Feb. 6th to Feb. 12th 2011 Radio Classics Scheduled Shows

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready, just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

A very presidential week on Radio Classics as we begin it with a 90-minute Centennial Birthday Special for Ronald Reagan and later we also mark the birthday of  Abraham Lincoln with another 90-minute special.

Born February 6th, 1911 – Reagan, the 40th president, will be heard playing the 18th president in the 1950 Cavalcade of America episode, Ulysses In Love. It will be followed by the 1940 hour long Lux Radio Theatre version of Knute Rockne, All American with Reagan as George “The Gipper” Gipp. In the Lincoln special we have a new to the channel episode of American Portraits, with Karl Swenson as Lincoln.

We also mark the birthday of busy radio actor, Bill Johnstone with new to the channel episodes of Nightbeat (he plays Otto, The Music Man) and The Line-Up as well as The Shadow, The Whistler and Suspense.

There is a Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon with Bob Bailey; Orson Welles as Phileas Fogg in a Mercury Theatre On The Air version of Jules Vernes’ Around The World In Eighty Days; new to the channel episodes of Suspense and The Charlie McCarthy Show both featuring birthday gal, Lana Turner; A couple more from The Green Hornet and much more.


15 thoughts on “Feb. 6th to Feb. 12th 2011 Radio Classics Scheduled Shows”

  1. Funny story about Ronald Reagan. When I was in Kindergarten he was running for reelection and we had a mock election in our class. I went to school with my cousin and my aunt always picked up up from school.

    My family is a true blue Democratic family, auto workers from the Detroit area so it was implied that my cousin and I should cast our ballots for Mondale, but when I got in the voting booth they had the pictures of the candidates and I went with my heart and voted for Reagan because he looked like a nice grandfatherly kind of guy.

    When we got out of school my aunt asked us who we voted for. My cousin did as she was told and voted for Mondale, but I said Reagan and my aunty was not too happy. LOL. Mr. Reagan was probably the last Republican I have voted for, but I digress…..

    On an unrelated note, Greg, can we get a block of Gunsmoke episodes soon? Every time I seem to tune in, I seem to miss it!

    1. Kindergarten in 1984? I guess you win for the youngest blogger…what a great story! I got to meet Ted Kennedy when he was working on drumming up votes for Carter in 1979/1980. I was in high school.

      I voted for Reagan in 1984 for real…I worked for a defense contractor plus I like the honesty and grandfatherly image he presented.

  2. Happy Birthday Lana.
    I saw the Dr. Kildare movie on TCM a couple of weeks ago. I was surprised to see Dr. Gillespie in a wheel chair. Did he always portray the role as an invalid or did I miss something in previous movies?

    Hi “T” Lowery, I share the same favorite list as you.

  3. Ahhh,,, I just LOVE this station! I must admit that during football season I spend most of my time on sports talk radio. XM164 is what makes life worthwhile in the off season! It’s GREAT to be back with my hero’s, Johnny Dollar, Sam Spade, Boston Blackie, Sherlock, Matt Dillon and the Six Shooter!

  4. I just wish Howard Stern or Dr. Laura could mention Radio classics and get more listeners. I wish there were two channels, one for stuff I like, and one for the comedies.

  5. Bornin45 says:
    February 7, 2011 at 4:36 pm

    I just registered. Been listening to XM164 since 2004. I was especially interested in Michael-NE Ohio statement that he had an Excel program for use with the program schedule. Michael I would be interested in downloading that program for a tryout if it is ok with you. If it is alright I can send you my email. Thanks.

    1. Greg works as a go between if we are really nice. I know we are all trustworthy in Bell-Blog land but it is not wise to post your email here.

      I will send it to Greg and if you email him he might be able to help us out.

    2. I’m willing to share my Excel spread sheet macro. By running a macro (Crtl t), it highlights all the shows with keywords listed in another data sheet. The highlight format is also in the data sheet.

      Do the following once (or as you change the highlight list):

      1. Edit column A in the Data sheet so it contains the keywords that indicate that you are interested in listening to that show.
      2. Change B1 to the highlight color you wish

      Do the following for each week’s schedule:

      1. Copy the current schedule to Sheet 1 of “OTR schedule with macros”
      2. Press Ctrl t

      Any cell with a keyword is highlighted as indicated in “Data” sheet.

      If there is enough interest, I will make it available to Greg.

      Currently, my keywords are:

      Boston Blackie
      Box 13
      Broadway Is My Beat
      Casey, Crime
      Crime Classics
      Dimension X
      Fibber McGee
      Frank Race
      Frontier Gentleman
      Have Gun
      Jack Webb
      Mystery Is My
      Nero Wolfe
      Nick Carter
      Philip Marlowe
      Philo Vance
      Richard Diamond
      Rogue’s Gallery
      Sam Spade
      Sherlock Holmes
      Texas Rangers
      the saint
      The Six Shooter
      Thin Man
      X Minus One
      Yours Truly
      Sam Spade
      Sherlock Holmes
      Texas Rangers
      The Six Shooter
      X Minus One
      Yours Truly
      Thin Man
      the saint

  6. Being too young to have had the benefit of enjoying OTR when it was on the air (I always said I was born 70 years too late), it’s nice to have places to go to discuss and share my interests with others who know what I am talking about. I am grateful to Greg and others out there who have made it possible for me to continue to learn more about and share this genre with others.

  7. I just watched The Al Jolson Story on TCM. I really hope the movie portrayed Jolson as he really was. Everytime I hear Al Jolson on OTR I will picture him in a new light. Man how I enjoy OTR and Old Time Movies. Whenever I’m in a funk either one of these venues gets me right again .


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