Nov. 28th to Dec. 4th Radio Classics Schedule

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Hard to believe we are rolling into December folks! As the month builds toward Christmas we’ll be sprinkling in a few Christmas themed radio episodes – so this week expect a handful including ones from Bing Crosby, Jack Benny and Lux Radio Theatre.

We have birthday week tributes for Isabel Randolph (Mrs. Uppington on Fibber McGee & Molly); Rex Stout (Nero Wolfe’s creator); author Cornell Woolrich (his works are featured in a two hour Suspense special); Bob Readick; Mary Martin (featured on an episode of The Jack Benny Program); Richard Crenna (Walter Denton on Our Miss Brooks) & Ezra Stone (Henry Aldrich).

But the big one by far is two different two hour birthday week tribute to Elliott Lewis (born Nov. 28th 1917 in NYC). The actor,writer, producer and director will be honored with episodes of Suspense, The Whistler, Phil Harris & Alice Faye, Escape, Arch Oboler’s Plays, The Casebook of Gregory Hood, Crime Classics, Broadway Is My Beat and more.

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17 thoughts on “Nov. 28th to Dec. 4th Radio Classics Schedule”

  1. These days, that’s good enough. Glad to know we have another listener, maybe you can get your boss to join the blog too.

  2. Okay everyone….time to chip in for Greg’s Christmas gift…

    What do you get the man that has 40 years of radio libraries and the best in modern equipment?

    1. My brother is now a listener on Sirius 118…

      My boss listens in rental cars….SAT radio is part of our travel options for car rentals….I let my boss borrow my XMp3i player a few weeks ago and he listened to several Shadow episodes. He is hooked.

  3. Mandy, thanks for sharing the info about Woolrich’s book. Besides listening to OTR, I also love to read. I saw the book on for $50.00. Wow, I was not expecting it to be that expensive. How many pages is this book? For a good history on the author, wikipedia has info on him.

  4. Thanks Mandy. I did mean to say great grandson. My son is a film major and is wondering if they will bring that up in the new Green Hornet movie. While interesting I don’t think they will.

  5. Two items folks:

    1. I got a “Snap” XM radio for my truck replacing an “Xpress”. It works as advertised via the lighter plug to FM. With only an antenna wire and no tape grinding noise.

    2. When do the independence day shows in December start?


  6. Bill – The Lone Ranger’s nephew was Dan Reid, who was Britt Reid’s (the Green Hornet) father – So the Green Hornet was the Lone Ranger’s Great Nephew.

    1. There is a whole arc about the relationship. The episodes are:

      The Lone Ranger: Pico Gonzales (The Last Bullet) 02-05-47, Heading North 12-14-42; Design For Murder 12-16-42, Rope’s End 12-18-42; Law Of The Apex 12-21-42, Dan’s Strange Behavior 12-23-42; A Nephew Is Found 12-25-42, Dan Finds Crime 09-06-43; Mal Nugent (Rustler’s Return) 09-08-43, Bolivar & Hacksaw 03-08-44; Tricky 08-23-44, Frank, Luke Brady (North Star) 05-20-46; Mort Pierce (Cigars and Ashes) 08-06-54, The Green Hornet: Exposed 10-28-47; Graft Crosses A Bridge 11-04-47, Too Hot To Handle 11-11-47 (from

      The 1942 episodes explain the relationship. You can buy these episodes on Radio Spirits website. It’s called Lone Ranger/Green Hornet Generations

  7. Some great birthdays this week again. I can hardly believe that December is here! I love Elliott Lewis on Phil Harris/Alice Faye and I adore Crime Classics so those should definitely be good. Cornel Woolrich wrote such fabulous suspenseful stories. I just re-read his novel Fright, which was reprinted under the Hard Case Crime banner. I have to agree with Lana – he definitely looks strange in the photo. Maybe they were going for that look. Gotta love another Johnny Dollar. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. Bill..I can help out with your question..there was a story arc in the 1947 season when Britt Reid finally admits he is the Green Hornet to his father, Much to his surprise, his father is not shocked by the revelation and he explains that when he was a boy in Texas, his (father or uncle I cannot remember which) pursued a similiar career. He points to a photograph on the wall and tells Britt that that is him, and though the “Lone Ranger” is never mentioned by name, you heard the familiar William Tell Overture/Lone Ranger theme when Mr. Reid points out the picture. Perhaps there are more concrete references to the connection in other episodes, but this is the one I recall.

  9. Greg, my son asked me an interesting question. Is there an episode of the Green Hornet where the Green Hornet finds out that he is the grandson of the Lone Ranger?
    He is 20 and liking the old time radio. I proud.


  10. Wow, it is hard to believe that it is Christmas in …. December. Cornell Woolrich looks kind of strange in his picture. I am looking forward to the 2 hour suspense specials.

    I hope that everyone enjoys their turkey dinner tomorrow.

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