Aug. 1st to Aug. 7th 2010 Radio Classics Shows

If you haven’t already grabbed the schedule for this week – click on the Full Story & Pictures link below and then this link; ShowSchedules

Big week for celebrity birthdays as we’ll have specials for funny folks – Lucille Ball & Stan Freberg; big screen leading men – Robert Taylor & Robert Mitchum; and busy dramatic radio stars – Wally Maher, Parley Baer and Larry Haines.

Once again lots of new to the channel offerings including a Louis Armstrong tribute “Satchmo” as presented on An American Gallery hosted by Bing Crosby. We debut the series Inheritance from 1954-55 with Howard Culver as legendary 19th century mountain man, Hugh Glass. Romance of the Ranchos returns as does Lum & Abner, The Big Story, Meet Mr. McNutley, The Sealed Book, The Saint and more.

After a week off, Bob Bailey is back in a Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon – The Alder Matter from 54 years ago (August of 1956)


20 thoughts on “Aug. 1st to Aug. 7th 2010 Radio Classics Shows”

  1. July’s Dr Kildare episode was totally worth listening to, just to hear Lionel Barrymore’s inimitable voice intone “I want a DOLL that WETS her PANTS!!”


  2. I got such a chuckle out of the 5/2/52 episode of “Tales of the Texas Rangers” where (I think it was) the sherrif said with disgust, “There ought to be a law against women wearing pants!” Was having a really stressful morning at work and was a welcome relief–and set my day on a much more pleasant path…

  3. Greg, nice tribute this week to Wally Maher. It would be swell if sometime you could post recordings (if made) of your interviews with Wally Maher Jr., Peggy Webber, et al.

  4. Greg
    I do check that website for the schedule. I did receive next weeks schedule about an hour ago. Thanks. In the previous weeks I usually get them on Tuesday before noon, but I never was able to get them on a MONDAY.

  5. And there it is…the new schedule….ah, the relief….

    What a stacked schedule….Thanks Greg

  6. Hi, Greg – thank you for all the fascinating historical color. On the Mexican wandering nostalgia — just a quick reminder that the south-of-the-border agricultural guest-worker is ‘bracero’, pronounced with a soft ‘c’ like “bra’sero”, and not with a hard ‘c’, like in ‘cabriolet’.

    Great new finds — thanks!

  7. I have the Inno radio. I record all the shows that I want for the week. That is why I wish the scedule was ready on Monday or early Tuesday morning so that I could plan my recording sooner.

    I have XM in the car but I usually cannot listen to an entire episode. The Inno is my true companion. I listen to it while I am cleaning the house, lawnmowing, and before I go to bed at night. Sometimes I fall asleep with the headphones still in my ears.

    I can take an aux cable and connect it from my inno to my Bose radio when I want to listen to it out loud. Getting a strong signal can be tough so I record my shows in the same place by the window. After that, I can play them whenever and whereever.

    1. The schedules are ready early…keep checking the schedule page. Sometimes I have found the following week on Monday…..

      1. Mike is right! I post them usually on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.

        Too many folks wait for the blog entry, which I can’t really post until Thursday or so. That’s why I begin pretty much every post with the sentence;
        “If you haven’t already grabbed the schedule for this week.”

        Just check at


      2. Bummer…I just got home and saw your post Greg….

        I thought…YES, THE NEW SCHEDULE!!!!!!!!!!!!

        but no not yet…..I know it will be there later….

        Back to work….yes, I work from home too….the wife thinks I am looking up vacation places on the web….ssshhhhh

  8. Loving the Johnny Dollar marathon! How’d you know I needed a pick me up, Greg?

    Best Wishes,

  9. I was just curious what radio(s) everyone listens to 118/164 on, and other sat rad programming on? Do you have more than one radio?

    I have just one, my third child, my Inno. Goes almost everywhere I go. My bedroom, home office, car, for runs and walks and on vacation. I used to have a SkiFi and SkiFi2 before turning to the Inno.

      1. I had a SkyFI2 for 6 years….it is a good radio. I do like being able to record now. I hear so much more….

        I do love the back story info on the Shadow during the SHadow special…..

      2. I have a Stiletto. I record all of the shows Sat, Sun and Monday nights and early morning and listen all week long. If there is something I have heard or don’t care for, I just fast forward. I listen via headphones, but wouldn’t mind a way to listen “out loud” too.

    1. I have two. Sirius Sporster 2 and an XM Delphi Xpress. They are far from new, but still work, at home, and in the car.

      1. I use the XMp3i at home and work, pulling in XM. My car came with Sirius installed so I use that when driving…

  10. Greg,

    A big thanks for putting Dr. Kildare in your schedule along with a Richard Diamond episode now and then. Still enjoy the thrilling stories too such as Suspense, Whistler, Hermit’s Cave, Unexpected etc…… Oh, I saw next week has Box 13. Love that one too.

  11. In her day Lucille Ball was one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the theathers. I look forward to her birthday celebration. I hope you had a great vacation with your family. Oh, what is your HDCP in Golf. Mine is a 19. Used to be better but work got in the way LOL.

    It’s August so I know that “Earth Abides” will be coming up at the end of this month. Just finished reading the book again for the 3rd time.

    Have a great week.


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