Aug. 21st to Aug. 27th 2011 RadioClassics Show Schedule

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready, just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

First of all folks “a heads up”- it is still a month away but I am planning to attend the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention in the Baltimore, Maryland area. It runs September 22nd to the 24th and my plan is to be there for sure on Saturday the 24th. (Maybe part of Friday as well). If you are in the area and want to attend and say hello, that would be great. I will have more details as we get closer but this year’s celebrity guests including the following – Patty Duke, Tony Dow, Michael Constantine, Karen Valentine, Billy Gray and Lauren Chapin. The event is held at The Marriott Hotel in Hunt Valley, Maryland and here is the link

Okay back to business – during this week we’ll have birthday tributes for Ray Bradbury (91!); Gene Kelly; Jack McCarthy (The Green Hornet); Larry Thor (Broadway Is My Beat); Van Johnson; Anne Whitfield (Little Phyllis on The Harris & Faye Show); announcer Ken Carpenter and more.


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  1. The Ray Bradbury story about the perpetually young-appearing Willie made me think about Vic and Sade. Bradbury has been a fan of V&S since he was a school boy and later wrote an intro to one of the collections of scripts. In V&S a young boy named Rush becomes part of an older midwestern couple’s household. When the original boy disappears (into the Navy) another called Russell Miller appears; Russell will disappear and Rush returns.

    I wonder if young Ray Bradbury thought this over and worked it into his story.

  2. Gosh, all that dialog about the Lone Ranger last week got me inspired and within a couple hours I came upon, watched and downloaded the 1949 two-hour classic (105 mins w/out the usual advert annoyances), Enter the Lone Ranger. And, it goes through the entire story from the original ambush massacre of the six TRs by the Cavendish gang, to how Tonto was able to save the life of the left-for-dead sixth ranger to gratefully pay back the future masked man for his saving young teenage Tonto’s life when the latter’s reservations was wiped out, to the significance of the mask and the silver bullet, and all the rest.

    A real tear jerker of a tale, and something I know the channel’s listeners would thoroughly enjoy. I highly recommend it to all to watch something from back in the day when justice and moral rectitude was more than a pop idol’s namesake and a mistaken physical attribute… .

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