May 29th to June 4th 2011 RadioClassics Show Schedule

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready, just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

Hope you were all able to enjoy The 24 hours of Vincent Price to mark his 100th. I might see if I can bring it back for an encore later this summer.

As this is the week which contains Memorial Day we’ll feature the patriotic works of Norman Corwin including his Victory In Europe Celebratory Show – On A Note Of Triumph. We also have Lux Radio Theatre’s radio version of the motion picture “Air Force” about a group of US fliers in the immediate aftermath of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

We mark birthdays of Bob Hope; Fred Allen; Stacy Keach Sr (Tales Of The Texas Rangers director); Marilyn Monroe; Tony Curtis; Rosalind Russell and Walter Tetley (Leroy on The Great Gildersleeve and Julius on Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show).


8 thoughts on “May 29th to June 4th 2011 RadioClassics Show Schedule”

  1. Got to listen to some of the tribute to Vincent Price,it was AWESOME, I hope you do repeat it this summer.
    I read that Walter Tetleys Mother,in order not to loose the money he made if his voice changed,had him castrated,did you read anything about this?
    I can not get enough of Radio classics,makes being tied up in traffic bareable.

  2. A chance this week for all of us to appreciate the VERSALTILITY of fine actor Stacy Harris.

    Harris played dozens of Sneering, Sarcastic criminals on “Dragnet”, with his character often laughing right in the face of tough-guy interrogator Sgt. Joe Friday. Jack Webb must’ve enjoyed those verbal duels, since he used Harris
    so often.

    Also heard this week is Stacy Harris starring as FBI special agent Jim Taylor
    in the series, “This is Your FBI”. Not only is Harris a cop this time, but his character is serious, calm and button-downed; the exact opposite of his Dragnet personnae.

    Harris is completely convincing on both shows, and on both sides of the Law,
    a reflection of his impressive talent. A salute from San Diego to Stacy Harris !

  3. Looking forward to listening to the Bob Hope “Ghost Breakers”; it’s a very good movie with Paulette Goddard and Hope…often on TCM. In addition to this 1949 radio version he did an hour long version June 14, 1951.

    BTW, anybody notice something amiss with the photo of Hope, Monroe and DiMaggio?

    Everybody stay safe during the Memorial Day weekend.

      1. The 4th guy is a general (star on shoulder), so likely to be a photo from a USO or camp-show. What’s amiss, though, is that the negative was reversed. Mens clothing button the other way, but Marilyn looks pretty good however you look at her!

        Joe and Marilyn married on Jan 14, 1954 and she filed for divorce by the end of the year; so this is a 1954 photo. They honeymooned in Japan and were asked to perform USO shows in Korea. Add Bob Hope to the story and all the dots are connected in the photo: a 1954 USO-related photo op most likely in Japan since Bob and Joe are sporting nice suits..

    1. What is funny, or interesting, about this “Ghost Breakers” is this. Notice when the guy comes in to their room and starts talking about Zombies, Hope says “Like Republicans?”. Remember at this time it was 1949.

      But the movie version, made some years earlier, when the guy is raving on about Zombies, Hope says “Like Democrats?”. He must have played both sides of the fence.

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