Sept. 26th to Oct. 2nd Radio Classics Shows

Hey folks – the schedule as always is ready and if you don’t already have it just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

Can’t believe we are entering October! The 8th of October marks my 3rd year anniversary of hosting When Radio Was, and I am beginning my 9th year on Radio Classics, wow! I thank all of you long time folks for sticking with me, and welcome all of you new listeners as well. It’s has been a great ride! Onward!

The birthday highlight this week by far is William Conrad, who would have been 90 on the September 27th. We have him featured in three different Gunsmoke episodes, plus roles in The Whistler, The Clock, Suspense and even filling in for Gerald Mohr as the lead in Philip Marlowe. Other birthday celebrants include, Bud Abbott, author Graham Greene (The Third Man), musician Jack Meakin (The Great Gildersleeve), Deborah Kerr, Lamont Johnson (Tarzan), Barbara Britton (Mr. & Mrs. North), Virginia Bruce and Groucho Marx.

There are new to the channel offerings from Abbott & Costello, The Third Man, Gangbusters, Lum & Abner, The Green Hornet, Romance of the Ranchos, Story of Dr. Kildare, Suspense, The Sealed Book, The Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Hopalong Cassidy, American Portraits, Mystery Is My Hobby, I Was A Communist For the FBI and more.


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  1. OMG! I just realized I missed one of the most important days in radio history — William Conrad’s 90th birthday was yesterday! Fortunately, Greg “Bless Your Heart” Bell has scheduled a William Conrad special throughout the week. I’ll be so happy to hear it. I love William Conrad’s voice and – no disrespect to Jim Arness — I think William made a much better Matt Dillon.
    Only 2 months till “Miracle in the Rain.” The radio works better but I still can’t get it throughout the house nonstop as I used to. This also means I can’t record as I used to.
    Too bad about Gloria Stuart. Everyone remembers her for “Titanic” and, as far as I’m concerned, she was the best thing about that movie, along with the iceberg. I do like the song ‘My Heart Will Go On” – I dedicate it to my mother who died many years ago but whom I still miss terribly. Anyway, what many may not remember is Miss Stuart had a small but sweet role in the movie “My Favorite Year.” Now Gloria Stuart IS the “Heart of the Ocean.” God Bless you, Gloria, and RIP. Gotta go – time for me to cook dinner.

  2. How disappointed I was I when I learned Sunday’s recordings were reruns from last week. So much for being able to enjoy the lineup at work.

    1. Good grief, I didn’t mean to only complain. I love this channel and I let my dad listen to it when he visits. He loves the kid stuff, Superman and The Green Hornet and The Shadow and Hopalong Cassidy. I prefer the comedies, Fibber McGee and Molly, Jack Benny, Bob Hope, etc.

      Either way, it’s a fun way to relive my dad’s childhood. 🙂

    2. The whole day was not a rerun. I think that it only happened until noon, and then it started to follow the schedule. I thought I was going senile because I was recording the morning shows and discovered I already heards these.

      Sad day. Gloria Stuart passed away. It seems that Greg was just celebrating her 100th birthday a few months ago.

    3. Sharon,

      A technical glitch at the broadcast level which was remedied by 10am ET on Sunday. Certainly not anything intentional, I am truly sorry, it inconvenienced you. Considering how sophisticated the digital satellite delivery system is for this channel, it is notable how rare such a glitch occurs.


  3. I like the interviews! I like insight into the actually behind the scenes work from the people who were there. I like to hear from the stars of today who have insight into OTR and maybe their influences from those days. I also like to hear about the technical wizardry that makes these shows sound so good today.

    Just as with (dare I say it) CiJ…you have choices so choose. There are plenty of things to listen to at any given time.

    As with anything else there are technical glitches. Alas, there may be no quick solution at the time but as long as we learn from them and do a good RCA (root cause analysis) they can be minimized and prevented in the future.

    Greg: Do what you do and do more of it…..there are not too many people left from the old days….I love the stories and back stories. It reminds me of the VH1 shows Behind the Music….or E! and True Hollywood Stories…..

  4. Really looking forward to this week since I am a big William Conrad fan and there are 2 Dragnet episodes as well. Now, if only someone would realise it is this week and start the new schedule. Hope we don’t get last week rerun. Sat radio is here to stay!!

  5. Congrat Greg. You are the god of old time radio. Has there been news lately of the Lone Ranger, Sgt. Peston, and Red Ryder. I realy miss those shows and I know that you hate it because you can’t play them. This week is one of my favorites also because this is Conrad week. I love the voice. Thanks for all your hard work Greg.

  6. Congrats on your anniversary! I love Radio Classics and would listen to When Radio Was if a local station still carried it. Thank goodness Radio Spirits has it online.

    Great schedule this week. Love the birthday tributes this week. William Conrad is a radio god!

    1. I agree. Great schedule this week. Now if they would only play it. Wake up guys. I know I’m not stuck in last week.

  7. Great bit of programing Sat. morning. 2 programs broadcast simultainiously. 1 for each. Keep up the great work guys. Does any one at sirius/xm pay any attention or do they just flip a switch on Fri. night and let the replays roll?

  8. According to a highly reliable source he compresses it and stores it in his cape.When he wants to put it back on he irons it with his heat vision.Go figure.

  9. I listened to the Superman special tonight after work while the traffic crawled. I started to wonder: exactly what does Clark Kent do with his suit when he changes into Superman? Does he leave it somewhere and have to go back to retrieve it? Got a fanny pack under the cape?

    Anyway, like John Schneider, I watched the old Superman shows on TV, but I saw them when they were new!

  10. I love Radio Classics and listen to it almost exclusively. I do switch over to Book Radio for Harry Nine….love that Jim French! Greg, I really enjoyed the interview with John Schneider. It’s amazing how this genre of radio is enjoyed by so many. I also love the pictures of the folks I love to listen to, nice to put a face with the voice. Kepp up the great work!

  11. I love old time radio programs. Two hour blocks of Jack Benny are a little much. I don’t understand the interviews with people like John Schneider who really had nothing to do with old time radio. If I wanted to listen to an interview I would tune in Oprah or David Letterman not Classic Radio. Kind of like hearing Perry Como on a Country and Western station.

    1. He is a major fan of the channel and the entire point of RadioClassics is to bridge the gap between Old Time Radio and present day entertainment. I think you may have missed the point of the channel.


      1. Blah, blah, blah. Some people have nothing better do than complain.

        There is something novel and unique about a special button that is on everyone’s satellite radio. Its called the Power button, use it if you don’t want to hear that kind of stuff or as I do when comedy is on, listen to something else, I don’t think Greg would mind as long as you come back to pay regular visits.

        I enjoy the change of pace Greg. Please keep the interviews coming!

  12. I agree that Satellite radio is a great invention. I hope it is here to stay, but I know that people got upset with the merger, lost some of their favorite stations, added more than channels that are not commercial free, and got slapped with additional fees such as royalty fees etc..(although satellite was not responsible for the fee.) All this has caused some customers to unsubscribe. That is what makes me nervous.

  13. Nice to know Bill, I hope that you are right.

    I have an idea. How about posting a mystery photo weekly and then keep us guessing of who it is with the answer revealed the following week.

  14. Congrats on you anniversary. We share something Greg. The 8th of OCT my wife and I will be married 27 years. Talk about long time listener, LOL. Looks like a great week coming up. Loved that interview you did last week with John Schnider and the fact that we learned alot about you in the process.
    I also loved the 2 hour block you did with the Jack Benny Show. I would love it if every week you (or the fans) pick a show and you feature it with a 2 hour block. What are your thought on that?

    Have a great week Greg

    1. I too loved the 2 hr. block of Jack Benny. Can’t get enough of him. Here where I live, a cable channel runs the old Jack Benny shows from the early 1950’s based on his radio show. Wow, how TV has changed.

  15. Ah, Careful there Michael or you may have to build yourself a doghouse.

    Congrats, Greg on your anniversary. Yep, these months just fly by. I stumbled upon an article on the internet about the future of satellite radio, and it looked very bleak. Of course you cannot believe everything you read, but I wondered if you have any insight as to the direction satellite radio is heading. If it does not survive, that would mean the end of Radio Classics. That would leave a lot of devastated fans.

      1. Lana,

        I don’t want to speak for Greg, but I think the future of Sat Rad is better than its ever been. The stock price is higher than it has been in a long time and from what I hear, they are rolling out some new generation radios over the next year.

        Every place you go on the web will have sat radio haters because it takes away from regular radio, internet radio, HD radio and everything else. Everyone of these so-called “journalists” who write these doom and gloom forecasts for Sat Rad often have an ax to grind with the company or are somehow involved with a different technology.

        From the things I have heard and read online, I feel more secure in the future of Sat Rad and of Radio Classics than I was, say a year ago.

        Of course it could be entirely different on the inside of the company, but I wouldn’t worry too much about the negative things you read about the company.

        And congrats on the anniversary Greg!

      2. Well put Matt. I have one of those HD radios in my car and belive me they are not so great. There are times driving around when it switches from HD to regular radio depending on reception. It gets annoying. I switched it off. Sat Radio is here to stay. Like Greg said in the interview, radio re-invented itself so will sat radio.

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