May 15th to May 21st 2011 RadioClassics Show Schedule (On Channel 82 Now)

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready, just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

A little late again this week, sorry about that but it brings up a good point. I often have the upcoming weekly schedules for Sirius XM Radio Classics up on the site as early as Monday night or Tuesday morning. So even though this posting and email alert goes out Thursday or Friday, you can often grab the schedule earlier if you like at the ShowSchedules link.

I will be in St. Louis Saturday May 20th and Sunday May 21st for the first weekend of Vincentennial as Vincent Price’s hometown marks the 100th anniversary of his birth (May 27th 1911). I will visit with director Roger Corman, various historians and authors as well as Price’s son and daughter who are all participating in the two-week event hosted by Cinema St. Louis. RadioClassics Channel 82 listeners will then get a 24 hour Vincentennial special on Friday May 27th airing on his birthday featuring all the interviews I conduct as well as episodes of The Saint, Escape, Suspense and many more all starring Price.

Meanwhile for the week of May 15th to the 21st, we have a new to the channel Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon; “The Midas Touch Matter” and celebrate National Police Week with episodes of Dragnet, Broadway Is My Beat, Calling All Cars, Tales Of The Texas Rangers, Police Headquarters and more.

We also mark the birthdays of the following performers among others; Henry Fonda, Maureen O’Sullivan, Jimmy Stewart, Dennis Day and Joseph Cotten.


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  1. Dear Greg, just want to say thank you for the American Gallery show, I know you played it to honor Henry Fonda but Frank Lloyd Wright is one of my greatest hero’s, are there any more shows that pay tribute to him, again thank you

    1. You are welcome! I too am a big Frank Lloyd Wright fan, I have visited a number of his homes.

  2. Greg,

    I was wondering if Harry Morgan did any radio work. Sometimes I think I recognize his voice but he isn’t credited.

    1. I’m not Greg but maybe I can help.

      “On RadioClassics he is the voice of Mystery the narrator of Mystery In The Air.” from Greg Bell…..

      Check out the week of April 10th for pictures…

      Off to Russia tonight…taking OTR with me (all recorded)….

      Back in a few weeks….don’t play anything I will regret missing next week Greg

  3. Great tribute to Dennis Day. The show where Dennis does his first program, did it seem to anyone else that Mary’s lines were “transcribed” and edited in. Seemed that way to me. I had plans to be in St Louis this weekend but ky wife goes in for a Kidney Stone procedure tomorrow. She has 3, one of which is marble sized. If she is feeling well I will make the drive. Vincent Price was a great actor and a wonderful radio personality. But to tell you all the truth, I want to meet Greg Bell. I hope to see you there Greg, and of course any of my radio classic friends.

    Greg, get working on a OTR weekend that we can attend.

    Have a great week everyone.

    1. Bill: I sure many join me in wishing a speedy recovery for your wife.

      I have read that in the later years Mary did transcribe or “phone in” her lines. At some point she did not enjoy leaving the house but Jack sought ways to keep her involved. The Jack Benny Fan Club would know about this.

      1. Thanks Don for your good wishes and the confirmation of what I thought was true. it just didn’t have the spontaneity that we heard in the earlier shows.

  4. Listening to Gildy this afternoon I wondered how many boxes of Kraft mac & cheese I’ve gone through in the many years I’ve been pulling up to the table. With all the Kraft cheese products I’ve consumed I should be investing in Kraft Foods. How many other OTR sponsors are still on the shelves today?

    1. What about

      “New, Post War, Old Dutch Cleanser”

      I know we have Dutch Cleanser in the house right now….

    2. “….J-e-l-l-o…. The JELLO program starring JACK BENNY!”

      “The Ford motor dealers of America present, FRED ALLEN.”

      “The Pepsodent program, starring BOB HOPE”

      ” And now it’s time smile again with America’s home folks
      …Vic & Sade, brought to you by Oxydol”.

      I’ve seen, or driven, all of these products recently, and think
      about their support of these great performers. Thanks to
      Don amd Michael for starting this thread. Miss GBMoo
      should be able to add some others.

    3. Drink Pepsi….

      the funny thing is these vintage commericals tell you there are two full servings in one can…..

      1. Long gone… Petrie Wines and Clipper Craft Clothes

        Still here…Autolite sparkplugs and Johnson’s Wax

  5. Vincent Price! Can’t wait to hear Fugue in C-Minor from Suspense–one of my favs!

  6. I absolutely love Joseph Cotten and Vincent Price. So glad to see we are celebrating their birthdays. Both men were such interesting characters and such good actos. Even in “campy” pictures, they gave them their all!

  7. Glad to see Ma Perkins on the schedule. This is a fine example of a great American soap opera.

  8. welcome to st. louis i will b there for some of the movies if anyone can catch tingler at the hipoint theater you wont be sorry. Its a great channel but if any one can explain how changing every channel number is new and improved i will be shocked

  9. The Dragnet set picture is one of my all time favorites. Gunsmoke and Dragnet, to me, set the standard for reality in their shows.

    It is too bad we depend on special effects, glitz and glamour rather than quality of production and authenticity for ‘entertainment’ today….

    1. Oh, Michael – I agree – my favorite show – Dragnet was way beyond it’s time with it’s overlay of sound and dialog.

      1. Absolutely agree, but you have to toss YTJD in there too. Dragnet, Gunsmoke, YTJD, and a few more were so well made that even though you tell yourself that they are standing in front of a mike, you just get so engrossed in the story that you find yourself “seeing” it like you are there. Or, like it’s on TV.

        We salute them, again.

      2. Agree,even though I know what William conrad looks like,I can not help see him in my mind as Marshall Dillon,trim and tough.

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