Nov. 7th to Nov. 13th Radio Classics Shows

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First a little sad news as we note the passing of radio actor and Emmy award winning director, Lamont Johnson (I mentioned it briefly last week) he died on October 24th at age 88. We have a two-hour tribute for him running on the channel beginning Sunday (11/7) at 6pm ET. It features a new to the channel episode of Suspense – Frankie and Johnny (with Dinah Shore as Frankie and Johnson as Johnny.) He’ll also be featured along side Mary Jane Croft on Crime Classics, Sydney Greenstreet on Nero Wolfe and as the title character on Tarzan.

If you have the time there is a wonderful archive interview on You Tube Lamont Johnson On YouTube Note: There are a total of nine parts.

Also this week, a Veteran’s Day Special featuring a new to the channel episode written by Norman Corwin, America At War from February 12th, 1942 as well as a Revolutionary War story on American Portraits, a Korean War story on Suspense and Corwin’s landmark end of WWII special Fourteen August narrated by Orson Welles.

Birthday tributes for June Havoc, producer/director Norman McDonnell, Robert Louis Stevenson and writer Robert A. Arthur.

We also will feature new to the channel episodes from Lum & Abner, Suspense, Romance of The Ranchos, Dr. Kildare, The Bickersons, Vic & Sade, Philip Marlowe, The Weird Circle, The Sealed Book and many more.


26 thoughts on “Nov. 7th to Nov. 13th Radio Classics Shows”

  1. Does anybody really paint a picture like Vincent Price in any Suspense or Escape episodes? I think not….

      1. Vivid is the word that hits me. He adds a texture that lets you see what he envisions…

        Or I am off the deep end of the pool.

  2. I went into the clock setting and turned off the feature to automatically update the time. Now I am on the correct schedule although that does not explain why it was fine on Sunday but not on Monday. Weird!!

    I wonder if our blog posting times will be correct now. I will have to check it after I submit my comment here.

    I like the play with Jimmie Stewart “The shop around the corner”. The end was very predictable but it still was a good change of pace story.

  3. The Rudy Vallee Show you have on this week is great. I watched him in The Palm Beach Story with Claudette Colbert and our favorite Texas Ranger Joel McCrea. This is one of my favorite movies. Mr Vallee was a wonderful actor. His Delivery and wit always has me laughing no matter how many times I see the Movie. So you can imagine how happy I was Monday to hear his show. That dry wit of his came out of my 8 speakers and I was again LMAO. Billie Burk as his side kick just enhanced his show. I hope you get more of his programs in the future.

    I had no Monday Morning Blues this week.


  4. My XM SkyFi 2 changes about a month before its supposed to..Little confusing at first but oh well..I think it was programmed at a certain point then the US changed the date a few years ago..

  5. I was wondering the same thing. What happens when daylight savings time ends? You have that extra hour to deal with yet, stay with the schedule. When daylight savings begins, and we lose and hour, you can just drop it from the schedule.

    My Inno reflected the correct time Sunday. On Monday it was back to the old time so my recording got all messed up. I don’t know how that happens when it should automatically pick up the correct time.

    1. Don’t feel bad. My Delphi XM2GO changed to Standard Time two weeks before it was supposed to. I didn’t notice it for about 2 or 3 days when I realized it wasn’t recording what I scheduled it to record. One day, in the far too distant future, electronic gadgets will work as they’re supposed to.

      1. My XMp3i forces you to turn the Daylight Savings on and off. When I turned it off it not only rolled back the time signal but rolled my recording schedule time back an hour….not mentioned in the manual.

      1. While admiring June Havoc’s attributes, I forgot to mention that she was the older sister of Gypsy Rose Lee.

  6. Wonderful schedule choices this week. RIP Lamont Johnson. I’m glad you are airing a tribute to this wonderful actor. I’ll have to check out the interview when things get a little less busy for me.

    Looks like a great linup for Veterans Day. It’s always nice to hear patriotic radio shows on days like that.

    Love The Black Angel Suspense episode with June Havoc. It’s one of my favorite Suspense episodes.

    1. If you were there for it, you now know! Hope all of you that were listening at that point enjoyed that hour long commercial free special. Greg

    1. Normally yes but her photo is some kind of publicity photo.

      The Lamont Johnson looks like it is from a film or some type of ‘at home and at ease’ photo….I like the back stories….

  7. Greg,

    Any chance we can get some background on the photos you post?

    The above Lamont Johnson for example…

    1. It was from his NY Times Obituary, not sure beyond that. Sorry.

      Did you watch the video? Well worth the time, even though he only briefly talks about radio


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