Jan. 23rd to Jan. 29th, 2011 Radio Classics Schedule

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready (usually posted Monday evening), just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

Here’s what we have coming up during this week; another Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon; Lux Radio presents the film “Lady In The Lake” with Robert Montgomery as Philip Marlowe; two more new to the channel this week episodes of The Green Hornet as we continue to mark the upcoming 75th anniversary of the debut of the series (January 31st, 1936); additional new episodes of The Story of Dr. Kildare; Phil Harris & Alice Faye; Abbott & Costello; Suspense;Romance Of The Ranchos; Our Miss Brooks and many more.

Birthday week tributes for W.C. Fields; Portland Hoffa (The Fred Allen Show); Howard McNear (Doc on Gunsmoke); Victor Mature; Arnold Moss and writer Gwen Bagni.


21 thoughts on “Jan. 23rd to Jan. 29th, 2011 Radio Classics Schedule”

  1. I just listened to Samson and Delia. I have never seen the movie but am going to Best Buy to buy it. It Sounded Great.

    Remember “Dr Kildare Goes Home” on TCM tomorrow at 6 AM.

    1. One of the very best movies I ever saw. Remember seeing it as a tyke. The don’t make movies like they used to.

      This radio version is good too. Victure Mature was a great actor, didn’t die too long ago.

  2. Greg~Thanks for such a great channel! Is there any way you can post the quote from this weeks Johnny Dollar episode? Was it Kalika? Thanks again, I’ve been listening for years!

  3. Greg,

    Is there a place you know of where I can find OTR schedules? I’m just curious to see the choice people had during the Golden Age…. I would also be curious about what shows played opposite each other in prime time slots.


      1. Did you have any luck? I tested it on my PC with IE and also on my Mac with Firefox and it links up fine. Let me know if you or others can’t see it. Thanks.

  4. No wonder some blog entries don’t make any sense and are impossible to follow. Either they are disappearing or being deleted.

    1. Indeed….that nickel changed my life…..if only everything I tried since then was only a nickel….

  5. It’s Sunday night and I’m watching The Palm Beach Story on TCM instead of the Jet/Steelers game. I guess that shows where my loyalties lie. Rudy Valie is a riot in this movie. He steals every scean he’s in.

    Greg, are there Amy more Rudy Valie Shows with Willie Burke coming soon?.

  6. It looks like many blogs have disappeared here, so once again I appologize Michael for being too abrasive.

  7. It’s like going back in time….

    I first saw Victor Mature as Samson….then I sent in my nickel for the Charles Atlas workout material that was advertized in comic books and bubble gum….

  8. Ok…just to be clear: this is a great station and I hope it shines bright for ever. It has opened up a whole new world for me as I can not tolerate today’s Hollywood swamp pretending to be entertainment.

    I now have an MP3 library of over 6000 of my newly discovered favorite programs for a total cost of just over 1 cent each, including postage.

    I will be eternally greatful to Greg Bell for opening up this alternate entertainment universe for this great satellite station’s many listeners.

    Warm regards and much respect to all.

  9. I am addicted to Radio Classics on Sirius. I only wish you could access the station online and/or through the Android/Apple application.

    I just stummbled upon the station, as I normally listen to Howard, Dr. Laura, Spa, and NFL Network.

    The Radio Classics really sparks the imagination, I just wish children had access to this, I think that they would love it.

    My only issue is the I don’t like the Green Hornet and can’t wait until it’s gone.

    1. I also wish I could get Radio Classics on my computer. But this is about money. If you could get it on your smart phone or computer then they would lose sales on the satellite radio devices need to listen to Sat Radio. Maybe in the future we will be able to access RC on our smartphone.

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