Dec. 5th to Dec. 11th Radio Classics Channel Schedule

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready, just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

This week we mark Pearl Harbor Day with a couple of annual specials – Norman Corwins’s “We Hold These Truths” – an hour long patriotic program which will also feature portions of my visit with the now 100 year old radio legend. Also back this year will be Lux Radio Theatre’s version of the motion picture; “The War Against Mrs. Hadley” starring Fay Bainter.

Some very significant birthdays this week led by Kirk Douglas (still with us and 94 on Dec. 9th). We have a two-hour special to honor the big screen leading man with three episodes of Suspense as well as The Screen Director’s Playhouse’s version of Douglas’s film “Champion.” During the special, I’ll be joined by channel fan and friend John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard, Smallville, Desperate Housewives) who starred with Douglas in the 1983 movie, Eddie Macon’s Run.

To mark Arch Oboler’s birthday, I’ll have two from Lights Out followed by an episode of Arch Oboler’s Plays.

Speaking of Arch Oboler’s Plays; we also bring back that series’ version of Dalton Trumbo’s (born Dec. 9th, 1905) – “Johnny Got His Gun” starring James Cagney.

To mark producer/director William Spier’s birthday we have new to the channel offerings from The Adventures of Sam Spade and Suspense.

And last, but certain not least, we are playing two different two-hour specials to mark the birthday of Agnes Moorehead. The multiple Oscar and Emmy nominee was a major radio star and we’ll have her in multiple episodes of Suspense and The Shadow.


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  1. The DRAGNET “Big Little Jesus” radio episode was actually culled from the soundtrack of the tv episode that aired the same week, rather than being separately performed in front of radio microphones.

    1. Ray,

      Where did you learn that? I can’t find any evidence that it was not a separate radio only broadcast. I know you know your stuff, so I believe you, just surprised to hear it.

  2. They are awesome Robin. When you watch the first get ready. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. I guarantee you will want to watch it all in 1 sitting.

  3. Michael – NE Ohio

    How are you?? I am in NE Ohio too but you are more north. So far in 3 days we got over a foot of snow and it isn’t done yet!!! Hope you are not buried alive.

    1. Actually we skated with only 8 inches Monday….

      I am travelling to Texas tomorrow with my computer and my XMp3 player full of recorded OTR…

      Alas, I have to come back Friday but I will be in Shreveport, LA for some cajun before I catch my flight Friday night….

    2. Michael –
      You must be a travelling salesman or something. Glad you still keep in touch with us. I hope you don’t forget your XM charger so you can enjoy your recordings whereever you are. You might not be able to find your house on the way back. It is day 5 and still snowing, another storm on Sunday. Yikes!!!

      1. My radio can charge off of USB….

        I am an engineer and my travel is not bad…just poorly timed. At least I am going south. My Texas conunterparts are heading to Canada next week…

        Going back a few weeks… the episode of Luke Slaughter sounded like a cross between Matt Dillion/Chester and Hoppy/California. It seemed a little dry for a ‘hero’…

  4. Bill,

    I am also a fan of TCM and AMC. Don’t appologize for your feelings. The purpose of the blog as Greg explains, is that its purpose is for bloggers who want to talk or ask questions of whatever they would like to talk about.

    There is no doubt that the movie and radio actresses from that era were very glamorous and the male actors were handsome and irreplacable. Even the writers were better than what we have now. Maybe that is why so many are turning back the dial. Yet, they were far from perfect as they struggled with alcoholism, drugs, and marital problems etc… Goes to show that some things never change.

    1. This channel is great for us folks traveling across the country because the stories keep you alert seeing in “your minds eye” all the action that is going on just from listening. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to think about what’s happening and not to just be bombarded by visuals. I print the channel guide every week and set a alarm so I don’t miss “my shows”. My friends who are less computer savvy call to learn when their favorites are coming on.

      When at home I love to watch TCM, I quit watching AMC when they started editing the shows to fit time slots. Movies and radio shows are meant to be seen and heard as they were originally made. The movie stars, back when they were really stars, had all the problems that we have today. The media back then wasn’t as “gotcha doing something” as they are today. The glitz and glamour was persevered for all of us to wish for.

      1. Hi Trucker Bob!

        I quit on AMC too, when they added commercials and cut content to do it. I do make an exception for Mad Men, but that’s about it.

        Be safe on the roads!

    2. My TV viewing is usually TCM and C-SPAN. AMC isn’t much good for movies, but the new series they run are good: Mad Men and Walking Dead.

      The other night my 20 year old daughter was in the kitchen baking something and listening to music…I heard the crooning of Bing Crosby! She also goes dancing at the clubs with friends, so she has an eclectic taste in music…and everything else, such as a discussion we had about important silent films. I hope it is in her DNA.

      1. We have all of the Walking Dead episodes on the DVR, but haven’t had time yet to watch. Anybody else seen them?

  5. I know this has nothing to do with this weeks schedule but I just watched a movie with Ronald Colman and Greer Carson called ,
    Random Harvest. It was such a beautiful movie. I know we all listen to Mr Colman on the Jack Benny program and The Halls of Ivy and Ms. Carson on many radio programs, especially the one she did with Bogart The African Queen, but these two were also Great Actors.
    I have a question for all my OTR friends and you also Greg. How many of you watch Turner Classic Movies? My 2 favorite forms of entertainment are OTR and TCM. Listening to all these great actors and actresses on your channel Greg and watching them on TCM just confirms what I always knew. The actors and actresses of today can’t hold a candle to these wonderful pioneers of movies and radio from long ago. Again I apologize for bringing up something that has nothing to do with the weeks schedule (which as always is wonderful) but there are times like today when I get melancholy. I always say I was born 37 years to late. I work hard for my family and when I fell low all I have to do is either turn on OTR or TCM and it puts me right.

    So who here feels like I do? Greg, I want an answer from you on this.


    1. Hi Bill,

      I, too, was probably born too late. For years my family has teased me about only listening to the music, or watching movies full of, “dead people”. That is, until I caught my son enjoying the Three Stooges!

      Greg, thanks for all you do – I don’t know what I’d do without my Radio Classics.

      Happy Holidays!

    2. I too watch TCM. Random harvest has been on twice within a month and I watched both times. Great movie with a superb cast. Getting off the subject a little, I also enjoy the Military Channel and Hisyory Channel.


      1. Sorry for the typo. Should be History not Hisyory. Eyes and hands do not work so good togrether anymore.


  6. Either John Schneider is remarkably well preserved, or there was a typo referring to the movie, Eddie Macon’s Run, which was released in 1983, rather than 1938..Great Schedule this week, Greg!

    1. Corrected! Thanks for pointing that out. See what happens when you have a job where everything you play was from between 1930 and 1962!


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