July 25th to July 31st Radio Classics Channel Shows

As usual, if you haven’t grabbed the new schedule click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules NOTE: You can go directly to that link as early as Monday to get the schedule earlier. It is usually added there on Monday or Tuesday.

Hey folks! Here is what’s coming up on Sirius 118 and XM 164; It is the 80th anniversary of the debut of The Shadow character on radio (first heard on July 31st, 1930.) The two-hour special I am playing features new episodes to the channel starring Orson Welles and Bill Johnstone. There also are segments from a 1985 documentary, “The Story of the Shadow” including comments from announcer Shadow creator Walter Gibson, announcer Ken Roberts, organist Rosa Rio and actors Bret Morrison and Grace Matthews.

A great Norman Corwin production debuts as well; “The Odyssey of Runyon Jones” is a whimsical fantasy tale originally broadcast on 4/4/44.

We mark the birthdays of the following writers – Aldous Huxley (Brave New World); John Meston (Gunsmoke); Blake Edwards (The Line-up, Richard Diamond) and Brett Halliday (Michael Shayne.) And the following performers – Joe E. Brown; Gracie Allen; Keenan Wynn and Stacy Harris.

New to the channel episodes from Romance of the Ranchos; An American Gallery; The Bickersons; Nick Carter; Mystery Is My Hobby; Suspense; Lum & Abner; Our Miss Brooks; Frontier Gentleman; Phil Harris & Alice Faye; I Was A Communist For the FBI and many more.


16 thoughts on “July 25th to July 31st Radio Classics Channel Shows”

  1. Curious if anyone sees any prophesy in Huxley’s BNW, especially with what is transpiring today? The Nanny State he conjures up through this play has some scary parallels with the mounting entitlements we’re forced to partake in — i.e., forcing us…to be happy doing the tasks those anointed with power over us direct us to do, so that “we never need to think” for ourselves… .

    A timeless classic for today’s times, methinks.

  2. OMG, Greg, you’d have to have a dozen “Listener’s Hours” because there are so many shows I enjoy! I guess it would have to start with Gunsmoke, Our Miss Brooks, Lux Radio Theatre and Suspense. Also, The Whistler, X Minus One, Sherlock Holmes and The Shadow. You know, anything with the Triumverate — William Conrad, John Dehner and Orson Welles. Also, anything with Eve Arden and Agnes Moorehead. As for episodes – you’re airing one I love – “Brave New World” this week. And you know how I feel about “Earth Abides” and “Miracle in the Rain” (the movie version of which was on last Sunday on TCM). I could go on and on and on but, as I said, you know my favorites.
    Oh, I admit I’m not crazy about the “new” Ray Milland comedy. It’s trying to be “The Halls of Ivy.” It ain’t! GLAD YOU ARE BACK! WE ALL MISSED YOU! ūüôā

  3. Maybe a Listener’s Choice Block once in a while would be easier.

    You can set up a period of time and whatever the 4 most requested shows are get played in a future week during a specific block that hits the widest drive time audience….

      1. I know I would mix it up….

        Dragnet – The Werewolf
        Gunsmoke – Billy the Kid
        Richard Diamond – Lt. Levinson Kidnapped
        X-Minus 1 – Venus is a Man’s World

  4. Greg,really great job,had to drive from Charleston SC to New York,and the great programs kept me awake and alert for the 13 hour drive.

  5. Hello Greg Bell,

    You’re doing a great job with Radio Classics, but every now and then, there is a glitch in the system. When you announced “This is your FBI”, Mr and Mrs. North played. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has told you this. Thanks for the good work.


    Alan Moore ( an XM listener)

    1. An issue caused by the computer system. There are two episodes known as The Hostage, I scheduled This is your FBI, and after I recorded my introduction, the computer glitched and grabbed The Hostage episode from Mr. & Mrs. North. I was informed of it by a number of listeners by email, and it was fixed for the repeats.

      Thank you though.


  6. Greg,
    Does Channel 164 hold the rights to broadcast any Bob & Ray shows, particularly episodes from their very funny 1959-1960 CBS series? Those were the programs that always signed on with “Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding are pleased to present the CBS Radio Network.” Would love to hear some of those again.

  7. Greg have you ever considered a listener’s choice marathon of the shows?

    For instance you could take a poll on here as to what everyone’s four favorite Suspense episodes are and then air them in a 2-hour block. Same for Gunsmoke and other favorites.

      1. For Suspense

        The Hitchhiker, Fugue in C Minor, The House in Cypress Canyon and the Screaming Woman, those are my four favorites, though I am sure everyone also has their favorites which differ from mine.

        For Gunsmoke, I’d have to think about it, too many to choose from!

      2. Those are my 4 favorites also from Suspense,as for GUNSMOKE,any 4 are good,I never get tired of hearing them.

      3. I vote for The House In Cypress Canyon, Fugue in C Minor, Sorry Wrong Number, and The Yellow Room?? (one with Agnes Moorehead who gets put in the room at the top of the stairs with things crawling around behind the yellow wallpaper). Any Johnny Dollar, X Minus One, Richard Diamond, any four of The Third Man, and of course, The Shadow.

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