July 31st to Aug 6th 2011 RadioClassics Schedule

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready, just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

A busy week which culminates with Redhead Radio: the 100th Anniversary of tbe Birth of Lucille Ball. I will be broadcasting from her hometown of Jamestown, New York as part of two full days of Lucy radio shows all weekend long. Anchored by My Favorite Husband it also will feature her in multiple episodes of Suspense, Lux Radio Theatre, The Wonder Show, The Screen Director’s Playhouse, appearances on Bob Hope, Abbott & Costello, The Kraft Music Hall and more. Special guests include comedienne, Paula Poundstone; Gregg Oppenheimer (son of My Favorite Husband and I Love Lucy producer Jess Oppenheimer); Barry Monush & James Sheridan – the authors of Lucille Ball FAQ: Everything Left To Know About America’s Favorite Redhead;  and my on site visits with LucyFest organizers and fans.

If you find yourself in Jamestown on Friday the 5th or Saturday the 6th and see me walking around; come and say hi.

Redhead Radio begins on Sirius XM Channel 82 at Midnight ET Friday (8/5) night (so that’s 9pm Fri PT, 10pm MT, 11pm CT) and continues until Midnight ET Sunday night.

Prior to Redhead Radio, here are some other highlights for the week of July 31st to Aug 6th; birthday week tributes for Robert Mitchum; Stan Freberg, Louis Armstrong (An American Gallery); Parley Baer (Chester on Gunsmoke and more); big screen leading man Robert Taylor (Guest On Jack Benny Program) and Wally Maher (Suspense, The Lineup, Michael Shayne). We also mark the 81st anniversary of the debut of The Shadow with a two hour special and present another Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon.


12 thoughts on “July 31st to Aug 6th 2011 RadioClassics Schedule”

  1. With the dross on TV today, I Love Lucy is at the top of the list of things to watch. Although I probably know every episode (I’ve been watching since a kid in the 50s) the show is fresh and entertaining. I don’t understand why I love Lucy isn’t shown by the airlines while we are packed like sardines into airplanes.

    Lucy is a national treasure.

  2. Looking forward to catching some of Lucy. It’s funny how feelings change as we mature.

    I was a little kid when “I Love Lucy” was playing, I seldom watched it, family did. Over the years with the reruns, still never liked it, I thought she was “silly”. Wife got to watching, and laughing, but I still had no interest in a “silly redhead”.

    With the advent of Classic Movies I was able to see some of her earlier movies. I read where she did about 40 movies before “Lucy”. In those movies, she was actually beautiful. Her acting was great. Then later in a movie with Bob Hope, she did a dramatic role. She was lovely in there.

    Today, I have a new awareness of her beauty, her talent, and the troubles she had in her life. Any way you look at it, she was a STAR.

  3. Mr. Bell: Any chance of broadcasting YTJD episodes with Mandel Kramer? I love his interpretation of Johnny Dollar.

  4. I totally agree with Phoenix’s comment — I had a hard time leaving for work this morning! So glad you have such a good handle on running the schedule so at some point I can count on hearing the entire weekly line-up. You definitely do a FINE FINE JOB. One of these days I hope to hear one of your audio books, too.

  5. Great schedule this week. I love the Alder Matter episodes of Johnny Dollar. I’m looking forward to Redhead Radio. As a redhead myself, and Lucy fan, I think the tribute will be fantastic and I’ll definitely have my XM on all day. Too bad I can’t make it to Jamestown. My husband’s grandmother lives there and it’s a swell place. A little down on its luck, but a charming city none the less. I hope you enjoy the Lucy-fest. I hear it’s fantastic.

  6. Where is the picture of Parley Baer from?

    Welcome back Greg….just came back myself.

    Hey Matt….long time

  7. Love love love this channel! It is the only thing that makes XM subscription worth the money. Thank you Greg Bell for sharing your knowledge and inside information about the shows and stars!

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