Oct. 3rd to Oct. 9th Radio Classics Shows

Hey folks – the schedule is ready and if you don’t already have it just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

Here’s what’s coming up; a new Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon (The Picture Postcard Matter from October 1956); two different Lux Radio Theatre episodes – The Stratton Story to honor June Allyson and Mr. & Mrs. Smith in honor of Carole Lombard.

Additional birthday week tributes for Damon Runyon, announcer Fred Collins (X Minus One, The Chase); composer Mel Dinelli (Suspense, Philip Marlowe); announcer Don Rickles (Nightbeat, The Whisperer, and no, not the insult comedian); Andy Devine and composer Walter Schumann (Dragnet, Dr. Kildare).

Other new offerings from Romance of the Ranchos, Bergen & McCarthy, Nick Carter, Lum & Abner, The Weird, Circle, Gangbusters and more.


7 thoughts on “Oct. 3rd to Oct. 9th Radio Classics Shows”

  1. I just love your show Greg, the comedies are my favorites but I easily get sucked into a good mystery and western! Thanks. I love plugging in my xm portable to my Grandma’s old Hi-Fi to listen to them from a nostalgic sound! It makes me forget my worries and these days there are many!! So thanks again for making us forget for a while and listen to some good old fashioned entertainment!!

  2. I enjoy the pictures. If it is know; can the origin or dates or circumstances be provided on occasion?

    Did everyone catch the Rogue’s Gallery with Dick “Mush-mouth’ Powell a few weeks ago? I rather enjoy the occasional flubs with actors that can ‘roll’ with it.

    1. Yes, I caught his flub. I was surprised they didn’t re-record that (I don’t believe that show aired live.) That said, the technology back then was probably rather challenging to make such edits … or, maybe everyone looked at it as more like live theater than a way to be perfect. (Anyway, kind of refreshing, too, to think that back then there was no such thing as reruns, so it airs once like that and that’s that … no worries.)

  3. I was happy to contribute one of this week’s photos [showing
    Marilyn Monroe with Jack Benny and Eddie ‘Rochester’

    You can see the larger version by clicking on the thumbnail.
    Rochester is stealing the scene, as Jack pretends to be
    annoyed with him, and Miss Monroe wears a wry expression.

  4. I am hoping we will not have any glitches as we had last Sunday. I am looking forward as always to the new schedule. I see one of my favorites again, Dr Kildare. YES keep them coming. I like Mr&Mrs North also..

    Wish to hear more of Box 13, Richard Diamond, Rogues Gallery too.

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