Oct. 17th to Oct. 23rd Radio Classics Shows

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready, just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

Leading this week will be Art Appreciation a two-hour tribute to famed radio announcer, actor and voice over specialist, Art Gilmore. In addition to playing series he announced for (The Adventures of Frank Race, Dr. Christian) I also have clips of Gilmore narrating TV’s Highway Patrol, voicing movie trailers (Some Like It Hot, It’s A Wonderful Life) and my interview with Gilmore’s nephew, producer and TV host, Robb Weller

We have birthday week tributes for the following folks among others; Joan Fontaine & Marsha Hunt (both 93 this week!), Barney Phillips, Hy Averback, Martin Blaine, Jean Arthur, Parker Fennelly.

Also lots of new to the channel offerings; a couple from Suspense, Romance of the Ranchos, Nightbeat, The Great Gildersleeve, Lum & Abner, Inheritance, American Portraits, Police Headquarters, Hopalong Cassidy, The Third Man and more.

Finally stay tuned here to the website, as I soon plan on adding interviews as heard on the channel.


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  1. How things have changed….October 10, 1948 Jack Benny listens to the World Series. Oct 23, 2010 and the league championships aren’t over yet. Before too long the World Series will be held during the Winter Meetings. (Baseball rant.)

  2. What is everyone’s favorite Halloween radio show or movie?

    My vote goes to “Donovan’s Brain” with Orson Welles and, for the movie, “The Haunting” (both the original and the remake).

    1. More than 30 years ago I saw “Halloween” on TV…lots of shocks in that one. A really spooky movie is “Magic” with Anthony Hopkins (1978), and the “Ghost Story” (1981) with Melvin Douglas, Fred Astaire, John Housman, and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

      I will always watch bela Lugosi as “Dracula”.

      But back to radio. When I was a teenager in the early 60s, one night I was listening to the radio and picked up a station from Denver. “Dracula” was being read and I especially remember the description of the Count climbing down the castle wall head first. The power of the spoken word!

  3. If you haven’t caught it yet, check out next week’s schedule. I think the ONLY thing I like about Halloween is the scary stuff on the radio. As a rule, I don’t like being scared but I love the scary stuff on the radio, especially anything with Boris or Vincent. I’ve had a LOT on my plate lately and my radio still doesn’t go past my father’s office but he moved the receiver so the stuff comes in much better. But I miss the olden days when I could listen anywhere in the house. I fear those days are gone…

    1. The best thing about the “scary” radio shows is you never see the monster…you have to conjure them up in your own mind…and what could be worse than a monster conjured from your own demons?! The suggestions on the radio show + your own fears = a darn good fright!! ­čÖé

      Hollywood should start leaving the monster behind the curtain again instead of trying to spoon-feed us our fright. The movies would be much more effective.

      1. Correct again Margo. The mind does conjure up the most horrible things imaginable. One of the best horror flicks was The Night of the Living Dead. Cheesy acting but great visual’s. To me one of the best horror flicks ever.

  4. Greg, I did not know that Robb Weller was Art Gilmore’s nephew; he’s been in quite a few things you might have seen, I believe he’s on the HGTV hosting team for the Tournament of Roses Parade every year; he was also the host of the syndicated version of the game show Win, Lose Or Draw for a couple years after the original host of that version of the show Bert Convy left, and as I recall Robb is from my neck of the woods: Seattle, Washington, in fact I believe he was a cheerleader at the University of Washington and is one of the many people that take credit for inventing the crowd cheer at sporting events known as the Wave.

    Actually a couple episodes of his version of Win, Lose Or Draw are up on youtube if you want to check them out, he actually does a decent job as a game show host.

    1. I agree with you Margo. It is Tuesday 11:30am Eastern and I keep checking for next week’s schedule but it is still not posted.

      I hope it is filled with “scary stuff”.

      1. Woohoo! Me too Lana! My kids and I used to play a game and hide behind doors and jump out at each other just to see who could scare who more. They were never afraid of “monsters under the bed” because I taught them to be scarier than the monsters!
        ­čÖé It was great fun!!!

        Have you ever seen “The Bat” with Vincent Price? It’s sssooo cheesy, it’s a riot. They use a rubber bat and when they want it to appear, it’s thrown across the room by someone off camera. My kids and I never laughed so hard!!

  5. What a tease, Greg! October 18th already and stlll no Halloween schedule! It must be a doozie this year if you’re still working on it. Hope to see it soon.

  6. Well another old time actress has passed away. Leave It To Beavers Mom, Barbara Billingsly (I may have spelled her last name wrong). She played the perfect mother on TV. I always loved watching that show when I was a kid. It was a fantasy family life but always wished it could be mine.

    Did she do any radio work Greg?

    1. Not that I have come across. Looks like she primarily was a TV star with small roles in a number of films. Let’s not forget how hilarious Barbara Billingsley was in the comedy Airplane as the translator of jive!

    2. I’m with you, Bill! I loved Barbara Billingsley as June Cleaver. I’ve forgotten the reason but I know there was one behind her always wearing pearls, even when she vacuumed. And though she was the typical 50s housewife, she was no push-over. She ruled that house and the boys really loved her even though they couldn’t understand her “womanly ways.”
      Barbara Billingsley, Donna Reed, Harriet Nelson and even Lucille Ball were all the quinessential 50s TV moms. Where did those good old days go?

  7. Love that Martion TZ with Barney Phillips! One of the all-time great twist endings. I was not sure who Barney Phillips was until I looked at the photo. Hence, the beauty of photos on blogs.

  8. Was wondering whether there ar efewer comedies being played than in th epast. If so, is that due to listener demand?

  9. I missed the Tony Curtis Tribute as well. Maybe it should have been posted on the blog since a lot of your listeners stay in touch at the blog.

    Nothing wrong with being a Dr. Kildare fan. I love the show too, mainly because it a good and different alternative to the comedy and suspense shows.

  10. I agree with Michael, we all need to know more about you and what you like. Say, didn’t Barney Phillips do some Twilight Zone episodes?

    I hate to atmit this but I really enjoy the Dr. Kildare episodes. It’s what you hope hospitals will be like but unfortunatly they are not.I KNOW. LOL.

    Lastly, did Tony Curtis do any radio shows. It would be great to do a tribute to him.

    Take Care Everyone


    1. Ah Bill,

      I am so sorry you missed the tribute to Tony Curtis, we pulled the schedule and everything to play it on the Friday and Saturday after his death. We dug up all kinds of fun clips, plus replayed the Jack Benny episode, I have where they poke fun at Tony’s film The All-American.


      1. So am I but I am very pleased that you did that. Another reason why you are a vital part of OTR. I’M sure it was great. Unfortunately I was ill and in bed. I watched last Sunday’s tribute to Tony Curtis on TCM. He was a fine actor and deserved the Oscar for The Defiant Ones.

        Thanks for the tribute to a classy actor


    2. Phillips did several TZ episodes, my favorite being the episode, “Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up”, where he played a 3-eyed person from Venus who runs a diner where a group of bus passengers get stranded by a snow storm, one of the passengers being…….what else?…a Martian.

      1. Forgot to mention, the other 3 he was in were:

        The Purple Testament
        A Thing About Machines

  11. yes it is great news….

    Greg: Will they be the same length or will you put longer segments up that you may not have put on the channel?

    I like the ones where you are ‘interviewed’ too….

  12. Awesome news! i know i’ve missed some of the interviews and I’d love to listen to the ones I did hear again!!

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