Oct. 10th to Oct. 16th Radio Classics Shows

Hey folks – the schedule is ready and if you don’t already have it just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

We are playing our annual Columbus Day Special with a themed episode of Life With Luigi as well as Stan Freberg’s skit, Columbus Comes To America.

Coming up we’ll have birthday week tributes for the following performers (among others); Jean Vander Pyl (Margaret on Father Knows Best, Wilma on The Flintstones); Lillian Gish; Jan Miner (Ann on Casey, Crime Photographer, Mary on Boston Blackie); Robert Hall (The Green Hornet); Benita Hume (Mrs. Ronald Colman); Paul Dubov; announcer Don Hancock; Berry Kroeger; Cornel Wilde.

Among the new episodes; a story of the American Revolution on the NBC series Inheritance, Bill Johnstone and Wally Maher on The Line-Up, Our Miss Brooks, Suspense, Lum & Abner, and more.


7 thoughts on “Oct. 10th to Oct. 16th Radio Classics Shows”

  1. Greg…do you get a warning as to when the Emergency Broadcast System test will interrupt? It interrupted my recording of Paul Frees as he plotted to attack the island in Misfortunes Isle (3/21/48)

    Heaven forbid they do that during the commercial breaks…..

    It is amazing how close the voices of Paul Frees and WIlliam Conrad happen to be…

    1. I don’t think there is any warning. I listen to The Virus, XM-202, in addition to our beloved 164 and when they are doing live radio, the test will come up. Then the guys will still be talking when their producer runs in and tells them that they have basically been having a conversation with themselves for the past 30 seconds as nothing they said went over the radio.

  2. I thought I was alone this week…..we go in cycles I guess.

    I have been logging funny issues and mistakes in my mind….

    Last week during The Third Man Orsen Wells started humming the zither music theme in the middle of the script. I wonder if he used the same method for this show as he did the Shadow?

    Greg: Did Orsen Wells write all of the scripts for The Third Man?

    1. I was getting so bored with not seeing any comments for this week that I looked back at the old ones. It is amazing how funny some comments seem now, but did not back then, especially the angry comments.

      Sorry Michael, I missed the Third Man last week.
      Hope to grab the new schedule while I am logged on here.

    2. Possibly. According to the Radio Goldin Index http://www.radiogoldindex.com/ (listed there as The Lives of Harry Lime); every time a writer is credited, it is Welles. There are a number of episodes though where the script’s author is not mentioned.


  3. I have been listening to some good shows last week and this week that are very appropriate for Halloween. I really enjoyed last week’s show “The Chase”.

    How are all you Bellbloggers doing?? No one has left any comments yet. Are you sleeping?

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