Jan. 16th to Jan. 22nd 2011 RadioClassics Show Schedule

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready, just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

Leading off this week will be a hour long tribute to actress Margot Stevenson, who passed away earlier this month at age 98. We’ll play two 1938 Shadow episodes with Stevenson playing the character named for her, Margo Lane. Orson Welles is both Lamont Cranston and The Shadow.

We also bring back Poe Man’s Radio for the 9th year as we mark the birthday of Edgar Allan Poe with both a two-hour and separate one-hour specials. It includes new to the channel versions of a couple of his stories as presented on The Weird Circle.

Other birthday tributes: Cary Grant; George Burns; J. Carrol Naish, Tudor Owen (Jocko on Pat Novak For Hire) and DeForest Kelley (McCoy on Star Trek heard in a Suspense episode).

Not to miss – a Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon as well as a couple more new to the channel this week episodes of The Green Hornet as we build toward the series 75th anniversary on the 31st of January.


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  1. Greg (or someone else),

    Can you tell me the name of the Lights Out episode that was played on Thursday, at 3:30am eastern time (just before George Burns)…I only heard the last few minutes and would like to hear the whole thing.

  2. I was listening the other day and was caught up in a story where a guy down on his luck in Havana takes money to deliver a letter but is almost killed. Does anyone know the name of that show?

    Also another one set in havana where this guy is accused of murder but a woman named Midnight saves him.

    Please help with the names.

    And I hate that Siruis online does not have Radio Classics.

    1. The first one was The Chase. It was just on and will be on later. the other was with Cary Grant and should be on tomorrow.

  3. I’ve always wanted a ‘free’ editor who would hover over my every written
    word, and thanks to TLones, I finally have one.

    The Green Hornet TV series not only had a great “buzz” in 1966-67,
    it continues to sell well today in DVD collections, and two feature-
    length movies which are compilations of some of its episodes. It
    also launched the great career of BRUCE LEE, introducing martial
    arts to mainstream television (which was quickly copied by other
    network shows).

    The production quality of the show, and its large cult following,
    unquestionably contributed to the decision to make the current
    major motion picture.

    I stand by the statement that the Green Hornet TV show was a
    “hit”…. it still has legs, and wings, even today 44 years later!

    1. Jim:
      I can’t disagree that the Green Hornet as a franchise “has wings”, otherwise the movie might not have been made. Usually a TV series only lasting one season isnt considered a hit generally speaking..I personally like the Green Hornet TV series very much..All that said, I certainly didnt mean to offend in any way..

    2. I was listening the other day and was caught up in a story where a guy down on his luck in Havana takes money to deliver a letter but is almost killed. Does anyone know the name of that show?

      Also another one set in havana where this guy is accused of murder but a woman named Midnight saves him.

      Please help with the names.

      And I hate that Siruis online does not have Radio Classics.

  4. The new Green Hornet movie is a bust. This usually happens when a movie/series is re-made. You would think since makeovers are unsucessful the producers would quit doing it or have better writers. I would not even give it one star. Brent Reed was portrayed as a complete idiot. Kind of takes the wind out of your sails after all of the anticipation.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Dr. Kildare. I know I won’t be disappointed.

    Arch Obler had quite a few shows with the of anti-axis. Most sent very strong messages. Lights Out is another of my favs.

  5. Dr Kildare alert. On Saturday 1/29 at 6 am on TCM “Dr Kildare” goes home will be on. If you enjoy the radio show I highly suggest you tivo this movie. Kildare goes home to help his dad open a clinic, upsetting his mentor Dr Gillespie and his bride to be Mary Lamont. These were fun movies to watch and after watching them makes you wish doctors and hospitals were like that today



  6. I saw the Green Hornet this weekend and while the 3- D was awesome, the storyline and portrayal of Brent Reed and Kato was in my opinion silly. It was #1last week but I predict that this movie will drop in the standing’s like a lead balloon. I laughed. I was impressed with the special effects, but I was very disappointed in the movie over all.

    Just my opinion


  7. Anti –German and Anti- Japanese Themed Radio after WWII

    First you have to understand what happened to Germany after WWI ended. We (Allied countries) basically left Germany to rebuild themselves without help or support. In some circles it is thought that this attitude/action caused Hitler’s uprising.

    After WWII we took the lessons of post-WWI….

    The US offered Japan economic support and military protection in return for long term base facilities and a promise that Japan would not rearm and become a threat again. The why is really quite simple. First, there was the widely held belief (seen in the implementation of the Marshall plan in Europe, too) that leaving our enemies devastated and in poverty and desperation would only invite the rise of dictators like Hitler, or worse (in the eyes of the Truman administration, and probably correctly), of Communist dictatorships.

    In the United States we had a rash of anti-Axis programming, The Green Hornet, Superman and Batman were prolific radio shows of the times and they indeed carried the pro-United States theme making the antagonist fit the war.

    Many other shows followed suit but the shows with teenage audiences and younger audiences succeeded with the format. Some of these shows were even subsidized by the US War Department to boost morale among the people of the United States.

    Episodes of these radio shows were retired after the war so that the animosity towards people of German, Japanese, and Italian decent was not revived by rebroadcasting. It was feared these groups would be targeted by ‘patriotic’ Americans for abuse or discrimination. Hence the disappearance of many of these episodes….

    Just a little research with comments from Mom and Dad (US Army Air Corp Major WWII)

    Arch Obler also had some plays dealing with this….

  8. TLones:

    Thank you for the correction about WXYZ. The ‘Green Hornet” was also
    a smash ABC-TV show hit in the mid-1960s, co-starring a then-unkown
    BRUCE LEE as Kato.

    1. I wouldnt call the Green Hornet a big “hit” for ABC exactly. The show lasted one year on Friday Nights (1966-67) on the heels of the “Batman” TV craze, which was beginning to die down by mid-’67..Also, NBC had an unaired pilot of Dick Tracy by the Batman/Green Hornet producers that was made in 1967..Here’s the opening and closing to it..


      Eve Plumb, later known as Jan on the Brady Bunch, was in the cast for this series..

  9. Green Hornet Information I dug up….

    Britt Reid/The Green Hornet:
    Al Hodge (1936-1943);
    Donovan Faust (1943);
    Bob Hall (1944-51);
    Jack McCarthy (1951-1952).
    Kato: Tokutaro Hayashi (a.k.a. Raymond Toyo); Rollon Parker; Michael Tolan.
    Lenore Case, Reid’s secretary and occasional Sentinel photographer: Leonore Allman.
    Michael Axford, a Sentinel reporter: Jim Irwin (1936-1938); Gil Shea (1938-1952).
    Ed Lowry, another Sentinel reporter: Jac Petruzzi.
    Newsboy (who closed each episode, almost invariably, by shouting the headlines after the crime is solved, ending habitually with “Green Hornet Still at Large!!”): Rollon Parker.

    1. Most credit Faust as the Hornet until September of 44 when Robert Hall took over.

      Thanks for the rest though.


      1. There is a gap in the listings I have for the exact time period as the new OTR episodes you just played….did I just say new/old?

  10. The amazing vitality of the GREEN HORNET franchise was proven again this
    weekend when the new “Green Hornet” movie opened # 1 at the Box Office, cashing an estimated $34 million in ticket sales…twice the total for the # 2

    The 1930s creation of radio geniuses at Detroit’s station WJR … Britt Reid,
    Kato, the Black Beauty, are all lapping the Field this week. Another sign of
    Classic Radio’s staying power and its continuing relevance.

    Hey, we’re just getting warmed up here!

    1. The Green Hornet, as the new to the channel episodes mention, was created at WXYZ Detroit rather than WJR..Amazing that the Movie is doing so well, despite some less than glowing reviews..

      1. While it would be nice to credit the staying power of The Green Hornet, I believe the movie’s opening weekend success is more about Seth Rogan than about the character.

      2. I could not agree more Greg. Seth Rogan fans are the ones who flocked to the theaters to the the movie. My 20 year old son thought it was great. Real Green Hornet fans will find it disappointing. I predict it’s second week performance will drop by 50% and maybe finish 4th or 5th.

    2. Hi Greg:

      The handy ‘Box Office Mojo’ website states this is Seth Rogan’s first box office success since the 2008 ‘Pineapple Express’. Box Office Mojo adds that his next 3 films, (“Zack and Miri”, “Observe and Report” and “Funny People”) were all financial “disappointments.”

      So maybe the Green Hornet franchise helped Mr. Rogan at least as much as Mr. Rogan helped the Hornet. Let’s Roll. Kato !

  11. Ah, tis a good week for stories me boy….leave the bottle

    I’m a doctor not a picture on an OTR website….

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