Oct. 31st to Nov. 6th Radio Classics Schedule

As usual, we begin with a reminder; you don’t have to wait until this posting to get the weekly schedule, it is usually available by Tuesday, just click below to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

Since we begin the week on Sundays; up first we have the Hitchcock Halloween special playing all day on The 31st – it begins at 6am ET and wraps up at Midnight ET –  East Coast Night Owls and West Coast folks will get a few more scary Halloween offerings afterwards beginning at 9pm PT – We have The Weird Circle’s version of “The Fall of the House of Usher” and “The Hand” followed by a couple from The Sealed Book (all new to the channel).

Once the first week of November gets rolling here are some of the highlights – we have a two hour Tales of the Texas Rangers special to mark the birthday of star Joel McCrea; to mark Burt Lancaster’s birthday we’ll present an hour long Ford Theatre version of “Double Indemnity” with Lancaster handling the Fred MacMurray role joined by Joan Bennett subbing for Barbara Stanwyck; There are Halloween carryover episodes including Escape’s Three Skeleton Key (you know, the rats and the lighthouse!); Suspense’s “Diary of Saphronia Winters” and “2462”; Mystery In The Air and “The Mask of Medusa” and so on.

Two other birthdays to mention; we’ll celebrate Art Carney with a new to the channel episode of The Big Story as well as his appearance on The Mysterious Traveler. And it’s Roy Rogers 99th on the 5th of November, so we’ll have him on The G.I. Journal and The Bob Hope Show.

Finally we note the passing of radio actor and prominent television and film director, Lamont Johnson. He died on Sunday, October 24th at age 88. We’ll have a tribute special for him on the week which begins November 7th.


18 thoughts on “Oct. 31st to Nov. 6th Radio Classics Schedule”

  1. I really enjoyed the “theme Sunday” of Hitchcock shows. Will there be any more? Any thought of “theme days” becoming a regular feature?

  2. I can’t believe that no one commented on the Hitchcock special. I thought it was a very good lineup although there were a lot of stories I have already heard before. It was a nice TREAT for Halloween.

  3. I’m guessing every one has their favorites (comedies and detectives for me) and it has to be near impossible to please us all. Still, Greg does an admirable job. To the few that constantly find something to complain about, it’s fun reading your posts but if it really bothers you, change the channel!

    1. Why do people always say change the channel? Maybe it is just feedback they are giving and if you don’t want to read it don’t.

  4. Hey everyone,

    If we have to endure Christmas in July every year, maybe we could balance it out by having Halloween in May! That would be fair, wouldn’t it? The Halloween schedule last week was wonderful. Thanks, Greg.

    1. Margo, you did not just invoke CIJ did you? I like the Halloween week just fine and since we have Suspense, Escape, Lights Out and others all year long there is a little Halloween every week.

      Like I said in an earlier post…it must be getting harder to schedule with so much more content available every month. I do remember the early days of the channel where it was impossible to ‘retire’ an episode for a year when it meant that the series itself may be missing for months at a time….Six Shooter was like that….

      I am still looking forward to the interviews section Greg has promised…

      Greg: have you reached out to all of the OTR stars still with us? Have any more of them agreed to interviews?

      1. OMG, I think I just did. Pardon my opinion, all to heck.

        But seriously…why not just mix up the whole darn year…we could have our birthdays five months earlier and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in November and Easter in the fall. Come on…we can’t just let Ch*****mas have all the fun!

        And, by the way, I DO change the channel…you can bet on that. If I didn’t have a difference of opinion, I wouldn’t be changing it to begin with ;o)

      2. Ah the fun we have here in Bell-Blog land….

        I pardon thee MargoLane and hope thee will pardon me…

        All in good fun…..I still say the next time Greg is on vacation we should have ‘listener picks’ all week….I still want to host…or at least do an intro or two….

    2. OK, Michael, I give up. What the heck is the Blue Beetle???

      I was researching Tallulah Bankhead on line. I wanted to find the face for that raspy voice of hers. She has quite a history though!!!

      I guess I am pretty naive to think that people did not use drugs like cocaine back then.

      1. Did you hear Tales of the Texas Rangers today? The had a line about smoking marijuana when referencing a murder. The sheriff stated that smoking marijuana can do that to a man…

        Anyway, the Blue Beetle was an attempt to create another crime fighter along the lines of the Shadow, Batman, Superman…Frank Lovejoy had the title role….not very good…

        Ask Greg what he thought

      2. Hhmmm…the Blue Beetle…sounds like “The Tick”, a kids show my children used to watch. Why were superheros always named after a bug you could squash with your shoe?? Riddle me that! At least Superman was “the man of steel”!

  5. Scheduling will be getting more difficult as I see it. With all of the ‘new to the channel’ episodes coming it has to be a tougher job.

    I do miss it when my favorites are not on during a week but I like ‘new to the channel’ episode of our regular shows and new to the channel shows.

    As long as we don’t get The Blue Beetle I will be fine….

    Thanks again Greg….I drove 700 miles Monday and had you all the way….

  6. I love the Whistler too, but Greg had to make room for the Halloween specials. I am looking forward to the Hitchcock special. Maybe we will get a double dose of the Whistler next week.

    1. Yup,

      Two Whistlers for the week beginning Nov. 7th, one with Jack Webb the other with Ira Grossel
      (Jeff Chandler)


  7. No Whistler, Greg!!! Just a reminder that we love the whistler, johnny dollar, jack benny!

    Never too much!

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