Changes and RadioClassics Schedule for May 1st – 7th 2011

As many of you have heard there are changes happening at Sirius XM, but not to fret RadioClassics is fine and dandy.

Beginning this Wednesday May 4th – the new channel number will be 82 – It is on the new lineups sent out but some of you are having trouble finding it.  It is in The Family and Health category. Not sure why they placed it there, I guess maybe because whole families enjoy Radio Classics together and it’s great for your mental health – nevertheless – we are moving to channel 82 on both Sirius and XM beginning Wednesday May 4th

More details about all the channel changes can be found at the following link

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready, just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

The first week of May is always busy with multiple influential radio birthdays; we celebrate Norman Corwin’s 101st as well as pay tribute to Bing Crosby, Orson Welles, Alice Faye, Glenn Ford, Mary Astor, Gary Cooper, Anne Baxter and more.


15 thoughts on “Changes and RadioClassics Schedule for May 1st – 7th 2011”

  1. Dear Greg, Being that Bob Bailey has a birthday coming up on June 13 will you be having a birthday special for him, also do you have any more Let George do it shows

    1. Who is Bob Bailey? Kidding! Of course we’ll give him lots of love. Sadly though only a couple Let George Do It episodes have been supplied to me and one of those is a Christmas Show.

  2. It’s interesting that the format for the pilot show for Duffy’s Tavern pretty much stayed the same through it’s long run.

    I’ve been away from XM for a week, traveling in Texas and the rental car was equipped for XM but it was not activated! Good to be back.

    1. Only for the East Coast Folks – it happens tonight (Tuesday) at 9pm Pacific, 10pm Mountain and 11pm Central

  3. Lots of Question(s) for Greg!

    So many of the actors played on multiple radio shows and I seem to remember you mentioning one of them who would do one show, drive to another and perform another show without having had time to practice the script. Was that William Conrad?

    What actor played on the most radio shows at one time? And what actor played on the most radio shows, as lead, over the years? I’ve heard Bob Bailey as Johnny Dollar and at least one other show. And I’ve heard you mention other actors who have played many roles over the years.

    Also, I noticed that some shows have old advertisements, while some some shows seem to have had ads, but were taken out. When did ads first start appearing?

    1. Once upon a time Greg had mentioned that since some radio actors had exclusive contracts they often used a different stage name so they could work for other shows.

      So there are times when William Conrad was Julius Krelboyne on the Whisperer.

      I hope I am right on this Greg….

  4. Was it really Eve Arden who played Babe in the Jack Benny Show last week? Honestly, as I listened, it sounded for all the world like Bea Arthur. I guess there were contractual reasons that Don Wilson couldn’t announce who it was. I missed Mary Livingston though, I think she has a great voice, and a sexy laugh.

    1. It was Talulla Bankhead, Mathew. Jack made a statement about her voice was to low.

  5. I agree. Its going to be a pain to change over my favorites but it will be nice for uniformity. So once I learn the new channel numbers I will be able to punch 82 into my Inno at home and 82 into my wife’s Sirius in her car.

    I did get scared at first though when I didn’t see Radio Classics in its usual “talk” section on the grid.

    I guess Cinco De Mayo will also be Happy 82 Day for the Bell Bloggers.

    1. Looks like I spoke to soon. Some of my other favorite channels (I know how can there be any other favorite channel than 164—errr–82?) still have different numbers and they are moving channels on both systems. So much for uniformity. I figured if they were going to cause so much upheaval they would at least sync up all the channels, not just some.

      Come on Sirius, get it right!

  6. I think that the reorganization should have happened a long time ago with the merger of XM/Sirius since stations were not grouped very well. This new change is like rearranging a grocery store where it is cumbersome to navigate and find things until we become more familiar.
    I am glad that this channel will remain and I hope that new channels are added as well.

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