Jan. 9th to Jan. 15th 2011 Radio Classics Show Schedule

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready, just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

A new to the channel this week (this month, this year) Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon kicks off this list of highlights. The Curse of the Kamoshek Matter is from September 1956 and although it played out over five consecutive weeknights back then, as usual, RadioClassics will feature it as an hour plus all in a row special.

We also debut a couple episodes of The Green Hornet which have not been aired or previously been released since they originally played on consecutive weeks back in the April of 1944. Throughout this month, which not only includes the release of a film version, but also marks the 75th anniversary of the series (January 31st, 1936); I’ll have many more new to the channel Green Hornet episodes airing.

Among the birthday’s being celebrated – William Bendix (The Life Of Riley); Lon Clark (Nick Carter); child star Margaret O’Brien (Suspense, Command Performance); musician Cy Feuer (Escape) and Steve Dunne (Sam Spade).


One additional treat (courtesy of channel fan, Ray F.) follow this link to see an animated take on My Favorite Husband. Note: there also is a Part 2 & Part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmHvq2LfupQ&NR=1

26 thoughts on “Jan. 9th to Jan. 15th 2011 Radio Classics Show Schedule”

  1. Hi Greg.

    I want to say thank you for this station. It’s the #1 reason that I subscribed to Sirius radio. Keep up the good work!

    Excellent episode of Nightbeat last night. It’s amazing how good that show is! Most nights now, I tune into the radio instead of the TV! I really enjoy the spy/espionage shows, as well as my favourites, Gunsmoke, Dragnet, Jack Benny.

    Any chance of you playing The Voyage of the Scarlet Queen?

    Thanks again,
    Joe Friday

  2. Lana, you are right…these episodes are superb. I listened to one on my daily lunch strolls and it was excellent!

    Thank you, Greg, for bringing them to our attention…!

  3. I wish I would have known about the Kildare episodes, Bill. You should have sent us a post so that fans could have tuned in. The good thing is that next week Greg is airing 2 episodes of Kildare.

    Thanks Greg for Kildare x 2. I guess it pays to ask nicely.

    1. Your right Lana, Shame on me. Next time I see something like that I will make sure to post it here. They were fun movies.


  4. looking for a little help here. Last week Greg broadcast the episode that was called “Zero Hour” (i believe it was called that) which was about the kids who were playing the game “Invasion”
    i’m having difficulty finding that episode because of another episode with the same name that was broadcast on several series. can anyone point me to the correct one?



    1. Ray Bradbury’s story “Zero Hour” was produced on Dimension X on June 17th, 1950; Suspense on April 5th, 1955; X Minus One on December 5th, 1956; Suspense on May 18, 1958 and I’m sure there are others.


      1. Thanks Greg. that’s the same info i found. I guess i need to listen to the episodes i have in full..

      2. Sorry didn’t realize you are asking for the exact one I played last week – it was Escape’s version from October 4th, 1953 with 10 year old Isa Ashdown, narrated by John Dehner with William Conrad as the voice of Escape.

  5. I record the shows on 2 VHS tapes. Sun, Mon. and Tues. Then I record the 2hr. block on to cassette, omitting repeats from previous years.Thank you Greg Bell……

  6. Hey Michael (old engineer),

    You can’t be that old. Wow you must record all day timeslots. Since I don’t have all that room on my inno, I have to listen to all the shows I recorded within a week or else I will lose them. I guess that is one way to either limit recording time or increase listening time.

    1. I can actually get them off of my XMp3i player by recording them to my computer with some freeware….sorry XM but make the radio with more recording time and I won’t have to do it this way….

      Seriously, if I could skip the commercials in my recording it would be easier…..

      I can’t let the shows play when I work as concentrating on two totally different things short changes one for the other….

      I am listening now during lunch….

      I may not be that old but the new generating is very much younger…old time radio to them is 1990s….

      1. I may not be that old but the new GENERATION is very much younger…old time radio to them is 1990s….

        sorry for the glaring typo

  7. Lana,

    Just call it holiday hangover….I am so far behind on what I recorded I may not catch up until May.

    I wonder if Sirius-XM knows how many people listen to a given station.

    Greg, are there any statistics on this? It would make an old engineer happy

  8. Greg, might you consider a requested top 10 or 20 for sometime in 2011 to get a good assessment of what your channel’s listeners really enjoy listening to?

    Maybe, it’s just me, but there are many unlistenables (mostly the comedies and varieties) that could still have their proportion of time slots as the audience prefers, but it’d be great if a meatier proportion of your schedule were devoted to programs for which your audience actually voted.

    I know I can change the dial whenever I wish, but I know I’d be a more consistent listener (and bearer of those nasty ‘call 1-800’ drones) if the majority of your audience requested the shows that I think would resonate with my tastes as well.

    Thank you for your kind consideration.

    1. I have thought of the same thing myself several times, but after “discussions” with my better half have realized that it would be an exercise in futility. We agree on the detectives and mysteries, but she hates the comedies (which I love) and loves the science fictions (which I hate). And given the size of this (OTR) community, I seriously doubt if even a quarter of the people who listen would even vote, much less even visit this great blog site. And you are absolutely correct on those misleading 1-800 ads, but guess who pays the bills, at least most of them?

    2. I like the idea, also, of letting listeners select the shows they like and would prefer to hear – a top 20 or something like that, Greg.
      This afternoon, I had planned to sit in my Dad’s office where I can still get excellent reception, and listen to the great stuff on “my” channel.

      I spent the afternoon “practicing” Excel by putting my own version of the schedule into it. The shows I like, the original air date, episode, type of show and air dates during the week. It took a LONG time but now I have it and it looks great!

      1. I also listen to OutQ XM98 and every year they have a listener survey and you can tell what you like and don’t like. I would like to see something like that on OTR. Even if you are out voted at least you would get a say.

  9. Lana,

    I take it your going to see The Green Hornet movie that comes out on January 14. I know I’m planning on seeing it. By the way if you think of it. ALL of these shows are repeats. :-}

    1. I’m looking forward to seeing the new movie. I’m recording the series (atleast what Sci Fi Channel is showing) tomorrow from 10am to around midnight, something like 28 episodes). be fun for the fam to watch since my boys are not old enough to see a PG-13 movie yet..

  10. I see where Margot Stevenson died on January 2, 2011. She was one of the actress who played Margot Lane on “The Shadow”. Rest in Peace Margot!

  11. The blog is looking very quiet these days. I am not a fan of the Green Hornet but maybe I will become one after listening to the new episodes in store for this month. It seems that I have heard several repeats of other shows, which happens when you been a listener for a couple of years.

    I am looking forward to some new Sam Spade.

    Greg – I wonder how many Dr. Kildare radio episodes were made and how many you have access to airing to the channel. I have only heard a few in the past months.

    1. Lana, I found about 60 of ’em, which could be the entire lot, as it aired from Feb 1950 to August 1951, I think. They’re all very carefully, and medically quite accurately written, and superbly and sincerely well played — crusty Barrymore is a special gem.

      1. I watch the Dr Kildare marathon on TCM during the Christmas Holiday. They were well done. Hospitals are not like that anymore, I can tell you that LOL

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