Sept. 12th to Sept. 18th RadioClassics Channel Shows

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I am very excited about this week, and hope you are as well. Escape’s “Earth Abides” makes a return to RadioClassics and this time it includes some of my interview with co-star Peggy Webber. As she is 85 this week (born September 15th, 1925), I have a second special running to honor her as well, also featuring a lot of our visit.

Another lovely still-with-us actress is 86 this week, and as is our annual tradition we bring back a radio version of her debut film; “To Have And Have Not”. Lauren Bacall will also be heard alongside husband Humphrey Bogart in a new to the channel this week episode of their early 50s series Bold Venture.

Birthday week tributes will also be held for Lawrence Dobkin, June Foray, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, Jackie Cooper, Claudette Colbert, Tom Conway and musician Korla Pandit (Chandu, The Magician).


9 thoughts on “Sept. 12th to Sept. 18th RadioClassics Channel Shows”

  1. Well, sorry — but I have to admit to myself and to the many loyal requesters of “The Earth Abides’, that, except for one or two (which is an impressive number as things like this go, I do acknowledge) deeper gutteral insights, like the bow and arrow and the ‘back to our primitive roots’ storyline, I am unable to appreciate any of the multitude of profundities interpreted by some to be on display in this episode.

    For my taste, two of three Johnny Dollar, insurance investigator supreme, or nine out of ten Whistlers, are much more entertaining and reflect the societal passions and greed-like human nature tendencies much more effectively!

    Thanks for any thoughts.

    1. You should really read the book. I think you would love it and after reading it you would appreachiat the radio version. Just my opinion

      Bill from NY

      1. Thanks Bill, I will do that — the Wikepedia synopsis probably did not do it total justice. Thank you for the reference.

        Lacike from Malibu.

  2. I am actually a big fan of Vic & Sade! My family especially loves the episode with the half wit rabbit. My kids have 4 rabbits, so they really get a kick out of it. In fact, we recorded it on our XM radio, so they can listen as much as they like!
    I’ll admit I didn’t quite understand their humor a few years ago, but I do appreciate the quirkiness now! The Horn Blows at Midnight is quite funny! Jack Benny was an amazing comedian! He had a great bunch to work with too!
    The Inner Sanctum, however, is not my cup of tea so I just switch to XM pops! So like you say Greg, if it’s not your thing just change the chanel!

  3. I travel with work and I miss many weeks because I can’t listen on the computer. When will radio classics be on the internet. Why isn’t it???

  4. I have a fondness for the Ellery Queen Character, especially the Jim Hutton/David Wayne NBC-TV series in 1975-76..Always like to compare any other EQ version on radio or tv. I also like Horn Blows at Midnight..It wasnt a great movie, but not nearly worthy of all the jokes Benny and his writers made about it,,

  5. The Horn Blows at Midnight. Am I one of the few who actually enjoys watching the Jack Benny movie? Jack got a lot of mileage out of this film and I look forward to hearing the radio version again!

    1. Don I am with you. I love the movie and the radio version. When it is on TCM I always laugh. Gotta love that Benny.

      Bill from NY

  6. Love the Peggy Weber and Lauren Bacall birthday specials this week.

    I’m definitely excited about the Ellery Queen. It’s darn near impossible to find episodes of that series for some reason.

    As to the pictures, I love how they are now much better. You just click or open them in a new tab to make them bigger.

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