Feb. 13 to Feb. 19th RadioClassics Show Schedule

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready (usually posted Monday evening), just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

Happy Valentine’s Day! RadioClassics fans know that means a couple of things; lots of Valentine’s themed comedy AND Jack Benny’s Birthday! This week we have new to the channel “holiday of love” themed episodes from Alan Young, Duffy’s Tavern, The Life Of Riley, Judy Canova and Fibber McGee & Molly. Plus a two-hour Jack Benny Birthday Week Special.

Some other birthdays being celebrated; Edgar Bergen, Chester Morris (Boston Blackie), Staats Cotsworth (Casey, Crime Photographer), Adolphe Menjou (Lux Radio Theatre’s Morning Glory), Nigel Bruce (Dr. Watson on Sherlock Holmes) and more.

New to the channel this week episodes of Suspense, Romance Of The Ranchos, Dr. Kildare, The Life Of Riley, Jack Benny, Hopalong Cassidy, I Was A Communist For The FBI, American Portraits, Lum & Abner, Chase & Sanborn, and more.


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  1. My favorite show is “…Johnny Dollar”. Next, Sam Spade (w/H Duff), Richard Diamond, Rogue. Prefer mysteries, adventures. Least favorites: Vic & Sade, Duffy’s Tavern, Lum & Abner, Lights Out. Always disappointed if no happy ending. Enough sadness in the world already. Don’t like entertainment that is depressing.

  2. As I listen to OTR and XM164 I am often reminded of what was actually happening at the time of the original broadcast.

    According to Jerry Haendiges radio log, the Jack Benny from San Diego Marine Corps Base, with Joan Bennett, was 3/8/42. Joan Bennett gave a rather clumsy salute to General Douglas MacArthur.

    At the time she said those words it was March 9 in the Philippines and the Japanese forces were overpowering the US forces. Three days later MacArthur and his family began their escape to Australia; from there he gave his “I shall return” speech. He also acquire the nickname “Dugout Doug”; my retired Marine father (and thousands of other Marines, Sailors and Soldiers) always called MacArthur by this handle and it was not a term of endearment.

    While MacArthur lost the Philippines, became a national hero and was awarded the Medal of Honor, in Hawaii, Admiral Kimmel and General Short were relieved of their commands and demoted as a result of the Pearl Harbor attack.

    MacArthur was one of most photographed generals and here is a photo taken early during his stay in Australia in 1942;


  3. Greg,

    Have you ever had the chance to do an interview with Stacy Keech? He’s been doing the rounds promoting his show on FX and I heard him a couple times on XM 202. He was talking about his father’s Old Time Radio shows. He’d probably be an interesting subject!

  4. Here’s something for diehard Vic & Sade fans who remember the June 6, 1937 episode when Sade plans a 38 mile car trip to Dwight, IL, with Mrs Applerot. Dwight is a real town and here is a pic of the Chicago & Alton station in that fair community.


    Maybe Uncle Fletcher worked on a section gang around 1900.

  5. Someone mentioned Destry Rides Again…It is on next week!!!!!! I love this one.. You have to love Jimmy Stewart..

    Here is the block and the schedule for the block

    Lux Radio’s (11/5/45)
    “Destry Rides Again”
    starring Jimmy Stewart
    Suspense 12/1/49
    Gunsmoke 2/5/56

    Tuesday 6am – 8am
    Tuesday 8pm – 10pm
    Friday 2am – 4am
    Friday 2pm – 4pm

  6. Y’all know, I just listened to another double feature of “Whistler” episodes, and I must say, they were, and the others I’ve also had the pleasure to hear thanks to Greg’s scheduling, the most consistently excellent, and cerebrally stimulating programs of the genre and the era of the entire lot, I would opine.

    I am so pleased that we get to hear some of the 360+ episodes that were recorded on this station’s schedules — the more the merrier, please, dear Greg…and thank you!

    All the best, all —

    1. Agreed. I find myself extending my commute while I wait for an episode to finish….

      Did anyone else notice the length of the Dragnet fight scene from this week’s 3/23/50 episode Sunday at 8am. I think they broke everything on the set!!!!!!!!

      1. Michael, I was thinking the same thing Sunday morning. Did Jack Webb owe the sound effect guys a favor? There was a long list of Joe Friday’s injuries from the fight…and he keeps on working. What a man!

      2. I was waiting for one last thing to break after the scene was over. Like the old Abbott and Costello skits where one extra thing would happen.

        For 2 guys in a huge fight they sounded pretty good after it was over.

  7. I think I was listening to the Great Gildersleeve, when a commercial classic was played featuring characters from a show discussing Valveeta Cheese and a receipe which included apples and bacon on a sandwich being a characters favorite.

    I would like to try this receipe and can’t find it. Did anyone else hear this? Please greg and/or anyone help me out with this one.

      1. OK once more thing.

        You must do a copy and paste into the URL field on your browser. A simple click doesent “cut it”.


  8. Hearing Brian Donlevy was such a treat last week! Does anyone know if Destrey Rides Again was ever on radio

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jack Benny! You’ve given us so many hours of pleasure, thanks, in part to Greg Bell and XM164! Jack Benny was born 2 years after my maternal grandfather and died the same day (though not the same year) as he. But no matter about that — I’m just so grateful to GOD and to those who saved and who broadcast OTR shows! So, Happy V-Day to you, too, Greg!
    PS: Thanks for the Ronald Reagan centennial specials, especially Knute Rockne and “Ulysses in Love.”

    1. Bob,

      It is great isn’t!?!

      If folks click the picture and then click it a second time you’ll get the largest version and you can see the people even better.

      I love that the cake says Happy 40th!

  10. At the top of this page there is a tab called SHOW SCHEDULES. Click that tab and you will see the current schedule in 3 different formats….


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