Jan. 30th to Feb. 5th, 2011 Radio Classics Schedule

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready (usually posted Monday evening), just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

Hey folks, hope all is well! Here what’s coming up;

A Man of Steel Marathon; The 75th Anniversary of Debut of The Green Hornet and lots of additional new to the channel episodes.

Birthday week tributes for Clark Gable (Lux Radio’s The Buccaneer); Ida Lupino (Suspense – The Bullet); Janet Waldo (Miss Piper on The Great Gildersleeve); Conrad Binyon (Junior on The Life Of Riley); Clarence E. Mulford (creator of Hopalong Cassidy) and more.

Additional new to the channel shows from Suspense; The Sealed Book; Bergen & McCarthy; The Chase; Romance Of The Ranchos; Lum & Abner; Dr. Kildare; Gangbusters; The Big Story


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  1. I can’t seem to get the end of the story with the professor who is being followed by his own personality. I also get out of the car at the time he goes home drunk from meeting with himself in the bar. Can anyone please feel me in.

  2. I wish sirius would add radio classics to the internet and the apps, because once I get out of my car i lose the story middle of it and/or right at the end.

    Also would like less funny shows and more detective stories.

    How do you add a photo.

    1. Go to your “dashboard” that’s your personal info page. You will see a option to upload a picture. It’s easy to do.

      Greg has a hard job. You like detective stories, someone else may like more science fiction over detective stories. Greg does a great job giving equal time to each genera. When something comes on that I may not like I check out other Sat radio stations and come back when that show is over.

      I don’t do that often Greg. 😉

      1. Bill you are so right, Greg has a tough job. I too try to stay tuned even through the stuff I am not fond of.


  3. Fans of Dr Kildare’s star Lew Ayres must watch TCM tomorrow night at 10 pm est in what I believe was his first film. The Academy Award winning “All Quiet On The Western Front”. It’s a great movie and you get to see this fine actor as a mere boy.


  4. Though I missed the first 10 minutes, it seems that the Romance of the Ranchos episode about William Mulholland and the water needs of Los Angeles left out an important detail: the 1928 St Francis Dam disaster. The collapse of this dam, designed by Mulholland, brought an end to his career in 1929. He died in 1935.


    Here’s a link to info about the Mulholland Memorial Fountain, which was mentioned at the end of the show:


    1. You beat me to it Don, but you did a better job then I would have by putting in the links about the dam collapse. I watched a Discovery Channel show about that flood and the engineer “William Mulholland” who built it over a year ago. After listening to Romance of The Ranchos yesterday, I too was surprised that there was no mention of that disaster.

      What a great blog site this is where a Blogger like Don gives us a history lesson about an episode of a great show we enjoy.

      Thanks Don.

      1. Thanks for the good words, Bill…all this is certainly worht the cost of the tuition! I lived in southern California for a number of years and enjoyed watching Huell Howser tell stories about California on KCET…he does a pretty good job for a good ol’ southern boy.


  5. Hmmm…a lot of lively debate here about programming schedules, why this one and not that one, why at this time why not at that, and the like.

    I just listened to two Whistlers at the gym, and two more (out of a total of 360 at my fingertips) while getting a few rays in the back yard. And one of my 812 YTJDs awaits this evening. Planning several I Was a Commie and TTR episodes during the Super Bowl…Matt and Jace are the best! Honest, hard working lovers of this great country.

    Thank you so much Greg for unearthing these treasures of yore.

      1. We had a ray today at 12:02pm…it lasted for 3 minutes. The Air Force did not respond to the bright orange UFO sightings…

  6. I’m new to the blog, and I love it.

    Two questions (eventually):

    1. A favorite series of mine is “I Was A Communist for the FBI”. It’s my understanding that J. Edgar Hoover encouraged the production of “This Is Your FBI”. Did he also support “I Was A Communist for the FBI”?

    2. I recently heard an episode of “The Third Man” that had a plot very similar to the Newman/Redford movie “The Sting”. Did the author of “The Sting” give credit to “The Third Man” for the basic storyline?


  7. I like the rotating format. I have listened to XM164 since 2004 and the format is just about right. If you look at the weekly schedule you can see that there are very few, if any, repeats in a specific time slot throughout the week. This used to be an issue.

    Since I have a radio that can record shows I find it easier to get all of my favorites. The rotation helps me when I am in the car and not listening to my recorded content. If I found the same thing everyday I would have to switch channels.

    If Greg went to a serialized format or specific slots for specific shows the opportunity to hear a show is greatly limited by your listening time and time zone.

    I created my own spreadsheet that takes Greg’s schedule and breaks it into 2 recording schedules for my XMp3i unit and also breaks it into the block repeat format. This helps me know what I have missed and when I can catch it again.
    I will gladly send this to Greg and he can email it to anybody who wants it. You just paste Greg’s weekly Excel schedule onto one page of my sheet and the rest takes care of itself.

    Don’t change the rotation Greg. It is where it needs to be. More interviews and insight into the genre and the current broadcasting of it would be fantastic too…

    1. Mike, there is nothing wrong with a rotating format. I’ve been a Sirius listener for about 7 years. Did you ever hear the old Sirius format? When I started listening it was mon.-fri. in a 6 hr. block which then went to 8 hour blocks. You had 3 chances a day to hear a program. Weekends they mixed it up with what you heard all week,gave you a chance to hear what you missed. If you look it out, that format gave you 40 hours a week of fresh programs compared to 36 hours a week as is the case now. And I believe about the same or better chance to hear a specific program. There are ways of doing it differently to get a balance where you can hear more variety. Please don’t be closed minded. Oh, and we all don’t have the option to record.

      1. I went with the recording option because of travel in and out of North America…

        Even if I don’t record I get a pretty good sampling of shows with 90 minutes of driving each way everyday.

        It also makes it easier renting cars. Most do not have Sat radio but most DO have an AUX input.

        I only listen to about 5 channels on XM. 90% of the timeit is 164…My daughter bought me a radio as a gift in 2004 and she was an XM listener.

    2. I just registered. Been listening to XM164 since 2004. I was especially interested in Michael-NE Ohio statement that he had an Excel program for use with the program schedule. Michael I would be interested in downloading that program for a tryout if it is ok with you. If it is alright I can send you my email. Thanks.

  8. Greg, Thank You for your quick reply. Please look at my post again. I said COMMUTER not computer. Reading further into my post will tell you that.What’s polarizing about Superman??? Is it racist or something? Are you not afraid of polaring people with the weekly Johnny D marathons. As I stated if you read, I listen about 16 hours a day.Have for years. What about the loyal listeners who are not the half hour in the car crowd? I have a plug and play radio so I Can listen when I want. If people want to hear more programs I’m sure they would do likewise.

    Thanks Again

    1. sorry about the computer/commuter confusion. Of course Superman isn’t racist, it just too silly to a lot of listeners. Just like we have folks that don’t enjoy the comedies, some don’t enjoy Superman, etc. The Johnny Dollar Marathons are, safe to say, the most popular thing we play on the channel. At the end of the day, as some once said (might have even been Michael in Ohio) if you try to please everyone you’ll end up pleasing no one.
      The clear issue in your case is simple, you listen too much. That’s not a criticism, but there is no way the channel can (or ever will) be created to always please someone listening 16 hours a day, every day. Sorry about that, I truly am.

      1. Greg,
        Sorry for the confusion on my part but I did not say that I listened to Sirius 116 24/7 or 16/7. I stated earlier that my radio is on all day because I’m not that into TV. I can listen to the radio while I work or get things done. Just so you know the majority of my 30 presets are used.

        I don’t know if you’re trying to insult me, I surely did’nt mean to offend you when I asked why you could’nt work some Superman or other serials in. I’m not asking you to program Your channel to suit me, I’m just offering a suggesting.

        If you don’t mind I have 1 more thought. You have a really topnotch website here, why not put up a listener survey and promo it on the channel for a few weeks or whatever? You could ask what times people listen/ favorite genres/personalities/ programs perhaps? You would know more about this than me. Like I said you have a really great website,I don’t know if you do it yourself or have a web person but keep up the good work and maybe consider this. I think it would be interesting and maybe give you more insight about your listners.

        Just so you know, I’ve been a fan of OTR since the early 70’s listening to my buddie’s Dad play tapes of The Shadow, Gildersleeve, etc. We also had WCBS here in the NY area I think you know. I’m sorry to take up so much of your time

        Respectfully Yours

    1. I agree about the listener survey. I suggested it a couple of weeks ago and think it is a great idea. At least you get a say about what is played and if you are outvoted you would understand.

    1. I do like Johnny Dollar but this format is terrible. Why do program the channel to suit the occasional listener? You are leaving hours, no, days of Superman and I’m sure other great serials on the shelf because of this.Also before the the merger we Sirius listeners heard The Lone Ranger on a daily basis. Do the owners of the Lone Ranger have problem with you or XM. What really is the reason the Lone Ranger went away after the merger.( Oh, we did get to hear a Lone Ranger show over the xmas holiday weekend I think it was. It was when Sirius had the bedbug problem resolved and we were lucky enough to listen to 2 programs simultaniously. So if you listened with just one ear you could sort of enjoy the Lone Ranger.)

      1. Any one care to chime in on this I would love to hear what others feel on this.

        By the way my radio is usually on from the time I wake up till I go to bed. I can’t tell you how many Sirius radios I wore out over the years. Please Greg Stop Programming For The Commuter! They Want Traffic Reports. I’m sure they’re tuned to those channels. Thanks for your reply in advance Greg

      2. Vinbo,

        I will gladly chime in. First of all the Lone Ranger being off the channel has nothing to do with the merger, it played every week on XM as well as Sirius for years. We currently do not have the rights secured to play it. Without them, there is no option, Sirius XM is a national digital satellite delivered product and must have permission to play the shows before we air them. Not sure what you issue is with Superman, but since the channel has a rotating schedule, there is no way to play it as an ongoing daily and weekly serial, listeners would not be able to find it. Plus it is a very polarizing series; many folks do not like it and playing it at the same time every day over and over again would not be fair to them. I’m sorry, but help me out on this one; what does programming for the computer mean? RadioClassics is not allowed on the internet (due to similar legal rights issues) so we are not even heard there at this point. Promoting other channels happens on EVERY channel on Sirius XM, and it is a company-wide practice. The belief is most people are not aware of all the choices on satellite radio and so learning what other channels are presenting is a good thing.
        vinbo brings up a good point though, overall what do folks think about the rotating format? I very rarely hear from someone who wants me to dump it and go with a static same series same time every day version, but do others have an opinion one way or the other?



      3. Leave the Ranger off the air! We want more Chase, Whisperer, and the shadow. And anything but superhero junk.

    2. There is an Edmond O’Brien as Johnny Dollar running this week. It is The London Matter and it debuts on Tuesday.

      1. Please keep the rotating format! I’m glad to see that I’m not the only person that turns the channel when the comedies come on, I’ve tried to appreciate them~oh well, I’m glad there is something for everyone.

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