June 19th to June 25th 2011 RadioClassics Channel Shows

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Father’s Day kicks off the week, so as our annual tradition; my father (Dan Bell) once again gets his own two-hour special to select his favorites. This year he offers up episodes of Frontier Gentleman, The Six Shooter, Tales Of The Texas Rangers and Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar. We also have Father’s Day comedies from Jack Benny, Red Skelton, The Life of Riley and Father Knows Best.

Another annual tradition is the birthday of Phil Harris with back to back episodes of The Phil Harris & Alice Faye Program was well as “Death On My Hands” – the 1951 Suspense episode with Phil & Alice playing it straight directed by Elliott Lewis (as an actor he is Frankie on The Harris & Faye Show).

Other birthday celebrations; Errol Flynn on Lux Radio Theatre, Paul Frees in Escape, The Green Lama, and The Black Book; Mary Livingstone on The Jack Benny Program; Wonderful Smith on The Red Skelton Show; Martin Gabel in Suspense; Norman Rose narrator on Dimension X & Jack Dempsey on Dunninger, The Master Mentalist.

Dan Bell Singing Cowboy


9 thoughts on “June 19th to June 25th 2011 RadioClassics Channel Shows”

  1. I can tell I’m in the right place. You all sound, not so much “nice”, as “gracious” with each other. A quality sadly missing from so much of todays society, but ever present in our world of old-time radio, (I know, I know, Pat Novak jumps to mind as a foil to this observation, but don’t you love him all the more for his catchy, canny smart-aleck-ness?)
    I’ve listened since about 2007, and I listen a lot.
    Phil Harris has so much love for himself, I can’t help but enjoy him tremendously.
    Thanks for the tip about the Dan Bell Singing Cowboy Della. I’ll look for him.

  2. Maybe Faye and Harris married for beauty the first time around and discovered it doesn’t work since both of their first marriages failed. The second time around might have taught them the true meaning of love.

  3. Question everyone. Why did Alice Faye marry Phil Harris. For me as a male it’s tough to say who is handsome and who is not, but I think this is a slam dunk. The man is not handsome at all. Ladies, am I right or wrong?

    1. At the risk of sounding old-fashioned, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and definately more than skin deep!

    2. I’m not a lady, Bill, but their long marriage says something about both of them. He must have been a lot of fun to be around, and he always seemed real happy to be a man…something that seems missing among today’s celebrities (most of whom I could not name if paid to do so).

      Let’s here it for Wonga!

  4. I watched the Dan Bell Singing Cowboy. He is good. That’s my kind of music. I bookmarked his site so I can listen to him some more.
    He likes my kind of radio shows too.
    I listen to the radio all night so I don’t care for the scary ones. The only scary one I like is Sherlock Holmes and it is sort of funny. I wake up in the middle of the night,
    and it is hard to go back to sleep with someone screaming, or that weird voice on inner sanctum.
    I wish your Dad would show up at the Tulsa State fair. I would like to see him in person. Does he know an old Al Dexter song called “I cain’t git offa my horse?”
    If he does I wish he would put it on his web site. I love that song.

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