June 26th to July 2nd 2011 RadioClassics Show Schedule

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready, just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

Heading into July! Wow! Some things coming to mark down folks; I have recently received a number of “new” shows from our content provider Radio Spirits including episodes from top series including Gunsmoke, Fort Laramie, The Saint, Jack Benny, Our Miss Brooks, The Whistler, The Shadow, Mr. District Attorney, Let George Do It and more as well as some new to the channel series including Wild Bill Hickok, Pursuit and Hawk Larabee. So it will probably take a few weeks to get them onto the channel, but they are coming.

Also coming soon; Christmas In July this year running from July 17th through the 23rd and during the first week of August we’ll mark the centennial birthday of Lucille Ball. I hope to be attending and broadcasting from The Lucy Fest held in her hometown of Jamestown, New York. To learn more about that visit this website http://www.lucy-desi.com/

This week is highlighted by a centennial birthday special for famed composer Bernard Herrmann (Citizen Kane, numerous Hitchcock films including Vertigo and Psycho as well as Cape Fear, Taxi Driver and on and on). We’ll play three series he composed music for; The Campbell Playhouse, Crime Classics and Suspense. We also are marking the 95th birthday of Olivia De Havilland. The Oscar winning actress will be featured on a new to the channel this week episode of Academy Award Theater as well as a Suspense episode from our library.

Other birthdays and specials; Peter Lorre (Mystery In The Air) Ed Gardner (Archie of Duffy’s Tavern); Jack Moyles (Rocky Jordan); Charles Laughton (Suspense’s Jack Ketch and as a guest on Abbott & Costello) and The anniversary of the debut of The Quiz Kids.


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  1. begin rant: I have to say something about Henry Aldridge…or rather, something about his parents. Henry does come off as a dimwit often, but his parents not only don’t listen to Henry, but they don’t listen to each other. If anyone in that family paid attention there wouldn’t be a plot. end rant.

  2. I love Christmas in July. When it is 105 +the extra heat index, I love curling up with XM radio and listening to the COOL SHOWS. I have been a subscriber since I Demonstrated the Delphi XM Radio about 12 years ago. I got my Delphi XM and started listening to OTR the very first day. I would trade my XM for Sirius at all. I don’t like their chanels.
    Mr Brett Christmas is honorable no matter when we celebrate. You just have to remember what we are celebrating.
    Della in Tulsa

  3. I have 5 xm subscriptions and use one to listen while I ride my lawn tractor plugged into a 12 volt outlet on the tractor. Old time radio is what I listened to while I travelled extensively for sales work and now retired, listen to OTR as I go to sleep. Three cars with XM

    I would vote for a second OTR channel, even if it is only the same shows on a different schedule, so I could listen to some I missed or couldn’t complete liostening to earlier.

  4. Following Don’s lead…

    I have 20 foreign engineers, of various ages, visiting the United States for training. A few were in my car today and I had XM82 on in the background. I was playing a recording from a few weeks ago…

    When Bill Foreman laughed his laugh a voice from the back of my car said, in broken, English heavily accented, “Ahhhh…Shadow!” He said this as SHAAA- DOE…

    I thought it was worth sharing.

      1. No…I was too busy laughing.

        It seems they were listening to my XMp3i player earlier in the day and heard the Radio Spirits commercial. So any male voice the one gentleman hears he calls SHAAA-DOE. So Richard Diamond, Bill Foreman, and Sam Spade are all SHAA-DOE. SHAA-Doe is his way of says OTR.

        Jack Webb, as Joe Friday, is Law and Order.

      2. Michael, I’m sure you know that radio drama and comedy programs are still being produced in many countries, especially in Britain. One of the classic British detective programs was Paul Temple; they were well made shows, but are so predictable they are funny. Paul, a novelist, and his wife Steve (Stephanie?) are constantly getting into scrapes and finding bodies. If they go boating they will be shot at; if Steve goes dress shopping she will be kidnapped; if they take a drive in the country a bomb will explode; telephone messages will be garbled and misunderstood; etc, etc. It’s like Mr & Mrs North, only more so. Paul Temple fans know the answer to this question: “Where is Charlie fishing?”

      3. It was just too funny not to share. these people were from a former Eastern block country….

  5. And now for something entirely different…

    We are all familiar with the Burns and Allen theme song, “Love Nest”, which begins every episode, and is really a rather limp arrangement. Here, on Maxwell DeMille’s website, is a rendition that really swings!

    http://maxwelldemille.com/ Hearing this really perks me up…for another cup of Maxwell House Coffee!

    Maxwell DeMille has made a career out of OldTime music, arts and movies in southern California.

  6. I’ve been a Sirius subscriber for over 5 years now, and my husband’s had his radio for over 4 1/2 years – we’re both “lifetimers”. My favorite station has always been RadioClassics. So what if a show comes on that isn’t a particular favorite? If you only want to listen to things that YOU like, try an ipod! I appreciate everything that Greg does for all of us. YEA Greg! Keep up the good work – you do a GREAT job!

  7. The mention of Christmas in July causes hostility every year. People that like the idea truely enjoy it. The other people just need to find an alternative during this period. You are not alone and things have not and will not change, Christmas in July will live on.

    Thanks Greg for bringing back Dr. Kildare.

    1. = STANDING OVATION = for Lana !

      I look forward to the annual whining from the crybabies
      about the Christmas-in-July presentation . Thanks for
      the laughs. 🙂 Whaaaaaa!

  8. Does everyone hear that sound?

    It is 9:41pm on Sunday the 26th….

    The sound is Richard Diamond….

    Let’s enjoy it and soak it all in….

    No more hostilities, no more name calling, no more ‘sides’….

    Let’s enjoy the time period…

  9. Well I never thought I’d post something here or anywhere else, but with that loser Stephen Brett I had to register and comment.

    First off: Thanks Greg for all the hard work you put into Radio Classics. You are constantly adding variety and new shows. Your interviews are top notch. This web site and blog is simply outstanding. Your care and respect for all these great actors from the Golden Age of Radio is so commendable. And much more could be commended.

    I have been a listener near the beginning of the Sirius days. the content was so repeated in half day blocks. The hosting was totaly canned and sounded awful. Yes the period we had Stan Freebergs pre-recorded announcements was fun. But the last Sirius announcer was so awful that I often had to mute the radio when he spoke. He made fun of OTR and the listeners as well. What enjoyment is that?

    Christmas in July? Why not, it’s way too commercial and silly in Oct., Nov., and December when it regularly takes place.

    Love it’s Higgins Sir, Dr. Kildare and all the Johnny dollar marathons.

    Some day The Lone Ranger shall return. (I hope)

    Can you imagine if you had to work with someone like Mr. Brett? Guess that’s why I’ve been self employed all these years.

    Keep up the good work Greg and many thanks.


  10. Gotta say, I’m generally not a huge fan of Christmas in July, but it’s always been a part of my family tradition not do experience holidays not in season – it brings bad luck. The Christmas episodes are some of the best, though.

    Loved the Dunninger the Mentalist. I highlighted it on my blog a while back and couldn’t find an episode at the time, so it was really cool to hear an episode http://otrgeneration.blogspot.com/2010/08/where-is-dunninger-mentalist.html He had a odd way of speaking. I wonder if that was the tell or clue, like in the film Nightmare Alley with Tyrone Power (which was fabulous, by the way).

    On a side note, I’m hoping there is a great schedule planned for next week. It will be a super rough one for me, and I could use some great OTR. This week should be fabulous with the Peter Lorre special (love that voice!) and the wonderful Johnny Dollar. Love the Plantagent episode.

  11. I think we should remember a few things…I will list them as personal

    1) I am 1 person with one opinion on CIJ
    2) I was a XM Radio subsciber when this started
    3) I was exposed to Sirius in rental cars
    4) My SiriusXM radio has about 200 channels and I care about 7 of them
    5) I pay full price every month
    6) Sirius/XM provides me with many choices in Radios
    7) I choose to record shows and listen to them when I want to listen
    8) I understand the work that goes into preparing content and appreciate the efforts on the channels I care about (see #4)
    9) I like blog sites where I can talk about subjects I am interested in
    10) I understand the fact that when I don’t like something, and I have alternatives, it is a waste of time for me to dwell on what I cannot control
    11) I travel around the world and appreciate the freedoms I have in SAT radio. Care to guess how many countries have no clue about choices much less SAT radio?

    Let’s agree… we may not like the some of the content that is played on a given station. Let’s also agree it is not something that has to lead to personal attacks. The content played on this channel is not choosen to offend or insite hatred in any form. The content is played to celebrate a period in time and the entertainment my father and grandfather enjoyed most of their lives. I know enjoy it too as do my children and grandchildren.

    If it matters…I do not always agree with Greg. I do make suggestions. I do disagree. But I always appreciate the effort. If you try to please everyone….we all know the rest.

    Good day, good night, good morrow….good listening

  12. Was pretty happy to hear that Christmas in July is coming back! Just read the message (or, more accurately, “diatribe”) from Stephen Brett. Wow! There are so many adjectives that come to mind when reading your words, like petulant, self-centered, whiny, demanding, immature, rigid. You have the cojones to call Greg rude? What is rude is that you think this channel is for you and you only, and want it to sound exactly as you want, and the rest of the listeners are unimportant as long as you are happy. If Greg suggested that you could dial away when you hear something you don’t like, that wasn’t offensive; it was simply a polite suggestion about a mature way to deal with it. How do you handle things when TV show plots don’t go your way, or the TV channels don’t arrange their schedule around what makes you happy? I’ve been a subscriber to XM since the beginning, and Greg’s channel is the only reason I’m still a subscriber. The channel just gets better all the time.

    1. Bravo, Phoenix. You stated exactly what I wanted to say to Stephen.

      Greg – Love the channel and the detail in the schedule and I LOVE the fact that the schedule is a rolling schedule allowing the listener to experience more options.



  13. Greg…
    I never said YOU were making it commercial with respect to Christmas In July.

    I said the IDEA of it was for that way back when….the Department Big Box Stores and Ad Agencies thought this up.
    There is no need to honor something that is not honorable.
    It waters down the Divine. The Christmas Episodes should only be ONCE a year or they lose their luster.

    Also making a crack about how there are other channels on the Sat-Radio to me is equivalent to you telling me: “You don’t like it then leave…”
    That is rude. I have been more then patient.
    To me you are still a new comer since many of us are Sirius Subscribers.
    I paid for two lifetime subscriptions (w/internet access) to Sirius…not XM.
    We know that most of the people that write in here are from your XM following but, there are many Sirius subscribers too.
    We do not add up I see…We are not part of the group.

    Read back on the Archive (about a year ago…I gave it a year to see if ANY change would be made…ha) about my valid complaint about the titles of the shows.
    When this was only a Sirius Channel we had the Name of the Show and the ‘Title of the Episode’.
    Makes it a LOT easier to know what is playing. Especially when there is more then one part like Johnny Dollar.
    The schedule is fine for those that like it…however, it is not good to use while DRIVING which in many cases most of us are doing when listening.
    It is no different then someone that text’s while driving if you try to read that schedule while you are behind a wheel…
    In short it is dangerous.

    I do not see why it is so hard to set it up like it was before you came here Greg. I know it was done that way.
    I listened to Gunsmoke without it saying William Conrad below the name of the show because we all KNEW it was William Conrad.
    It had the actual Title on the radio screen.
    Same for Dragnet and so on…
    We use to have this channel on the Internet site and now it is gone from there as well….WHY?
    Book Radio is on there.

    This just shows me if I question or complain about a service I pay for (twice) then I am simply told to not listen….Hmmmm… that speaks volumes.

    Have a good day…


  14. oh no!!!!!!! Not christmas in july again. I vote for a second radio classics channel,
    WITHOUT christmas in july. Hey greg, if we beg and cry really loud, will it go away?

  15. Hi Greg – I was listening to Sam Spade today (6/24) and I noticed the story line was the same as a 5 episode Johnny Dollar and a subsequent 30 minute Johnny Dollar. The story line was about a manipulative “uncle” who sends an innocent man to jail on embezzlement charges while the spinster niece waits patiently for the man to be released. Finally when the innocent man is released he dies. The niece then kills the uncle in revenge.
    So after all that – was the writer of the Sam Spade episode the same writer for the Johnny Dollar episodes?

    As always – love the show.


  16. I have recently received a number of “new” shows from our content provider Radio Spirits including episodes from top series including Gunsmoke, Fort Laramie, The Saint, …

    Greg, is there a way to denote new to the channel episodes in the weekly schedule? Color code?

  17. I like CIJ. During the actual December time period I am busy with extended family, friends, shopping, snow, cold and everything else that I miss much of the week’s programming.

    So I have some time in July for CIJ. I turn up the AC in the car and go for it.

    Thanks Greg

  18. Am I the ONLY one that does NOT look forward to ‘Christmas In July’?

    You all know that was a commercial ploy to sell products during the slow summer months …correct?

    I am sorry but, when it is warm outside and basically 6 months in-between Christmas then the last thing I want to think about IS Christmas.

    1. While some are not fans, there clearly are plenty that are.

      There is absolutely no commercial tie in whatsoever. If there was; it would be sponsored (which it is not) . This is about celebrating some of the best radio episodes ever produced and enjoying them more than one time a year. I am sorry you are not a fan, but that is what so great about satellite radio, plenty of other places to go for your entertainment.


      1. Not really a fan of “CIJ”, but agree w/ Greg — I skip the episodes I
        don’t like.
        Lighter note:
        Bernard Herrmann, my fave radio/TV/Movie music scorer….bar none. The “North By Northwest” score alone gets him a lifetime achievement award.
        Other random likes:
        Lum & Abner,Vic & Sade,most radio detectives(especially Dick Powell),The Third Man,ANY Lucille Fletcher written shows,Tales of the Texas Rangers, yada,yada,yada……

        Greg- any chance you can get any “One Man’s Family” shows for the next soap opera thingie?

        Bill in Florida

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