Sept. 25th to Oct. 1st 2011 RadioClassics Show Schedule

We are back!!!

First of all my sincere apologies about the missing blog site. The technical issues that brought it crashing down were fairly complicated, but now all is well once again.

The printable schedule is still located at the same place  and I try to post them by Tuesday (sometimes they are ready on Monday nights).

If you are a Facebook user – you can now join us at  I have some help over there and thanks to a special computer program we are able to give daily updates on the shows airing on RadioClassics.

Okay here’s what coming up this week; we have birthday specials for William Conrad; Deborah Kerr; Lamont Johnson; Ted De Corsia; Kenny Baker; Doris Singleton; Barbara Britton and more.

Among the new to the channel this week episodes are offerings from Gunsmoke; Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar; Suspense; The Shadow; Jack Benny Program; The Life Of Riley’ Mr. & Mrs. North and more.




13 thoughts on “Sept. 25th to Oct. 1st 2011 RadioClassics Show Schedule”

  1. Does anyone else have an old time radio?

    I have a 1950 Magnavox cabinet model I bought 10 years ago. I refinished the cabinet (a mouse family had been living on the turntable) and sent out the radio for re-building. I sometimes listen to XM82 on this radio, but because of where in the house I have to place the XM antenna (too many trees next to houses on our community) reception is sometimes not good on my well-loved old radio.

    I’m looking for a Voice of Music turntable to replace the former mouse house.

    The cabinet was designed for later installation of the new-fangled TVs and I have a small TV in the space. Where the record albums were to go is the cable TV stuff and the wifi modem.

  2. In a quiet moment today I thought I was listening to Tales of the Texas Rangers when it was really The Chase.

    The Chase seems to use about 5 different shows worth of music.

  3. Ya know, call me crazy, but on “Your’s Truly, Johnny Dollar” either the “Ricardo Amerigo Matter” or was it “The Cronin Matter” I could swear you could hear the Johnny Dollar show being played on the radio in the back ground of the radio show. I’m sure I hear the music coming from a radio in the show more than a couple of times. Did anyone else hear this????

  4. Thrilled to have the blog site up and running again. It was great to hear Earth Abides last week. I always enjoy the show this time of year but you used to play it around my birthday, I miss that :'(. I drove around the city listening to it. It is on my top 5 programs you play here.
    I wish I could make the Maryland OTR event this weekend but something came up a few days ago that prevents me from attending. I hope you interview some of the many listeners that will visit your booth and play them in the upcoming weeks. It would be great to hear their voices and thoughts and a great way for you to connect with your fans. It’s only a 2 hour ride for me so if things work out I may try and get there, if only just to shake your hand and say Thank You. What hours will you be there?
    Have fun Saturday Greg. I’m sure after you see your many fans you may revisit the idea of maybe having a OTR event hosted by you.

    Take care everyone


    1. Bill,

      I will be at the Radio Spirits table in the vendors room from Noon to 2pm ET on Saturday (9/24) plus I will be wandering around this afternoon (Friday). The event is at Hunt Valley MD Marriott

      Not “locked in” yet, but I am trying to make sure I attend the Friends Of Old-Time Radio Convention up in Newark NJ on October 21st – 22nd.
      Might be easier for you to stop by that one. So maybe we still get get

    2. If I didn’t have to work on Saturday I would be at the show. The things I have to do for a paycheck every two weeks.

  5. Hurrah! Back at last!

    Today I laughed at a lot of the hard-boiled similes spoken by Pat Novak: “like buying aspirin for a two-headed boy” was a good one.

    1. My favorite naturally is the Bob Bailey “YTJD”. But Pat Novak with Jack Webb is fantastic. There are so many great zingers that I say I’m going to remember that one, but then comes another one and I forget them all.

      That radio show was truly ahead of it’s time.

  6. Johnny Dollar was not broadcast in the Detroit area. I enjoy those shows very much. In its genre, I consider it the best.

  7. First time posting. Long time Listener and follower. Thought I’d lost my best friend. So happy to see you back.

  8. I am glad to see that the blog is back. I was starting to wonder if it would ever be available again. Congratulations to those that finally worked out the kinks. It seems like it was a long time.

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