Sept. 19th to Sept. 25th Radio Classics Shows – Greg’s Busy Week

Hey folks – the schedule as always is ready and if you don’t already have it just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

As the headline indicated; lots going on this week for yours truly –

On Tuesday (9/21) I will be a guest on Sirius XM Book Radio (Sirius 117 XM 163) on “Cover To Cover” as my friend, screenwriter and novelist Derek Haas and I talk about my narration of the audio book versions of his books, “The Silver Bear” and “Columbus” It airs at 3pm ET (2pm CT, 1pm MT Noon PT)

On Friday (9/24) on Radio Classics I’ll have a new to the channel Man of Steel Marathon as we mark the return of the Superman themed television series, Smallville for it’s 10th and final season. My guest is friend and channel fan John Schneider (Jonathan Kent on Smallville) It is a two hour special and in the final 30 minutes we have an in depth interview where he interviews me as much as I interview him. If you are interested in how I got where I am today with this wonderful job; you’ll want to catch that interview (it begins at about 7:30pm ET 4:30pm PT) The Superman – Smallville Specials airs at 6pm ET on Friday (9/24) and can also been heard earlier (at Noon ET on Wed and 10am ET on Friday – 9/24).

Finally on Saturday (9/25) – I plan on stopping by the Baltimore, MD area – Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Convention for a couple of hours; not as an official guest but I will be wandering around and visiting with folks. Just look for my bearded mug between 10am and Noon at the Hunt Valley Marriott.

In addition to the Man of Steel Marathon (Smallville Special) we’ll have a birthday week tribute to Mickey Rooney (he is 90!) as well as F. Scott Fitzgerald. We also have a Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 5 part storyline; Orson Welles as Sherlock Holmes and new stuff from Jack Benny, Lum & Abner, Romance of the Ranchos, Dr. Kildare, Sam Spade, Philip Marlowe, Suspense, Inheritance and more.


12 thoughts on “Sept. 19th to Sept. 25th Radio Classics Shows – Greg’s Busy Week”

  1. With all of the interviews lately my wife says I listen to Greg Bell more than I listen to her….or something like that…..

  2. I think it was “Greg Bell Day” on Sirius-XM. I caught the interview with John Schneider today. Nice job Greg, very enjoyable and I hope you can get the rest of it up on here soon.

    I also got to listen to the first half of his interview on Book Radio, I recorded it and will listen to the rest later.

    Not sure if they will replay the Book Radio segment but make sure everyone catches the replay of the Superman marathon and the interview.

    Oh BTW, Greg, one of the topics in your interview on RadioClassics was people’s ages. I am 32 and I do exactly what you said you wanted people to do by announcing the dates. Of course I wasn’t around for the Golden Age of Radio. I often tell my wife I was born to late because when I was in middle school, I used to spend the summers while off school watching the old black & white shows on Nick at Nite. But when I hear you say the dates, I think how many years it was before I was born or my Dad was six months old or that was the month my Mom was born, etc. etc.

    Very entertaining week! Keep up the good work!

    1. Yes – Cover To Cover with “yours truly” and Derek Haas will air on XM 163 Sirius 117 on Sunday (9/26) at 3pm ET

      And the Smallville – Superman with John Schneider airs again on Friday at 10am ET (the half-hour interview is at 11:30am ET) and then later on Friday at 6pm ET (with the half-hour interview at 7:30pm ET)


  3. In case y’all have wondered where I’ve been…long-time bloggers may recall my As The Radio Turns …. the epic tale of my problems with my new XM transmitter. It’s much better but, sadly, I missed that for which I’ve waited all year, namely “Earth Abides.” I saw it was on but it just wasn’t on when I could listen. Between work and other activities, I just couldn’t listen. Now I have to wait a whole YEAR! That sux!
    Well, maybe I’ll get rewarded in November when Greg plays (I hope) “Miracle in the Rain.” I love that almost as much as I love “EA.” If you haven’t heard it, by all means, listen, especially you girls. Guys may not think much of it — it’s a chick radio flick.
    Now that Dad has fixed the radio somewhat (simple as putting the transmitter in a different place and attaching it to a different radio), I can listen more frequently though I still can’t hear it all over the house.
    Glad to see an appreciation of Lauren Bacall and F. Scott Fitzgerald.
    More later. — Rosemary.

  4. Slow week folks?

    Lots of good stuff this week…

    Greg: Is there a repeat of your appearance on XM163?

    1. Yes – Cover To Cover with “yours truly” and Derek Haas will air on XM 163 Sirius 117 on Sunday (9/26) at 3pm ET


  5. Hello Mandy Marie:

    I’m intrigued by the charming photo which accompanies your posts.
    Is that you, a relative, or a celebrity? It has a lot of personality.

  6. I’m excited to hear the Smallville special as well. Love John Schneider. I agree with Matt – the show was much better with Jonathan Kent.

    Looks like a great schedule this week, Greg. Thanks for the Johnny Dollar. I could really use it this week!

  7. So much to look forward to this coming week.

    I used to love Smallville, but haven’t watched over the last two years. They lost me somewhere along the line. I may be intrigued to watch this season though as Jonathan Kent returns! The best episodes of Smallville were before they killed John Schneider off!

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