Aug. 22nd To Aug. 28th RadioClassics Channel Shows

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New episodes from a number of series this week including Frontier Gentleman; Romance Of The Ranchos; Nick Carter, Master Detective; Dr. Kildare; Lum & Abner; Suspense; Inheritance; Frank Race; Gangbusters; Nightbeat; Baby Snooks; Escape among others.

The big birthday tribute is for science fiction legend, Ray Bradbury. Still with us and 90 on the 22nd, we’ll feature three of his best known stories in a 90-minute special – The Martian Chronicles on Dimension X (8/18/59); Marionettes, Inc on Dimension X (12/22/51); and Zero Hour on Suspense (4/5/55)

Other birthday celebrants – Van Johnson; Anne Whitfield (little Phyllis on Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show); Gene Kelly and Larry Thor (Danny Clover on Broadway Is My Beat)


12 thoughts on “Aug. 22nd To Aug. 28th RadioClassics Channel Shows”

  1. Regarding the Howard Duff tribute – June Havoc appeared under noms de voice in both SUSPENSE: “100 Seconds in the Dark” (as the hostess who lost the jewel) and SPADE in which she was billed as Sadie Thompson. Havoc was married to writer-director William Spier. In order to help him keep costs down she would often appear on his shows under a pseudonym so as to work in a single-episode non-union capacity and thus command a much lower fee (a la George Spelvin).

  2. OMG! Was Sam Spade’s “Betrayal In Bumpass Hell” ever a hoot! It was like a screw-ball comedy from way-back-when. Yeah! (to use a phrase from another Sam Spade episode)

  3. Michael, I hope you do get a chance to listen to at least 1 episode of Dr. Kildare. It is a refreshing change of pace from the other shows. Although the results are usually predictable, it is interesting to see how the medical cases are handled.

    Speaking of cases, to you have anymore Perry Mason series that can be aired??

    1. It’s a bad week for me. I am traveling on business and I have 50-hours of OTR on my XMp3i player. I put it in my carryon bag in the first airport and left it running. Now the battery is dead and I have no charger with me….Don’t get home until Friday

  4. Did anybody else catch Larry Thor’s boo-boo on the 4/14/51 episode of Broadway Is My Beat? “From Times Square to Columbus CIRCUS”

    1. You haven’t visited Columbus Circus when in NYC? It’s great, course all the animal acts are either pigeons or rats. ūüôā


    2. A while back I listened to a special series of shows with Jim Jordan (Fibber McGee) and and Chuck Schaden called “Fibber McGee and The Good Old Days of Radio”

      Produced and aired originally in 1974, The shows were sponsored by Chrysler Airtemp. The 7 two hour shows featured one night of the week of Programming..Fibber is still at 79 Wistful Vista fiddling with his “magic radio” when friend and fan Schaden shows up for a visit and they listen to clips from a number of shows during the two hours.

      The commercials for Chrysler Airtemp are delivered by Larry Thor in the style of Harlow Wilcox..Gale Gordon and Harold Peary also come by to visit and reminisce..

  5. In the photo above I see Ray Bradbury had yet to adopt his signature red suspenders and white shorts! I wonder what he is wearing under the raincoat?

  6. Dr. Kildare is one of my favorites too. It is in a class of its own since it is not a comedy, suspense, or detective show.

    1. I have not been able to get into Dr. Kildare yet. I do record more than I can listen to in a week. I find I have more luck listening to shows outside of my favorite genres by listening when I cut the grass. I have many acres and plenty of time.

  7. Greetings All, I am really starting to like the Dr Kildare shows. He is the kind of DR we want but unfortunatly will not get these days. Keep “em” coming Greg

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