Feb. 20 to Feb. 26th RadioClassics Show Schedule

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready (usually posted Monday evening), just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

Oscar Week On RadioClassics. The 83rd annual Academy Awards will be held Sunday, February 27th and we’ll celebrate with Oscar winning actors, actress and films all week long. At 8pm ET (5pm PT) Monday through Saturday a different Academy Award themed block will be presented.

Monday – Oscar winner Lionel Barrymore stars as Dr. Gillespie in The Story of Dr. Kildare. That 1950 half-hour drama will be followed by Oscar winners Gregory Peck & Jane Wyman in The Screen Guild Theatre’s half-hour version of 1946 Best Picture nominee, “The Yearling”

Tuesday Lux Radio Theatre’shour-long version of the 1939 comedy/western “Destry Rides Again” starring Oscar winner, Jimmy Stewart followed by a half-hour Suspense episode also starring Stewart.

Wednesday – Bing Crosby recreates is Oscar winning role in a half-hour Screen Guild Player’s version of the 1944 Best Picture Winner; “Going My Way” it will be followed by a half-hour Bing Crosby Show co-star Oscar winner, Frank Sinatra.

ThursdayLux Radio Theatre’s hour-long version of the 1950 Best Picture winner “All About Eve” with Bette Davis & Anne Baxter followed by a half-hour Screen Guild Players version of the 1940 Best Picture winner, “Rebecca”.

Friday – An hour of Suspense. The first episode – The “Actor’s Blood” stars Oscar winner, Frederic March. The second; ”The Man Who Knew How” features Oscar winner, Charles Laughton.

Saturday Lux Radio Theatre’shour-long version of the 1934 Best Picture winner; “It Happened One Night” The comedy motion picture was the first film to win all 5 major Oscars, Best Picture, Best Director (Frank Capra), Best Actor (Clark Gable), Best Actress (Claudette Colbert) and Best Screenplay (Robert Riskin).

We also have another Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon; new ones from Romance Of The Ranchos, Lum & Abner, Jack Benny, Suspense and more. Birthday tributes for Gale Gordon; composer Frederick Steiner; Jim Backus; Robert Young & Mason Adams.


8 thoughts on “Feb. 20 to Feb. 26th RadioClassics Show Schedule”

  1. I miss the Lone Ranger, I hope that you can resolve the legal problems.It was my favorite pregram when I was growing up. I am now 75 years old and grew up with many radio showes. Can you get the Jack Armstrong {the all American boy}shows?I have channel 164 on most of the time.If possible can you play more of the Red Skelton Show, he was Americas Clown. I saw his clown paintings in Branson Mo. years ago and they were great. THANK YOU FOR OLD TIME RADIO. Phil

  2. Can you get the Ozzie and Harriet show? I have always loved them. I found a site where I can listen to them on the internet, but would much rather listen on the radio.

  3. I vote for a location on this website for the celebrity (newer or OTR) interviews and insights…I would love to listen to them all…..

  4. Greg,

    Have you ever had the chance to do an interview with Stacy Keech? He’s been doing the rounds promoting his show on FX and I heard him a couple times on XM 202. He was talking about his father’s Old Time Radio shows. He’d probably be an interesting subject!

    1. BTW, I apologize for the “rerun” post. I always seem to post on the old schedule thread just hours before the new one comes in and trumps it.

      Of course since we are all OTR fans–as Marty McFly’s uncle said in 1955, “what’s a rerun?”

      Happy Friday everyone!

  5. I like to see Dr. Kildare included about every week in the schedules. I would not even mind them being repeated. Some may consider the episodes as soap operas but I think more of them as medical drama since there are different situations and characters for each show and also teaches important life lessons. I was fascinated with the fact that Lionel Barrymore was confined to a wheelchair in his real life. I do not visualize this when I listen to the radio episodes. As for the TV movies, the writers incorporated his situation as being caused by a non-descript cancer when in reality he suffered from arthritis and a hip injury. It is proof that people can overcome disabilities and achieve success.

    Great line-up for the following week. I must say that usually the sound quality is wonderful for the shows aired on Radio Classics. They are nice and clear and do not show their age as being 60+ years old.

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