Oct. 16th to Oct. 22nd. 2011 RadioClassics Show Schedule

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready, just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

As I mentioned in the last posting,  I will be at the Friends Of Old-Time Radio Convention at the Ramada Plaza Hotel located at the Newark, New Jersey Airport on Friday, October 21st and Saturday, October 22nd. I will be at the Radio Spirits table from Noon until 4pm or so on Saturday (10/22). Among the scheduled classic radio performers this year are Tommy Cook (Red Ryder); Peg Lynch (The Couple Next Door); Gloria McMillan (Harriet Conklin on Our Miss Brooks); writer George Lefferts (X Minus One) and many more. You can see the link to the details at the top of my webpage http://www.gregbellmedia.com/index.html

We have birthday week tributes for Joan Fontaine (94!); Marsha Hunt (also 94); Robert Hall (The Green Hornet); Bela Lugosi (in new Suspense episode); Barney Phillips (Dragnet); Hy Averback, Berry Kroeger and last but not least, David! Who is David you ask? Why he’s a super RadioClassics fan in Alabama turning 39, so to celebrate the festive day I am playing two “new the channel episodes” from Mr. 39 – Jack Benny.

Speaking of new to the channel; here’s a partial list of new stuff – Let George Do It; Gunsmoke; The Life Of Riley; Mr. & Mrs. North; Nick Carter; Fort Laramie; Wild Bill Hickok; Our Miss Brooks; Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar; Suspense, The Whistler and more.

Also I brought back a World Series themed two-hour block with “The Babe Ruth Story”; Philco Radio Time with Hank Greenberg, Ellery Queen and “The World Series Crime” episode and Jack Benny’s World Series show from 1948.


6 thoughts on “Oct. 16th to Oct. 22nd. 2011 RadioClassics Show Schedule”

  1. Short notice but The Babe Ruth Story with William Bendix is on TCM in 10 min, 10/18 09:30 AM. You have heard the radio version, now see the Movie. Enjoy

  2. I would attend the convention but I’m heading in the opposite direction. Monday I start a 2 week camping trip and XM 82 will be along while I drive across the country searching for great BBQ. Well, I am go to spend time with family also.

    If you are going to the convention, have a great time!

  3. First off, Greg, Redhead Radio was one of the best programes I have ever heard on your show. It would be wonderful if we could get other modern day radio shows giving us back stories on shows like The Jack Benny show, Gunsmoke, well you get the Idea. You are taking Radio Classics to a new level.
    Next I look forward to meeting you next Saturday. I am bringing my copy of Earth Abides hoping you will autograph it, I know I will be there Saturday but hope to make it Friday night and buy you a drink. Have a great week Greg.

  4. Can’t wait for FOTR next week Sad that it is the last one 🙁 Looking forward to finally meeting Greg!! All in all it will be a great convention.

    1. Hope to meet you Sorahl. How will I reconixe you? Will you be wearing the Bear outfit. LOL. J/K my friend.

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