Aug. 29th To Sept. 4th, 2010 RadioClassics Channel Shows

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Back To School – we are marking that annual event with a two-hour Our Miss Brooks special, four episodes of the Eve Arden led comedy series with some new to the channel offerings. Also, a mini-Man of Steel Marathon with a 6 part Superman from 1940; new to the channel episodes from Inheritance; Romance of the Ranchos; The Falcon; Boston Blackie; The Sealed Book; The Weird Circle; Alan Young; Lum & Abner; Bergen & McCarthy, Nightbeat, Dr. Kildare and more.

Birthdays this week include – Alan Ladd (Lux Radio’s version of Shane); announcer Don Wilson (multiple Jack Benny Shows); Fred MacMurray (Suspense – The Windy City Six); Willard Waterman (The Great Gildersleeve, The Whistler); Amanda Randolph (The Beulah Show); Charlie Cantor (Finnegan on Duffy’s Tavern, Zero on The Alan Young Show) and Raymond Massey (Inner Sanctum – Death Across The Board, Arch Oboler’s Plays – The House I Live In).


20 thoughts on “Aug. 29th To Sept. 4th, 2010 RadioClassics Channel Shows”

  1. Thanks, Greg, for the 4 OMB episodes. Sadly, I couldn’t hear them – the radio was really bad this week. I may end up having the guy come over to fix it — or else Dad will have to buy a new radio. This thing is awful. But enough of the sad woes of Rm Lloyd! More later.

  2. Hi everyone, I’m an over the road,(OTR), truck driver down for the holiday weekend near Portsmouth,NH
    As a long time listener and first time ink slinger, I’d like to say what a buch of great talents that exist who are not only trying to maintain classic radio but also create a new generation of listeners/participants with the new audio productions…ty GB!
    It causes me to think about the many actors who played such a huge part in radio, before television.
    Perhaps with the reintroduction of good detailed storytelling along with creating strong identifiable characters,with personalities, new generations of Johnny Dollar, Jack Benny, Our Miss Brooks and all of the other characters and their stories we have come to enjoy will come full circle!

    all the best for a safe and enjoyable Labor day!

  3. One last thing for all you Shane Fans. it will be on Turner Classic Movies 9/3 at 4 PM EST. I have the DVD but will be watching it anyway since we will be having some rain due to the hurricane that will be hitting the eastern coast of Long Island.


    Bill from NY

  4. I sure do Greg. Your the master of cerimonys here. I will be looking forward to it. Remember Jerrys kids everyone.

    Bill from NY

  5. How things have changed. Our Miss Brooks 10/21/48, Connie and crew are trying to find Clay City, a distant 55 miles from Madison High School. Such a great distance in the story, and today some folks commute that and more to work every day.

    Sometimes I’ll drive three times that distance just doing weekend errands.

    1. I did laugh at that. I drive 57 each way….and it is not all highway.

      There was a show from the early 50s where it was said oil changes were recommeded every 500 miles. That would have me changing the oil every Friday.

  6. Greetings Greg and everyone else. I am home watching Broken Arrow with James Stewart and Jeff Chandler while fixing some computer problems. Greg I am shocked how Jeff Chandler Looks. Of course I now the actor I just did not know HE was Jeff Chandler of Our Miss Brooks. When I hear him on Our Miss Brooks, I picture this handsome clean cut person and seeing him in Broken Arow and other films, he is this rugged looking individual. Sometimes it is better not to have a picture of the person you are listening to on the radio. Jeff Chandlier has made some really great movies. Oh Well I guess Miss Brooks goes for the rugged looking Man who has no idea she is in love with him LOL.

    My Birthday is next week (on the 5th) and I am praying that Earth Abides is scheduled. If not on my birthday, at least some time during the week.

    Have a great Lbor Day everyone, and if you can, Donate to Jerry’s Kids on his Telathon.


    Bill from NY

    1. Bill,

      I held Earth Abides back a month this year for Peggy Webber’s birthday. (She plays Emma opposite John Dehner as Isherwood.) So you’ll have to wait until the 15th (Sept) Sorry, I would love to do it for you, but she is 85, a wonderful lady and a star on the channel.

      I’m sure you understand.


      1. Oh, thank you DEAR GREG for letting me know when EA will air. I’m STILL having trouble with the radio. I think it’s a tiny wire on the main box of Dad’s radio (which, admittedly, is a piece of ca-ca). But if I know when EA is coming, which is a week after my birthday (9/11 is my birthday – no kidding), then maybe we can fix it just long enough for me to hear it. I bought the book when I still was at Barnes/Noble, by the way. If I ever actually read all the books I have, it’ll be a miracle. I even got “Donovan’s Brain”!
        More later. We do love you, Greg!

  7. Shane…come back

    I love that movie…..too bad Alan Ladd left us early

    Greg, what ever happened to the kid in that movie?

    1. WOW what a shame. I am shoched to see how many great actors of that era died so early in life Like errol Flynn. He was 49 when he passed away. So sad. he could have made many more wonderful films.

      Bill from NY

  8. Hi Greg, I drive a semi truck and enjoy listtening to your show. This morning you had Fred MacMurry playing in suspense.Did you know that Fred lived in Beaver Dam Wi. but I do not know for how long. Strange though he would never acknowledge that he lived in that town which is only 5 miles from where I live.
    Sure enjoy Jack Benny’s shows plus some of the cast shows.
    Keep up the good work

  9. Ditto on that Michael.
    I think I was going thru withdrawl since I haven’t had my fix of Richard Diamond for a while. Glad you are back safe and sound and catching up on the shows you missed.

  10. Michael,

    I feel your pain. I listen at lunch time, and once I went home without my inno. I felt lost and disappointed that I would not be able to listen to my shows until the following day. Since today is Friday, it will give you another reason to be happy returning home. Hope your trip went well.

    1. I started listening in the car on the way home from the airport. Although the OTR levels in my bloodstream are still low I can see through the fog again….I need some Richard Diamond to help me out

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