March 13th to March 19th, 2011 RadioClassics Show Schedule

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready, just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

Hey folks, some great stuff this week including a Saint Patrick’s Day Special, A Johnny Dollar Marathon; Glenn Ford In The 39 Steps and new to the channel this week episodes of Dr. Kildare, Romance Of The Ranchos, The Green Hornet, Big Town, Gangbusters and more.

We have birthday week tributes for Mercedes McCambridge, Jerry Lewis (85 on March 16th), announcer Art Gilmore, Edward Everett Horton, Jody Gilbert (Rosa on Life With Luigi), composer Rex Koury (Gunsmoke).


9 thoughts on “March 13th to March 19th, 2011 RadioClassics Show Schedule”

  1. Thank you so much for getting the Ozzie and Harriet show. I love the show and Ozzie is a great singer.
    I am so glad that the Romance Rancheros went off. I hated History in school and don’t like it any better now.
    I know some people like that kind of show, and you can’t please all of us all of the time, but by putting Ozzie and Harriet on you show you try.

  2. One of the main reasons I got Sirus was to enjoy your programming. I travel 1000s of miles a year and the trips are so much more enjoyable with the ability to listen to Old Time Radio and some of the other channels. I am only sorry that we cannot get your programming over the internet.

    Thanks for your dedication and insight to the programming you provide.

    Semper Fi

  3. i found a picture of a Karl Weber that also played Dr. Sixgun on the television version, is this the same one featured this week? if so i guess since its spelled different there is no relation to Peggy Webber? just curious, i didnt see a picture on here anywhere.

  4. I can switch to daylight savings time also on my Inno and the time did advance. The problem was, I had to reset it by turning it off and back on after 2:00am. When we fall back, there is no way to set that time. Usually on that day, anything I try to record is messed up. I wish there was a way where it was automatic.

  5. What happens when we spring ahead tonight? Will the 2am hour become 3am automatically? Recording people want to know….

    1. Whatever is scheduled for 2am ET will not play, it will leap immediately to 3am ET (Dragnet then Sherlock Holmes)
      So Big Town and Gangbusters will actually debut tomorrow at 2pm ET

      Great question, should have put it in my newsletter/blog posting. Sorry about that.

      1. No problem…the radios do not automatically switch. You turn on the daylight savings and the time moves an hour. I will start recording at noon rather than midnight.

        30,000 miles of travel left between now and July and OTR will be there for ALL of them….have a good week folks…

  6. Dear Greg, hi, i am still listening on my truck xm everyday. Going 100s of miles a day you sure make the miles click off. the great part of it is I can start listening to a program in al and still catch the end of it in say tx. keep ’em coming our way. maggie (apache)

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