Aug. 7th to Aug. 13th 2011 RadioClassics Shows

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As we begin the weeks on Sirius XM 82 on a Sunday; this one kicks off with the second day of Redhead Radio: the 100th Anniversary of tbe Birth of Lucille Ball.

Then on Monday the regular rotating programming resumes.

Highlights include the following; A Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon; By request episodes of Lum & Abner, The Whisperer, The Clock, Dunninger-The Master Mentalist, X Minus One and The Chase.

We have birthday week tributes for Alfred Hitchcock (radio versions of “Spellbound” and “Rebecca”); Lloyd Nolan (Suspense’s Murder For Myra); Bert Lahr (The Cowardly Lion in Wizard of Oz visits The Fred Allen Show); Esther Williams (guest on The Bob Hope Show); director Robert Siodmak (“The Spiral Staircase”) and more.


18 thoughts on “Aug. 7th to Aug. 13th 2011 RadioClassics Shows”

  1. Dear Greg, while I am not a big fan of the comedies I do like some of them, the detective shows and westerns are my cup of tea. i do understand that some people do like them and that is why the channel so very good, different shows that appeal to the different people who listen to this wonderful channel. Thank you Greg for the great job you do keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Michael.
    I think specials are great and what makes them special is that it does not happen or come along very often. Your ideal special sounds like a wonderful way to spend the weekend, but it will not apease everyone as we have learned.
    We can only hope that the content provider will release more shows to allow us to enjoy more new to the channel programs and episodes.

    1. I record everything and listen at my leasure. It is not a huge deal to me since I records about 4 hours more per week versus what I listen to each week.

      I use the extra recording time to pass airplane trips.

  3. Greg, you must have had a lot of fun in Jamestown. I am sure it was a learning experience. It is sad that many objected to Redhead Radio. It seems that no one objected to the Hitchcock special that you presented a few months ago.

    Thanks for bringing more episodes of Dr. Kildare.

    1. Hi Lana,

      I like specials too. If we ever get the content providers to give us the masked man and a certain Sargent back I would be up for a weekend WXYZ marathon along with Green Hornet.

  4. Loved Redhead radio. I was glued to my XM all day. As a redhead myself, and Lucy fan, I adored it. The interviews were great and it was a nice mix of comedy and drams such as Lucy’s appearences on Suspense. Great job Greg!

  5. Big thanks to Greg for the great coverage and programming dedicated to Lucille Ball’s 100 birthday. As befitting a national channel, he was right there along with television networks, cable channels, and major news organizations from around the world. So well done, so well produced. To the narrow minds posting negative comments I must say, if you don’t like or appreciate it, go elsewhere. Your receivers have two main controls: one to switch channels, and one to turn it off. You don’t seem to comprehend that Radio Classics is a national channel, like broadcast networks and cable channels. When NBC, ABC, CBS, TNT, TMC, etc carry a program, or maybe a marathon don’t like, I’ll bet you change the channel. We’re lucky to have someone as knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate as Greg is. And no, I don’t like everything on the channel, but Greg’s the expert; I’m not and you’re not. Let the expert do his job, be thankful for and enjoy what you do like, and let the rest go.

      1. Why is it narrow-minded to voice an aversion to comedies or Christmas in July. As long as it is not mean-spirited, it is fine. We should be allowed to discuss a topic without being called narrow-minded with someone who disagrees with you. I love the channel but I don’t listen to it all the time. Comedies are not my cup of tea just like some people have voiced their displeasure of westerns of the other drama series. If you look at my comments I acknowledged that I went somewhere else for my entertainment for the weekend but was back Monday morning. The only narrow-minded people around here are the ones who call others narrow-minded.

  6. 48 hrs of all Lucy..TOO Much..All due respect to her but perhaps mixing in shows all week would have been better. I love this channel and my only complaint being too many Comedies played in a row is torture. Red Skelton sounds like it’s for 3 yr olds.

    1. I agree MJD. Sadly I stayed away from the station all weekend long much like I did for all of the Christmas in July Week. I know, however, that the comedy fans probably get tired of the drama during special events so I know its just the way it is. But I am happily back listening to the Whistler as we speak–or type in this case.

      1. Matt, I don’t want to speak for someone else, but I believe the narrow-minded reference was aimed more at the comment by mjdgarage. Whereas you stated quite well “…the comedy fans probably get tired of drama…” mjdgarage called “…too many Comedies played in a row torture. Red Skelton sounds like it’s for 3 yr olds…” That is more than just an opinion it IS narrow-minded and just plain rude as it insults fans of the comedies in general and Skelton fans in particular. Again it doesn’t appear like Phoenix’s comment was aimed at you, in my opinion at least.

      2. I have 3 favorite channels on XM/Sirus. I believe it is good for my mind to sometimes hear a little bit of everything. If I can sit through 1/2 hour of Martin & Lewis, then the other programs are then really appreciated. All of the classics bring into focus ‘simplier times’, some morale focus and gets me out of the mood of “Aren’t we glad we don’t get ALL the government we pay for?”
        Greg, keep up the great work and the ‘tidbits’ are awesome. The good thing about the classics, is that there were ‘real people’ behind some of the fantasy.

  7. Greg, what a great job you did at Jamestown. Couldn’t keep my ears off the 8pm show. Love the dedication to your work.

  8. Looking at the photo of Esther Williams I am reminded of the last line of the last episode of “Newhart” (Vermont, not Chicago):

    Bob to Emily: Emily…you should wear more sweaters.

  9. Y’know, both Chester Lauck and Norris Goff look exactly like I pictured them in my mind when I first heard them.

    Looking forward to Lucy this weekend.

    1. I think devoting 48 hours to Lucille Ball’s comedy is overkill in the extreme. A few hours on Sunday morning would seem adequate.

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