on the old blog site for locations of those of us who post on Greg’s site.

      There are only 24 people who post on a regular (4 times a month) basis.

  14. I am sure there are many listeners that do not care for the Christmas in July idea but remain silent for the people who do like it. I would have thought that next week would be the holiday episode specials instead of this week. Thank goodness it only lasts one week. I can deal with it. Most of the episodes are the same ones we hear every July and every December. Maybe that is why we dread it so much.

    1. Maybe instead of the week being entirely comprised of xmas programs they could be scattered throughout the week?

    2. You make a good point, Lana. But my guess is, most people who don’t enjoy this July programming don’t think voicing their opinion will make any difference. And why would they? Greg has known for years that there are an abundant amount of paying subscribers who object to this programming every July and yet he consistently ignores this segment of subscribers year after year without considering any sort of compromise. Oh well, guess there are just some instances when compromise doesn’t count for squat anymore in this world. See you all next week and thanks for the discussion!

      1. MargoLane-
        So glad you described the problem as Greg’s tone deafness. After refusing any compromise at all, it almost feels like he has an agenda about the content. There are listeners from all over the world I assume–Jewish, secular, or who other wise are even offended by this hyped up religio/sentimental narrow approach to Christmas. I’m glad there’s at least a guest host because hearing Greg be smug about it on top of the tedious programming would be even more nonentertaining. Sorry if I sound too negative–I have communicated privately with Greg about it. And here as well last year, but have finally left the blog. I too am a subscriber and didn’t know I was signing on to a private fiefdom in order to hear the many brilliantly produced OTR shows. There must be a more creative ways for Greg to stretch his limited library–many more interesting “themes” he could try out.

  15. Well, here we go again. The one week Greg abandons half his listeners and then flies the coop himself. I wonder if XM will subtract a week’s worth of subscription payments from my account each year? Doubt it. At the very least, Christmas in July could alternate years. You see Virginia, there really is a way to compromise. And don’t think for a minute that just because the majority of blog visitors enjoy this week, that ALL the listeners love it too. I’m just one of the few brave enough to risk being personally taunted and berated to voice my opinion.

    1. Dear MargoLane, I agree with you. But, as I have said before, I have baseball to console me during the coming week. A week is a long time and I could go for one day, say July 25, for Christmas shows. I’ve heard the Dragnet “.22 Rifle for Christmas” show so many times I know the script pretty well.

      If they taunt you, MargoLane, they taunt me as well. I’ll stand by you!

      1. Hey Don, thanks for your support! Lucky you with baseball…I’m a hockey fan myself so I just more work done in the garden in a week than usual ;o) The July 25th idea is a good one. See, there’s always a compromise! Have a great week.

  16. You know what, Michael? I’D love to fill in, too. What a neat thing — Greg should have guest hosts! We could transmit from home, thus saving XM $$$$. I used to know a gentleman who did that – he’d transmit from his home in Maryland and the transmission – I believe it’s called a remote – would air on the local radio station. The show was “Ray Knight with Records” and it was a marvelous show, all about Big Band and jazz music. I taped every episode and I still have the tapes. Can you believe that was 30 years ago? Ray was born in 1923 and smoked like a chimney so he probably is broadcasting from that great Radio Station in the Sky. But boy, did he know music – he gave me a great appreciation for the music of the 40s. But I digress and I apologize. Oooo— Betty Lou just shot her competition on “The Whistler” – Old Sam just slept through the noise of the gunshot. Bet he didn’t really, though … stay tuned, Radio Fans!

    1. My daughter works for a big sports radio station and would love to do something like that but she isn’t into old time radio….I just don’t have the knowledge base that Greg has….

      Want the truth? I’m an engineer and a former musician/sound man…..I just want to get at the equipment and immerse myself in all of the ‘stuff’ Greg has available to him….I promise not to break anything.

      Maybe Greg would let us do a prerecorded intro to a favorite episode or favorite series and send it to him as a MP3….

  17. Hey, Gang! Guess what – I’ve got the radio problem 99 percent fixed. Oh, we still can’t listen downstairs and I can only use the big radio in my bedroom but it’s still better than nothing. I have a radio in every single room in my house except the living room and the “big” dining room. Command Central for my radio setup is in my father’s office. I’m just glad the radio isn’t cutting out every second. That was just a matter of adjusting the little antenna. If anyone so much as sneezes near that thing, I have problems. I’m listening to a particularly good episode of “The Whistler” with Betty Lou Gerson (who I always thought sounds like Anne Baxter – what thinks you all?). I’m happier than a fly on a cow. MOOOOOOOOO 😉

  18. Christmas in July, THANK GOD, maybe the heat wave will finally go away. Have a great vacation Greg. I think next year you should hold a contest to see who will fill in for you on your next vacation. That would be really neat. To be Greg Bell for a week. Food for thought Greg. Have a great vacation my friend.


  19. Michael,

    I bet you would be a great host. I was wondering where you have been. I haven’t heard from you in a while. How do you feel about the Lebron thing. It is sad and my 16 yr old son cried. We are from NE Ohio also. I liked Lebron, but I think it is time for people to realize that he is not a king, just a man, a professional athlete, and nothing more. No one of his stature should have been idolized the way he was. He did not look happy last night and I doubt he will be happy in Miami.

    1. I grew up in New England so I am a Celtics fan. Lebron is about Lebron. Can’t blame him….sports have changed……kids with millions of dollars and inner circles….makes me sick.

      I am around….

      1. You know what bakes my beans, Michael RE: the Lebron James thing? I have nothing against him – he seems like a typical young phenom basketball star. But he’ll make something like $100 million for a five-year contract. I know teachers – those beings who can make or break a person for the rest of that person’s life – make only $25,000 (starting) to $50,000 and more but NEVER will a teacher make $100 million for an entire lifetime of work. And yet some kid who can throw a leather ball into a metal hoop or run down a court while bouncing said leather ball will make $100 million for 5 years work. Something is terribly wrong here. I don’t begrudge the young man’s talent but he hasn’t found the cure for AIDS, cancer or diabetes, he hasn’t solved the problem of war, poverty or the Gulf crisis. So why is he getting $100 million??????? In other words, our priorities are way screwed up.Hopefully, Mr. James will know to keep himself out of trouble and won’t get involved with drugs, “groupies” or whatever fame does to a person. But if he gets in trouble, he’ll get off – he’s a celebrity. Only finally, I think judges are getting wise. But I digress. I reply only to say I agree with you (only I went around the barn to tell you that). 🙂

    2. I guess I should be sad about LeBron James but to tell you the truth, I barely knew who he was before this insanity came about. And I’m like Michael — I’m a Celtics fan anyway. But when I heard a woman say it was the end of life for her, I said to myself “this woman needs to get a LIFE!” Sorry – I think this whole thing has been wildly overdone.

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