Giving Thanks – Nov. 21st to Nov. 27th Radio Classics Schedule

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so happy that so many of you folks are not only avid listeners to the channel, but that you also visit the website and participate with postings and emails! This really is a community, and I am so proud to be a part of it.

Leading the week, as you’d expect, are a number of Thanksgiving themed radio episodes including new to the channel offerings from Phil Harris & Alice Faye, Our Miss Brooks, Abbott & Costello and The Great Gildersleeve.

The real highlight, in my opinion though, is a two-hour birthday week special for John Dehner, one of the busiest fellas on the channel. I have three new to the channel episodes of Frontier Gentleman following the same storyline about Belle Siddons as voiced by Jeanne Bates Lansworth. We’ll also mark the birthdays of Howard Duff (Sam Spade), Boris Karloff (on Lights Out), Frank Graham (Romance of the Ranchos) and J. Scott Smart (The Fat Man).

We also will have a Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon; Lux Radio Theatre’s version of  The Count of Monte Cristo; and new episodes from Suspense, Gangbusters, Dr. Kildare, Romance of the Ranchos, The Great Gildersleeve, Harris & Faye, Blackstone and more.


24 thoughts on “Giving Thanks – Nov. 21st to Nov. 27th Radio Classics Schedule”

  1. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL MY RADIO BUDDIES, AFFECTIONATELY KNOWN AS “THE GANG” but especially to Greg Bell, who works so hard to give us such wonderful programming. I may not be able to listen as often as I used to or wherever I want as I had done previously, but I still LOVE Channel 164 and the wonderful radio shows Greg puts on each day. How lucky we are!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and especially to Greg, without whom we would not be listening to this great programming. Travel safely and keep warm.

  3. With all due respect to Mr. Dehner’s acting/voicing capabilities, I trust he kept to his knitting and did not write too many episodes after penning his gruesome lady and the fisherman tale. It was one of the more gratuitously violent and senselessly grotesque plays I have ever heard.

    Maybe I’m a bit sheltered, but I could see no rhyme or reason in that 20-plus minutes of meaningless mayhem and torture.

    Nice to know that side of the calm and gentle, violence-abhorring Frontier Gentleman though…!

    Thanks as always for the varied programming, Greg.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving everyone…

    Sorry Matt….I may be in NE Ohio now but I spent 36 years living in New England.

  5. Happy early Thanksgiving to Greg and all his Bell Bloggers!!! I hope you all will be rooting for my Detroit Lions tomorrow. They can use all the help and support they can get!

  6. Loved the John Dehner block. I know your rule about playing an episode and resting it for a year, but I think you could have bent the rule and played Earth Abides. It is really one of his best performances. But I am not a programmer you are and I am having just a bit of fun. All 4 choices you made were excellent.

    I really want to bring this up again. I am sure many listeners would love to get together with you for a OTR convention to talk about our favorite shows and to pick your brains about about the era. You could also bring a script of a show and pick people to play the parts. Record it and broadcast it one week. I am sure your listeners would get a kick out of that.

    Again Greg have a great Thanksgiving and I was just having some fun about the crack about Earth Abides.

    Take care

    1. Bill & Greg,

      Saddle up the horses and let’s ride!

      Yes we would!!!!!

      Agreed Bill…

      I really want to bring this up again. I am sure many listeners would love to get together with you for a OTR convention to talk about our favorite shows and to pick your brains about about the era. You could also bring a script of a show and pick people to play the parts. Record it and broadcast it one week. I am sure your listeners would get a kick out of that.

      1. Let’s just meet at Greg’s house….it will be like an episode of the CHASE….

        We’ll split up and comb the east coast knocking on doors and asking for Greg….

        Our job? Find him…

    2. I agree with you Bill! John Dehner is one of my 3 favorites — Bill Conrad and Orson Welles are my other 2 favorites. I feel the same about “Earth Abides.” I LOVE that episode of “Escape.” I’m trying to get through the book; it’s not hard – I just can’t concentrate as I used to.

  7. I Just heard Margret O’Brian and John Garfield on Suspence this morning. What great back to back episodes. I also loved the fact that you gave your daughter a shot at the mike with some info on Margret O’Brian (one of my favorite child actors). Better watch it, they grow up quick and she may try and take your job away. LOL

  8. Greg must be burning the midnite oil. I was pleasantly surprised to see next week’s schedule already available.

    Big Thanks!!!!

  9. With Greg as our mayor we have to be thankful for one thing….we are not taxed to be part of the community….

    Hey Greg, seen any new Red Ryder episodes kicking around?

  10. This morning did I hear Birdie correctly? Turkey was 48 cents per pound in 1942?

    Here is another Consumer Price Index comparison:

    48 cents in 1942 dollars would be $6.32 in 2009 dollars (can’t compare 2010 dollars yet).

    At my local supermarket, fresh turkey is 97 cents per pound, and frozen is 47 cents. A ButterBall frozen turkey is 99 cents per pound, and a fresh BB is $1.49 per pound. That $1.49 would be just 11 cents in 1942 dollars.

    It sounds like food, especially turkey, is a lot cheaper in 2010! Maybe that’s why so many of us (myself included) are creating giant shadows.

    1. The thing you have to remember is that turkey now days are only grown from birth to six months, that would be why they are so cheap today compared to 1942.

    2. I only remember turkey a few times a year as a kid. It probably has something to do with the current 24/7/365 turkey market we now have…

      I do enjoy comparing prices during the shows to today’s prices. There was a Dragnet episode where ham & eggs, toast, and coffee was 15-cents.

  11. Thank you Greg for trying to appease all of us. That cannot be an easy task. I think that your shows this week will help me ease into the holiday spirit. I have 20 guest coming to give thanks at my house (a record number) so I am hoping everything works out well.

  12. Great schedule this week. I’m really looking forward to the Thanksgiving specials. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

    Thanks for the Johnny Dollar. The Silent Queen is one of my favorite Johnny Dollar marathons. I think it’s the Old Hollywood tie-in.

    Great Birthday Specials this week: John Dehner has a fantastic voice and acting style. He definitely desires cudos. And of course, the fantastic Boris Karloff. Who can beat those pipes? And I adore Howard Duff as Sam Spade. The perfect blend of comedy and seriousness. I think that’s why I love Bob Bailey as Johnny Dollar, too. Serious, but not too serious.

    Best Wishes to all for a fantastic Thanksgiving Holiday!

  13. Ditto on the kudos, Greg. Great job, not only on scheduling and information buttons before and after programs, but especially on obtaining new programs. Is the Lone Ranger dispute still being ironed out?

  14. One thing im very thankful for is this channel and the way greg runs it. Its very entertaining and i always learn something. Greg the way you research everything and your interveiws really add to the channel. Being disabled you greatly improve my quality of life. Thanks so much

  15. Loved your intro Greg, we are a community and your our Mayor. We all have much to be thankful for. I do a lot of reflecting this time of year and count my blessings. One of the things I’m thankful for is this station and your insight on Old Time Radio. I spend many hours in the car with this station Greg, you really make the miles fly by.
    All you have to say is John Dehner and I am listening. What a voice. I will be looking forward to your Thanksgiving themed radio episodes.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everybody here, and a special Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Greg.

    1. Ditto on John Dehner..Because he is so identified with radio some tend to forget his television work..Just today I saw part of a “Bonanza” episode in which he played a Cavalry Captain..And he could play the “man of authority” either seriously or for laughs, as he did on “The Doris Day Show”..He was quite talented..

  16. Greg:
    Sounds like a good week..I have a question..I like “Romance of the Ranchos” What episodes I have heard, anyway..Was wondering where and how you got this program?..It wasnt a “famous” program by any means..It somewhat puts me in mind of a program aired in Ohio called “The Ohio Story” aired on radio and/or TV from 1947-1967..

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