Feb. 27th to March 5th RadioClassics Show Schedule

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready. Just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

Welcome To March! We enter the month with some new to the channel offerings including The Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon: The Tears Of The Night Matter. Also episodes of An American Gallery; Romance Of The Ranchos; The Jack Benny Program; Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy; Dr. Kildare; The Falcon; The Weird Circle; Suspense; The Line-up and much more.

We have birthday week tributes for Elizabeth Taylor (79); Louise Erickson (83); Bobby Driscoll (Treasure Island); Ralph Camargo (X Minus One, Suspense); John Garfield; announcer Cy Harrice and more.


5 thoughts on “Feb. 27th to March 5th RadioClassics Show Schedule”

  1. We lost another one….Did she do any radio Greg?

    LOS ANGELES – Jane Russell, the busty brunette who shot to fame as the sexy star of Howard Hughes’ 1941 Western “The Outlaw,” died Monday of respiratory failure, her family said. She was 89.

    1. Yes, I have her in episodes of The Bob Hope Show, Command Performance and a Screen Director’s radio version of “The Paleface” with Hope. A tribute special from Jane Russell will air this upcoming Sunday at 10am ET and again at 10pm ET

    2. My father mentioned it to me last night that she had passed. i knew i could remember her in a comercial from years ago but couldnt remember for what so i did a little research and i guess it was for the Playtex Cross Your Heart Bra. i wonder why that would have stuck in my mind, especially being a teenager at the time. Im not a very patient movie watcher but ive been trying to find some old classics to watch. i guess ill look for “The Outlaw” next.

  2. I love Elizabeth Taylor and I love it when you, Greg, present specials to celebrate her birthday. Miss Taylor was so beautiful when she was young and she still has a beautiful spirit. “Ivanhoe” was on this morning. How incredibly lovely she was in that role as the Jewess who fell in love with Ivanhoe (Robert Taylor – who still makes my heart flutter with that voice and those eyes!). Now that she’s ill and needs prayers, it’s great to hear (and see) tributes and memorials to her for her 79th birthday.

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