Aug. 8th to Aug. 14th 2010 Radio Classics Channel Shows

If you haven’t already grabbed the schedule for this week – click on the Full Story & Pictures link below and then this link; ShowSchedules
Hey folks, a little minor website updating is going on, so the main page might not update as quickly as usual, bear with us. Thanks

Okay, here’s what we got; a new to the channel Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon as we play all five parts of The Meg’s Palace Matter with the wonderful Virginia Gregg as Meg.

We have birthday week tributes to a couple of towering motion picture directors; Alfred Hitchcock and Cecil B. DeMille. Other birthdays – Robert Siodmak (Director – The Spiral Staircase, The Killers); Jack Haley (The Wonder Show – The Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz); Lloyd Nolan (Suspense – Murder For Myra) and Ed Herlihy (Announcer – The Adventures of The Falcon)

New to the channel episodes from The Falcon, Romance of The Ranchos, Our Miss Brooks, Jack Benny, The Great Gildersleeve, Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Lum & Abner, The Big Story, Bergen & McCarthy, Dr. Kildare, Dunninger-The Master Mentalist and more.


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  1. My Mom & I carpool to work everyday and listen to your show. We love it 🙂 We didn’t get to catch the end of the one you played yesterday about the Professer that was shrinking! Can you please let me know the name so we can find out the ending 🙂 Thank you have a wonderful weeknd!!

  2. This is just to remind Greg that 164 is my favorite channel. I complain a bit and am critical of some shows I think are flops, but 164 is the #1 button on my radio. Thanks, Greg.

  3. I just joined the blog and just want to let Greg know that this is my favorite channel on xm when I’m driving. I’m a truck driver and the miles just seem to go by so easy listening to these old shows. Thanks

    1. I just got the schedule for next week. Was it sent out earlier than Wednesday? I looked all over the place on Tuesday and could not find it

      1. Posted Wednesday Morning, once the web changes were implemented (which I mentioned last week)


  4. Our local radio station plays OTR between 11pm and 1am every night. Over the last couple of weeks, they’ve been playing The Lone Ranger quite regularly. I thought there were some “rights” issues or something holding it back from being played? Greg, can you elaborate on this please?

    1. I know part of it…It has to do with the XM/Sirius subscriptions. A local radio station is ‘free play’…XM/Sirius has a ton of subscribers and it is a greed game. The local stations may also have had a long term deal with Disney who owns the rights….

  5. When this website was new, I complained about the order in which the comments were posted. Good to know that others find it difficult to follow along. Isn’t there a way to sort the comments by date, or possibly eliminate the reply button and just have the submit comment button at the bottom of the blog which would post them in the order they were submitted ??

    Miss G,
    My favorites are strictly the suspense and the strange stories. I like being on the edge along with the challenge to figure out who done what. I also like the detective shows like Richard Diamond. I think he had the best one liners that anyone could come up with. Dr. Kildare has become a recent favorite of mine. I have no interest in westerns, sci-fi, or comedies. I guess I am pretty much limited, maybe a boring person, it is just that the suspense shows captivate my attention.

  6. Usually love YTJD, but I found this weeks marathon to be way too over the top for my taste. 75 minutes of yelling.

    1. LOL. I know what you mean Matthew (nice name by the way). Listening to it right now, it is pretty annoying. That is the reason I hate 99 percent of so-called reality shows because all the shows seem to be is people yelling and cursing at each other.

      1. I’m along with M&M…this YTJD is annoying. I wish Johnny would just say to a reluctant policy holder/beneficiary: “Look, if you want your check you better work with me!”

    2. This has always been very near the bottom of my list of favorites of the 5-part YTJDs. Way too much straining to create a “character” in Meg. She really just needs a frying pan upside her head in Part 1 – everything would have been much better the rest of the way.

    3. Yeah, I tried so hard to enjoy this one, but after 60 minutes, decided I could not even wait for the denoument…! But, I’m sure the next one will be better!

    1. I think that would be great, however I think message boards require more bandwidth and a hosting site and all that. Being not technical, I have no idea if this is true, but it would probably cost a hosting fee for one of the message board styles on the web.

      We could always start a Facebook Fan Group and comment on there. If anyone is interested, I would volunteer to create one.

      1. Another thing to consider about a messageboard is having to moderate it..As a moderator for a local TV messageboard, it can be a headache to keep up with at times..I’d be for a Facebook Page…

      2. Facebook could be a good thing..Greg wouldnt even have to be the one to do it necessarily..Another way to get the Channel name out there..Any of us already on Facebook could start a “Like” page for XM 164/Sirius 118..We could use it to link back to these pages and the schedule pages…Like anything else, you have to be careful with it as far as games and other foolishness.

      3. I’m on Facebook and totally not into those games. I created a fan page on there to promote my blog and it is strictly for that reason. I don’t bug everyone’s news feed with stuff unrelated.

        I’d be willing to get the ball rolling, but it doesn’t seem too many have shown an interest. I’ll look into it over the next couple days and let you know.

  7. Greg: Have you ever though of having a message as a part of the website? I find the way comments are shown here rather confusing.

  8. I seem to be having problems getting the blog site to load…it takes a long time.

    Are we still experiencing technical issues?


  9. Greg, your programming and response to a few messages is wonderful, but this new format is driving me crazy! In the introductory paragraph today you say,
    “If you haven’t already grabbed the schedule for this week – click on the Full Story & Pictures link below and then this link; ShowSchedules”
    Well there is no link that says “Full Story and Pictures”
    In the old format it was a pleasure to scroll down through the pictures, but in this one it’s a challenge to find them. Occasionally I’ve gotten luck and found a few, but I wish it was easier.

    1. Ravenhall,

      I am so sorry, As explained in the latest posting, we are undergoing some tweaks on the website (and blog) and therefore some things might be missing right now.
      I just checked the main blog page on both a PC and Mac and the Full Story & Pictures link comes up just fine, not sure why it does not for you.

      I am trying to add some pictures to this latest posting, but beyond Virginia Gregg, the others haven’t show up. I am working on it, but web stuff does not come to me as naturally as OTR shows.


      1. Virginia Gregg is fine with me RE: pix. I’m curious to see a pic of Robert Siodmak — it’s driving me crazy but I know he wrote something famous and I can’t remember what it is (OLD AGE IS HECK!)
        I’m having trouble with the radio again so I haven’t been able to listen. This soap opera of mine is getting older than Young Widder Brown — I may have to wait till Dad goes into hospital (hopefully NEVER) or goes on a cruise to get Tim from the radio place to FIX MY SET-UP! Dad is bound and determined to fix it himself — stubborn as a mule (but cute as can be) when it comes to fixing things. HOWEVER…I get the schedules and keep them. When I have a minute, I also check out the actual episodes. STILL WAITING for EA and MITR. (Initials … keep ’em guessing). God bless you, Greg, for all your wonderful work, and to your family. Happy Listening and Happy Trails to you and our gang (our listeners)

      2. I think you’re thinking of his brother Curt (or Kurt, if you prefer the original), who wrote Donovan’s Brain and The Beast With Five Fingers. There is a headshot picture of Robert at his Wikipedia entry; no pic of Curt at his, however.

  10. The list of new to the channel is exciting for next week. Notice Greg added the “and more” just to peak our curiosity.

    1. I like that, too, Lana, even though I’m having trouble once again with my radio setup. I LOVE “Our Miss Brooks” and I see Radio Spirits has a new collection of OMB collection – titled “Connie vs. Conklin.” I’ll wait till my birthday when I “magically” receive some $$$$ and I may buy that or one of the other 2 OMB collections.
      What do you like to listen to, Lana? I’m a big fan of the aforementioned OMB, as well as Gunsmoke, Frontier Gentleman, Have Gun Will Travel, Suspense, the Whistler, Lux Radio Theatre, X Minus One and Dimension X. I love Bob Hope, Burns & Allen and Jack Benny.
      I do NOT like Baby Snooks, The Bickersons or the new Meet Mr. McNulty.
      I’m lukewarm about Behind the Mike, Jack Haley, Alan Young and Lum & Abner.

  11. Wow! The content providers are really rising to ‘our’ occasion with all the ‘new to the channel’ YTJD marathons.

    Whatever you did Greg it worked.


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