Oct. 9th to Oct. 15th, 2011 RadioClassics Show Schedule

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready, just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

Hey folks – a reminder – I will be at the Friends Of Old-Time Radio Convention at the Ramada Plaza Hotel located at the Newark, New Jersey Airport on Friday, October 21st and Saturday, October 22nd. I will be at the Radio Spirits table from Noon until 4pm or so on Saturday (10/22). Among the scheduled classic radio performers this year are Tommy Cook (Red Ryder); Peg Lynch (The Couple Next Door); Gloria McMillan (Harriet Conklin on Our Miss Brooks); writer George Lefferts (X Minus One) and many more. You can see the link to the details at the top of my webpage http://www.gregbellmedia.com/index.html

Okay the top highlight this week will be the Redhead Radio Replay as we’ll have a two-hour special to mark the 60th anniversary of the debut of I Love Lucy on television (October 15th, 1951). It will feature both of the modern radio theater performances from Lucy’s 100th birthday celebration held back in August. Gregg Oppenheimer, the son of I Love Lucy and My Favorite Husband producer/director/writer Jess Oppenheimer directed the productions in front on a live audience in Jamestown, New York (Lucy’s hometown). We recorded them and played them back that evening. In addition to I Love Lucy: The Untold Story and a modern version of My Favorite Husband, the two-hour special will also feature portions of my visit with Gregg Oppenheimer. Airs a few times including Friday (Oct 14th) at 8pm ET and Saturday (Oct. 15th) at 10pm ET.

Also on tap birthday week tributes for Benita Hume (Halls Of Ivy); Jan Miner (The Chase, Casey-Crime Photographer, Boston Blackie); Lillian Gish, Cornel Wilde, Jean Vander Pyl (Father Knows Best) and more.

We have new to the channel this week episodes from The Whistler, Gunsmoke, Fort Laramie, Suspense, Nick Carter; The Weird Circle, The Saint; Jack Benny; Our Miss Brooks; The Lineup; Mr. & Mrs. North; Mr. District Attorney; Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar; and more.


11 thoughts on “Oct. 9th to Oct. 15th, 2011 RadioClassics Show Schedule”

  1. This morning on TCM was “Mr and Mrs North” (1941), with Gracie Allen as Pam North and William Post Jr as Jerry North. Probably would have been better to cast George Burns as Jerry, but what do I know? As a movie, it certainly did not compete with “The Thin Man”, but interesting to see novels as movies and later as radio programs.

  2. Blood Harvest on Mr. District Attorney was also used on Tales of the Texas Rangers.

    I prefer Tales of the Texas Rangers…..

      1. I said that there is many new episodes and corrected by saying “are” many new episodes. I still enjoy the repeats of Dr. Kildare though. I guess there were not too many radio episodes of that show.

        I noticed your new picture at the top of the web page. I wonder how many others were that observant.

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