July 18th to July 24th Radio Classics Channel Shows

As usual, if you haven’t grabbed the new schedule click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules NOTE: You can go directly to that link as early as Monday to get the schedule earlier. It is usually added there on Monday or Tuesday.

Short and sweet posting this time as I am wrapping up my family vacation. I will be back on the air Sunday the 18th with a week of regular programming featuring a lot of new to the channel offerings. Major thanks to my top production guy and great friend Bart Taylor for filling in for me!

Highlights for the 18th to the 24th include Escape – Operation Fleur de Lys; Pat Novak for Hire – Doreen Wilde; Our Miss Brooks – Custodian of Student Funds; Jack Benny from Fort Meade, Maryland; Dr. Kildare – Barbara Lane, Dope Addict; Nightbeat – The Death of Riley; The Big Story – Case of the Final Curtain; Nick Carter – Corpse In The Cab and many more.

When I am back, I will resume adding photos as well.



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  1. My goodness. So much discussion of Christmas in July that got really heated. There are some interesting tidbits about Christmas in July, which you just have to research. I do understand people who would prefer normal programming. We’re inundated with Christmas stuff as soon as Halloween is over in most places. Nevertheless, I don’t get tired of Jack Benny or Phil Harris Xmas shows whether they’re played in December or July. By the way, the commenter who thinks Lum & Abner are “corn pone”, well that’s the point. Like Scotch, Lum & Abner are an acquired taste.

  2. 2 1/2 year listener of Sirius 118, and devoted to the channel.
    Some favorite’s are : Jack Benny, Fibber McGee & Molly, Dragnet, the ‘detective’s”.
    Sherlock Holmes,Gunsmoke and anything w/ Orson Welles. Kindly put your own faves in, if-ya-wish.

    Bill, Florida

  3. Love the Johnny Dollar this week and the Suspense episodes, too. Spend most of my insomniac nights listening. I even enjoyed the Lum and Abners, which usually bother me. I just get so impatient with them 🙂

    P.S. – People were way harsh about the Christmas week. I’m not a huge fan, but some of the things people said were over the line. There good episodes, I just have a superstition about listening to Christmas shows out of season. I have been raised to not be exposed to Christmas talk, films, or music until the day after Thanksgiving.

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    This site is not a place for political attacks, please find an appropriate site for such things.


    1. Can we please agree to disagree on Christmas in July?????

      And move on?????


      There are some tremendous things to talk about on the topic of OTR….

      As for attacks political, religious, race, and otherwise we need to realize that the some of the shows we enjoy were made in difficult times for this country. Many shows blazed trails and bucked the traditionally accepted norms of times. Arch Obler created a show that dealt with the interments of American citizens of Japanese decent during WWII. Other shows used many terms that are socially unacceptable in today’s age but were perfectly acceptable for many years before and after the original shows were aired.

      I enjoy this blog and the station. We all have different tastes, likes and dislikes, passionate favorites and despised shows/episodes. This is why we have choices among channels, rotating schedules, ‘new to the channel’ episodes and episode storage (1-year in most cases I believe)….

      A lot of people have done monumental work in preserving, restoring, and presenting these shows for satellite radio and other outlets. Let’s celebrate the fact that we have these shows and people who are dedicated to keeping history alive.

      Just think of what people 60 years from now will think of what is available to us in prime time now…..and what those same people will think of OTR when it is 120-years old….

      I step down from my soap box now. I hope to enjoy and share topical OTR ‘conversation’ again soon. Thank you….

      Greg, how about seeing if you can find the 9-part YTJD show? That would fill a 2-hour block….

      1. Once again Michael, very well said. Were you an English major in school? I have refrained on making any comments about CIJ only to say I sit back and enjoy all the shows Greg selects to put on this great channel.

      2. I’m an engineer…but thanks….I just type it fast while it runs through my head…that’s why I apologize for typos and grammar later.

        I just love this channel because it brings me to a time and place I was too young to remember and not even born in most cases.

        I am just a passionate fan who wants this genre to keep going on and on and on…

        I also want to be a guest host!!!!! That is a subtle hint Greg

    2. I wish the posting were in order or would line up better. It is hard to tell which posting this comment is for.

      1. I just click the REPLY under the comment I want to reply to…if I have a new comment I go to the bottom of the page….

  5. What does baffle me is how a program director would stick to choices that make half the community mad at him–and egad!–make half the community mad at the other half! Is it really worth it?

    But it’s clear that OTR is passionately engaged and cared about–either because it touches really deep childhood memories or because it awakens the child in even those who have never heard it before. I think this is what makes programming decisions so visceral for listeners.

    I’m one of those who can’t stand Christmas in July and could do with a lot–I mean a lot– less comedy. And at such times, I confess I’m not going to other XM stations but to OTR online. Also, I can’t overcome the idea that for anyone who is not Christian or Christian in a certain way–the July stuff is beyond boring–it’s pretty alienating. There’s got to be some other programming formula that would allow Greg to take a good vacation and yet, that would not make the community have a rumble!

    Meanwhile, thanks for the pictures and the history notes.

  6. WELCOME BACK, GREG! I really missed you. My radio is working better though still not 100 percent (still can’t get it in my bathroom or bedroom). But at least the radio in Dad’s office, where I am now, works fine. I’m listening to “Inner Sanctum” – guaranteed TWO bodies per episode! I love that!
    I hope you had a wonderful week off with Mrs. Greg and the “Greglettes.” PIX, please, like you did last year (unless you’re apprehensive about having the girls’ pix on the “air” – I can understand that but I admit I’d love to see pix of your family – I know how proud of and grateful to have them you are).
    Only another month till EA and another 4 months till another favorite of mine – “Miracle in the Rain.” That movie is airing soon on Turner Classic Movies.
    Don’t be disheartened by the SCROOGES who don’t like CIJ. I like it. I’m glad to think of the 4 MAJOR snowstorms we had, of “chestnuts roasting on an open fire,” of the fat man sliding through my chimney (actually, squeezing because of all the presents he has for me — yeah, right … ), of making my (late) mother’s World Famous Fruit Salad recipe and even of listening to Handel’s “Messiah” when it’s 1000 degrees in the shade and the AC in my 13-year-old car has broken down… 🙁 But this is for you: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

    1. Now, now, let’s not resort to name calling Miss. Last time I looked, there were more creative ways to express your opinion. I’ve got plenty of Christmas spirit, but unlike the stores, I don’t choose to bring mine out until December. And if Greg didn’t want us expressing our opinion, he wouldn’t have a blog. We ALL get a say here. Funny though, so many disgruntled listeners and Greg hasn’t chimed in yet. Hhhhmmmmmm…….seems to me it’s his programming choices that started this chaos.

  7. Doing some research that I am sure Greg already knows…

    A few months before YTJD show went to the 5-part serial Gerald Mohr audition in August of 1955 and recorded to shows….

    Here is the list I found of YTJD multi part serials….I say that because the next to last on this list had 9 parts..

    55-10-03 The McCormick Matter
    55-10-10 The Molly K Matter
    55-10-17 The Cheasapeake Fraud Matter
    55-10-24 The Alvin Summers Matter
    55-10-31 The Valentine Matter
    55-11-07 The Lorcoe Diamond Matter
    55-11-14 The Broderick Matter
    55-11-21 The Amy Bradshaw Matter
    55-11-28 The Henderson Matter
    55-12-05 The Cronin Matter
    55-12-12 The Lansing Fraud Matter
    55-12-19 The Nick Shurn Matter
    55-12-26 The Forbes Matter
    56-01-02 The Caylin Matter
    56-01-09 The Todd Matter
    56-01-16 The Ricardo Amerigo Matter
    56-01-23 The Duke Red Matter
    56-01-31 The Flight Six Matter
    56-02-06 The McClean Matter
    56-02-13 The QuiBono Matter
    56-02-20 The Bennett Matter
    56-02-27 The Fathom Five Matter
    56-03-05 The Plantagent Matter
    56-03-12 The Clinton Matter
    56-03-19 The Jolly Roger Fraud Matter
    56-03-26 The Lamarr Matter
    56-04-02 The Salt City Matter
    56-04-09 The Laird Douglas Matter
    56-04-16 The Shepperd Matter
    56-04-23 The Lonely Hearts Matter
    56-04-30 The Kaliclese Matter
    56-05-14 Medium Well Done
    56-05-21 The Tears of Night Matter
    56-05-28 Matter of Reasonable Doubt
    56-06-04 Indestructible Mike Matter
    56-06-11 The Laughing Matter
    56-06-18 The Pearling Matter
    56-06-25 The Long Shot Matter
    56-07-02 The Midas Touch Matter
    56-07-09 The Shady Lane Matter
    56-07-16 The Star of Capetown matter
    56-07-23 The Open Town Matter
    56-07-30 The Sea Legs Matter
    56-08-06 The Alder Matter
    56-08-13 The Crystal Lake Matter
    56-08-23 The Cranesburg Matter
    56-09-03 The Curse of Kamashek
    56-09-10 The Confidential Matter
    56-09-17 The Imperfect Alibi Matter
    56-09-24 The Megs Palace Matter
    56-10-01 The Picture Postcard Matter
    56-10-08 The Primrose Matter
    56-10-15 The Phantom Chase Matter (nine parts)
    56-10-29 The Silent Queen Matter

    1. More typos…

      Should have said

      A few months before YTJD show went to the 5-part serials Gerald Mohr auditioned in August of 1955 and recorded two shows….

  8. Dear Greg. It’s a good thing you shake us out of our cozy and comfy little routines once in awhile. Hope you had a great vacation. (Bart did a good job in your absence.) We can all use a little Christmas Spirit to open our hearts so we can be more loving and forgiving. If nothing else, listening to these shows from the forties and fifties reminds us just how much our collective consciousness has changed.

  9. I was very happy to hear Greg back on Saturday night at Midnight! While not a huge fan of Christmas in July I did enjoy this year’s shows. Yes, some I have heard but I found quite a few more of the dramas this year. I am a long time listener and honestly I can not tell you the last time I listened to any other channel besides OTR. I find Greg very informative and love the tidbits between the shows. I never was fond of Abbott and Costello until I heard their radio show. I find them very funny and entertaining. Jack Benny also holds up well thru the years. My great love are all of the detective shows. Sam Spade and Phillip Marlowe are my personal favorites.
    I used to read this blog often and post every now and then to discuss the shows. It is a shame it has seem to turn into a “what I hate about XM or Greg”. Can we please get back to discussing OTR and not our personal diggs. If you hate everything that is played change the channel.

  10. I guess we all miss this one point…

    Christmas in July was last week….this section is for this week’s schedule….

    Philo Vance and Danny Clover and Tartaglia are back….Hoppy too!!!!!

    Let’s not forget Greg…..

    Let’s move on shall we…..step away from Christmas in July

    1. Agreed Michael..BTW, are you on Facebook?..Been wanting to get hold of you just to touch base..

      1. Sorry no…never got into the social networking stuff….

        If Greg would be a conduit he can swap our emails…

      2. Thats ok Michael..If they ever come up with a way to do PM’s here, that would be good..

  11. I am a Sirius subscriber for 5 years, and when the switch was made i was disappointed, but greg has really won me over. The new format was a little hard to swallow but Greg’s knowledge and insight have really changed my mind. For all of you upset about him going away, maybe next year he deserves to go away for 3 weeks, imagine the comments then. Bart, you did a fabulous job this week, I hope we didn’t discourage you with the comments

    1. You know, Bill…I’ve looked through every post in the last two weeks and nowhere did anyone say Greg shouldn’t have a holiday. It’s beyond me how that malarky got started?! I think Greg deserves to take ALL of next summer off….especially July.

  12. I’ll just say a full hour of Lum and Abner is a little much… I really don’t get the corn-pone humor at all.

  13. You people drive me up a wall. I don’t know how old you all are and I don’t really care. I enjoy Christmas in July. It’s like Greg says you don’t like it go to 163 and listen there for the week. As for the lame comedies you people have no respect for the way it was back then. Abbot and Costello, Red Skelton, Fibber and Molly, and Baby Snooks is some of the greatest comedy ever. I enjoy all of radio classics. So if you don’t like this week then just do something else. Greg, please keep up the great work. From a 61 year old man who wishes we still had radio like what you give us.

    1. I hate Christmas in July. If i ever hear it again in my lifetime, it’ll be too soon. The programming is overrun with comedies, birthday specials, etc. If this program is based on the old days, geared toward older listeners then the first thing you have to realize. OLD PEOPLE HATE CHANGE ! They want to count on predictability. I don’t listen near as much as i used to. I’m getting very disappointed with the entire format. So, it goes like this, if you want to continue to lose your audience, keep it up. We are leaving by leaps and bounds!!! I don’t think Greg really cares anyway.

      1. My only complaint about your reply, thefast1, isn’t that you hate Christmas in July – many people do (I don’t) or that there are too many comedies (I agree and Greg knows it but a LOT of folks, especially the elderly, the sick, etc., like these comedies). “Old people” can identify with the comedies or they know these comedies, unlike so many of the comedies on TV today, aren’t cruel, immoral or salacious. No, my complaint was your “OLD PEOPLE HATE CHANGE!” comment. Maybe being old and being heavy are the last 2 “maladies” where it’s still OK to make fun of and stereotype. Compared with your age, I’m probably considered an “old” person — I’m 56. But I have experience and I’ve earned the right to have my likes and dislikes without “young people” judging me or them. You’re right in that I don’t like change but it’s not because I’m “old.” And it’s really unfair and unkind, if I may say so, to lump everyone over a certain age (presumably those who were alive and who remember listening to these shows when they first aired) as “old” and disliking of change. In fact, the more I think about that comment, the more unfair it seems and the madder I get so I’d better close.

      2. What disrespect! Greg is not loosing leaps & bounds. The freedom of this country gives you the right to turn the channel. The old people that your are talking down to may not like change but they do respect your right for change. So go ahead and change tour channel. Greg keep up the good work. God bless. Oh by the way I’m 54 and still accept change for the better!

    2. You bring up some great points, abh! For the record, I’m 56 (will be 57 in September). I got into OTR nearly 40 years ago – my mother told me about a show she heard … CBS Radio Mystery Theater. I started listening and OMG, I was HOOKED. Whenever it was on, I listened. And for 3 years, I taped every single episode and was able to get 2 episodes per cassette (yes, cassette) because I’d pause when the commercials came on. I have a LOT of tapes and I made them for Mom because she was pretty much bedridden for the last few years of her life.
      2 years or so ago, Dad got XM Sirius and I found Greg and, again, I am HOOKED. For 2 months or so, we had trouble (if you read the blogs, you’ll k now) but now it’s working OK except I still can’t get the station in my bedroom or downstairs. Oh, well.
      As for the comedies, when I say “lame,” it’s only that I don’t like those particular shows. You are right that comedy was much different in the 30s, 40s and 50s. It was clean, it was funny and it was easy to understand. There was no vitriol, hatred or cruelty in it. I just don’t care for A&C, Baby S, The Bickersons or (to a lesser degree), FM&M and FKB. (I’ll let you figure out the initials … 😉 It’s only a matter of taste – it’s like this: I prefer I Love Lucy over Friends or Seinfeld. I can’t speak for anyone else who calls OTR comedies “lame”; I only call things lame if I don’t like them, not because of the style or the era of the shows. Greg knows full well what I like and I don’t like – I suspect he’s read enough of my blogs to know what I like and what I don’t like. Anyway, just a few thoughts — I’m with YOU — I wish we had MORE OTR. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    3. Going to Channel 163 is easy for you and Mr. Bell to say. But I live in Canada and the broadcast gods won’t put it on my service. So it’s Christmas in July or nothing. I’d sooner have a barium enema.

    4. Well, I’ll say, that’s nice…the host of the channel telling people where to go if they don’t like his programming lineup! If all of us weren’t here, the channel may have been gone by now.

  14. I love Greg Bell and I love this station…usually. I cannot stand Christmas in July!! At least I am able to get some yard work done while not listening to XM 164. What do we have to do to get rid of Christmas until December?? Even then there is too much Christmas. Whoops, I almost uttered Bah Humbug!

    1. I enjoy Christmas in July but I agree with you when you say there’s too much Christmas. When they start placing calendars, cards, decorations and “hints” about Christmas in August and September (or even earlier for the calendars — I know because I ordered and got a refill for my weekly planner), then it’s too much (Christmas) with us late and soon. I think it’s because people get caught up in “what should I get Dad? What will Aunt Sarah like? How do I buy something for someone who has everything?” Then you get into those crowded malls and you get caught up in the 1000 million billion commercials “urging” you to buy this or that. People forget the Reason for the season…’nuff said.

  15. Let’s address this once and for all….

    Let’s look at this way…XM has 170 channels. Let’s also agree that you have a choice everytime you listen between those 170 channels. If a monthly subscription is $12.00/month now we can do the math…

    $12/170 = $0.071 per channel per month

    There are 4.33 weeks in a month on average (52/12)

    That means you paid $0.071/4.33 = $0.0164 for Christmas in July

    We’ll have to pay you in pesos or round up to $0.02….to cover the stamp you will need to wait 11 or 12 more years (depending if a stamp is $0.44 or $0.46) to cover the stamp to mail the refund.

    Your vote has been counted as a NO for Christmas in July and we thank you for taking the time to vote.

    As for ripping the host of the channel… your opinion is not counted, called for or welcome. Mr. Bell is covering the golden age of radio. Comedies were king during the period. Look at the schedule and count them up each week. Mr. Bell has also provided links to the radio ratings during those years. You will not find Yours Truely Johnny Dollar in the top 10 very much if at all..

    Now I tend to agree (I now cast my vote) about Christmas in July. I do not care for all of it but I do like my regualr shows even during Christmas specials.

    I will also agree about comedies but I have always love Bud & Lou and Duffy’s Tavern….When I record shows I do not record comedies. I listen to comedies when I listen live and that is what is one.

    Again, if I do not like the programming I go to XM163 and listen to Sherlock Holmes, Harry Nile (Jim French Productions) and other productions such as the Louie Lamour books and Powder River.

    I listen to my XM radio roughly 4 hours a day during the week and about 6 hours on a weekend. I listen to ballgames, NASCAR, football (NCAA & NFL) on the weekend. I manage to record about 25 hours a week of content so I can’t always listen to all I record.

    All I am saying is you have choices if you don’t like the programming. Making it personal is not necessary. If your schedule is such that you are trapped with comedies you can get a radio that records…the extra benefit is no commercials.

    This channel has come so far in the 6+ years I have been listening.

    When I grew up we had AM radios and the big deal was my first AM/FM 8-Track player. Later we had cassette decks and we made our own tapes when radio didn’t suit our needs. We have listeners here that do the same thing…

    Mr. Bell has done much to keep this channel and genre alive….he is also doing much more to create new dramas and radio shows outside of XM….

    If you go to Radio Spirits you can see what you would pay for a collection of your favorite shows….7-cents a month for XM 164 is a steal…..

    1. Please forgive the typos and grammar issues. I am typing on my laptop and it is still bright outside….

    2. Michael, I can only shake my head sadly at the time you put into your misguided math. Like Mr. Bell’s appalling Christmas in July radio crime, it is way off-target. You assume every subscriber signs up for all 170 channels. Wrong. We all sign up for the relatively few that interest us. In my case, about 10, some of which I rarely listen to. So if you must do your math, do it based on a realistic number.
      And contrary to what some others have posted, I have nothing against Mr. Bell taking a vacation. He could even take a permanent one and I would heartily applaud the prospect of never again hearing Christmas in July or Abbott and Costello.
      However, Mr. Bell could easily take his vacation and leave us with some programming that does not make us marvel at his lack of imagination.
      Finally, the reason me and many others do not care for the comedies is that unlike the dramas they do not hold up well over time, probably because they have been imitated so much over the years. However, Abbott and Costello were lame the first time they stepped in front of a microphone. Fred Allen is the only comedian I’ve heard who still sounds fresh. Naturally, Mr. Bell rarely plays one of his shows.

      1. “comedies do not hold up well over time” One person’s opinion

        “our lack of imagination” Its only one week

        I signed up for the option of 170 channels..While I may not listen to more than 5 or 10 regularly I like having more options..

        “Abbott and Costello were lame the first time they stepped in front of a microphone”. If that were true they wouldnt have had the career that they did..

        People have different tastes..I love Fibber and Molly AND Fred Allen..

        “I have nothing against Mr. Bell taking a vacation. He could even take a permanent one and I would heartily applaud the prospect of never again hearing Christmas in July or Abbott and Costello.”

        That, Mr. Listener, is a very unnecessary low blow..Whoever takes his place would still have Abbott and Costello… or even Christmas In July if it is determined that the majority still want it ..And Greg wouldnt go through this headache about CIJ if the majority of listeners didnt want it..

  16. While I agree with you, Reluctant Listener, about lame comedies such as Abbott & Costello (it, Fibber McGee & Molly, The Bickersons and baby Snooks are lame to me), keep in mind: Greg has a LOT of listeners and each one has his or her own dislikes. Many people really like those “lame” comedies. I, on the other hand, prefer anthology shows (“Lux Radio Theatre” for instance), detectives, horror, mysteries, sci-fi, suspense and westerns. The only comedies I like are Burns & Allen, Jack Benny, Bob Hope and Our Miss Brooks.
    As for Christmas in July — this is only the 2nd year in the 10 years he’s been the Old Time (Classic) Radio host that Greg has taken a vacation. CIJ is NOT planned as a subtitute for his vacation; it’s an annual event that, apparently many people do NOT like. I happen to like it. These shows do air annually, that’s true. But, for instance, the episode of “Gunsmoke” titled “The Cabin” is outstanding. Even the “Father Knows Best” Christmas episode is good and I’m not a great fan of FKB (it’s too misogynistic for me).
    I defend Greg because he does such marvelous work on this station and he works so hard! Please listen carefully – he returns tomorrow (7/18/10) and you’ll hear how the station works, why he airs some of what he airs. And even if you don’t like some of the shows – I told you the shows I hate – it’s fascinating to hear the histories of the shows. So I ask you, Reluctant Listener, please give Greg and the station a chance. For me, it’s been a real lifesaver. And Greg is a very knowledgeable and nice person.

      1. Yes Miss,
        That was very well said..I appreciate your fairness on these issues..Greg doesnt deserve this constant criticism..

  17. I’m a huge fan of the show but X-mas in July was once again painful. Might I suggest just 1 show on each day from a different performance/performer devoted to X-mas. Even that’s overload in my humble opinion. We don’t get enough warm days here in the Adirondacks as it is. This week’s show drove me to get out the ladder and take down my X-mas lights. Way early for me! 😉

  18. Survived Christmas in July is about right. This is summer. Let’s enjoy this time of year.

  19. It is because we are human that we cannot like everything or hate everything. We are blessed to be able to feel, agree, or disagree. Xmas in July is over and we all survived whether we support it or not.

    Time to look ahead to next week because Greg is bringing us new to the channel stuff. I can’t wait !!! I enjoy Dr. Kildare more and more besides my favorites of Richard Diamond and Suspense episodes including the Whistler.

    Thank you Bart, for filling in while Greg was gone. You have a pleasant radio voice.

    Greg, welcome back to the channel. Radio Classic fans have missed you. I hope you had a nice vacation. Next week I am taking along my inno while on vacation so I don’t miss these new episodes.

    1. I wouldnt necessarily say “survived” Lana , (sounds like a root canal) but I guess I understand your point.. It is good to have Greg back and Bart is doing a fine job in his place..Looking forward to some new-to the channel episodes..

      1. Christmas in July is a lazy, stupid concept that becomes more enfuriating every year. It is an annual insult to the subscribers. Mr. Bell, if you cannot summon the effort and imagination to put out a week’s worth of programming while you are on vacation give the job to someone else. Listening in high summer to the same old Christmas shows we have all heard a thousand times is beyond painful. Mr. Bell, your affection for lame comedies like Abbott and Costello is already hard to take. You and Sirius/XM owe us all a week’s credit and I have e-mailed the company asking for one.

      2. “Annual insult to listeners?” I am a listener (fairly regular I might add) and I am not insulted at all by Christmas in July, In fact, I LOVE IT..Have subscribed for 5 and a half years..OTR is one of my favorites and Greg is more than fair in how he programs it,,As Ive said before, only one week, which as of this writing will be over in a little less than two hours..Greg does not deserve this grief..

      3. Why is there anyone called reluctant listerner. Please feel free to turn the channel and delete your account to the website. Please. You are making Abbott & Costello look brilliant!!!

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