July 10th to July 16th 2011 RadioClassics Show Schedule

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready, just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

This week begins with a tribute to composer Frederick Steiner. The prolific television and film composer passed away on June 23rd at age 88. Among his early credits, Steiner served as musical director for the radio series, This Is Your FBI. And we’ll honor him with two from that program. Also on tap; anniversaries of the debut of the following series – The Stan Freberg Show; Jeff Regan, Investigator and The Man Called X.

Birthday week tributes for Graham McNamee (Behind The Mike); Philips H. Lord (Gangbusters); Ken Lynch (The Chase) plus early birthday tributes for James Cagney, Harriet Nelson and Red Skelton.

One last thing, I did an interview with Eric Chilton over on the Retro Pop Culture Trivia and Interview Show – Wait I Know This! We talked about radio shows and the transition to TV (and much more). If you want to listen to it you can at this direct link CLICK HERE


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  1. If it’s a Steiner and it’s music, you know it’s got to be movies and it’s got to be good. I’ll have to listen because I have a lot of questions. I like some other listeners am having some trouble with XM coming in properly. Same old stuff, a year later. I LOVE OTR and Greg but I sure hate the trouble I’m having. All I want in life (besides a husband…) is to be able to get my OTR in any and every room in my house – even the “powder room.” Oh, well. Hey, Greg – Have a GREAT vacation. I shall miss you.

  2. Really enjoyed the Family Theater show this week. Would love to hear more from this series in the future. Thanks, Greg. You’re sure doing a great job!

  3. HI Greg–

    I happened to catch Behind the Mike this afternoon (2:30 pm EDT) and heard the story of Dorothy Hall, W2IXY. Being an amateur radio op myself, I like to research old calls if I happen to hear them on the shows.

    I happened to find a picture of Dorothy and her *very* well equipped station ca. 1946 and thought you and your listeners would like to put a face with a name (and callsign): http://www.flickr.com/photos/kb1awv/4040488602/



  4. Very nice YTJD marathon, I really look forward to hearing them, much better than any movie.

    On another note, I have a question that maybe Mr. Bell can answer: I have read in a couple of places (Encyclopedia of Old Time Radio and Wikipedia) that Marion Jordon missed the season-and-a-half of Fibber Mcgee & Molly due to alcoholism. I have looked all over for the source of that fact, but I never found it. Does anyone know how that news appeared? I happen to be a big fan of FM&M, and in all the “official” literature, like the books “Heavenly Days” and “How Fibber McGee and Molly Won WWII” there’s no mention of this fact.

  5. Years ago I heard an Escape episode, Conrad was looking in the jungle for a cave which contained a giant red ruby. When he found it, the guard didn’t stop him, he fell thru a trap door and ……….. well, I won’t spoil the rest of the story. I would love to hear that story again. Think you can find that one?

  6. “IT’S HIGGINS, SIR” is sensational.

    I finally heard it for the first time today, and literally laughed out loud.
    The characters are likeable, the situations light-hearted, and the act-
    ing is marvelous. Highly recommend “Higgins” to anyone who needs
    a good laugh today. Thanks for finding this treaure, Greg !

    1. I agree with Jim. Higgins is a great show. Thanks, Greg, for finding this treasure. I’ve been listening to, and hunting for, OTR for way more than 30 years and never heard this show until Greg aired it last year. Too bad that it was in limited run.

  7. I wonder if my receiver is starting to go bad and I’m losing a few channels at a time . The Classical channel # 76 still comes in clear ( and so do 4 thru 9 ) but Ch. 80 , 82, and 75 are gone . I’m too lazy to try them all .

    I would think if my receiver was going bad , I would have trouble with all the channels .

    1. I just moved my antenna and the channels are back on ! That’s weird – you would think all the channels would be affected the same by the antenna facing a little the wrong way. but some were affected and some were not .

    1. Are you still trying Channel 118? The channel changed a couple months ago to 82 for both Sirius and XM.

    2. I had a similar problem last month. I tried to move my antenna, pointing to the south, and it resolved the issue.

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